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Various - Sinkers And Swimmers: Norfolk Traditional Dance Tunes (CDr, Album)


These inconsequential frustrations are offset by bright and poppy colours, resulting in a deceptively cheerful set of drawings, luring you in. This catalog ue collects all the drawings that were shown during the exhibition, in addition to several which were produced concurrently but not displayed.

T hese editions often take the form of T-shirts bearing collaborative drawings and paintings, though the first such endeavourwas in fact a cassette.

There's 4 different cards, one for 80 euro, one for euro, one for euro and one for euro. The cards are Riso Printed at Risiko Press. The recordings on this LP make the ears work like they should, and they therefore require your full attention.

Limited to copies". The book includes photos of Dennis Tyfus, and all the paperwork for the pre-arrangements for his funeral, plus his legally-authenticated will. Principium 2. The chosen work was Principium which is based on the sheets of colour dot stickers that galleries typically use to denote sold artworks. Drawing random lines across these sheets, Colson ended up with small fragments of lines on the stickers which he then reassembled into a new continuous line or a closed shape, and which in turn he thought would make interesting graphic scores.

The sticker sheets, with their 8x12 grid resembling a sequencer, immediately appealed to Delacourt. This paved the way to Principium 1. The latter uses the same layout as the sticker sheets, activated by placing white magnets on its surface to build sequences, mirroring the blank spaces of the missing stickers in the original artwork.

After some processing and rethinking the whole thing Principium 2. Each subsequent record has that same recording sped up until it reaches the correct pitch: B note at around 5'20". The Principium 2. For the presentation of Principium 2. Delacourt programmed a random score generator in Pd that determined which if any of the two records for each turntable was to be played, at what volume, and the mode the electronics should be in the magnets can cause either gaps in the sound, or bursts of sound in the silence.

This score was then followed for eight hours continuously. These drawings were intended as working sketches for paintings, though the latter never materialised.

Instead, you can ponder what might've been in the privacy of your own home. This compendium of unrealised potential is offset printed and clad in a beautiful letterpress linen cover.

Not much to whine about, after all. This is why you may have heard of him. However, despite his nickname, he is the foremost provider of psychedelic cassettes and splendid eye torture via his Sloow tapes and Sloowwax labels. All instruments on this record are played by the man himself. Psychedelic cover with a portrait of our hero, plus insert.

The radio shows and audio output both focus on collages. De Paardenmarkt is a street in Antwerp where Lezy runs Troebel Nyntje together with Idris Sevenans, a space that focuses on confusing the socialism in this particular area in the centre of town.

Full colour silk-screened sleeve with a glued-in sticker and a screen-print on the B side. We apologies for the inconvenience! The recording on this single is proof that we are not trying to sell you a lie here. Packaged in a fold-open, offset-printed sleeve on paper which lost its true colours long ago. The non-playing side is screen-printed with Peter's own boca. Limited to copies, available from Ultra Eczema only. Originally from Sarajevo, and a Belgian resident since , Miaux - pronounced the French adult, not the feline way - returns with a propertearjerker in her classic deadpan style.

Mia Prce got her first keyboard when she was five years old. But do read on! Edition of copies with insert. Cover art by Dennis Tyfus. Offset printed in gold and copper. Anything the Belgian-Finnish walking improv encyclopedia that is Timo van Luijk touches changes into ear candy! The kind of sugar the children of the revolution getout of bed for, whilst their parents are sleeping off their trips to other dimensions. Af Ursin has been van Luijk's solo moniker since around Apersonal venture inspired by the forest and nature, mountains of experimental music, and the instruments surrounding him and his rural Flanders base.

His multi-instrumentalist abilities are largely spread out on this odd addition to Af Ursin's catalogue. The record commences with a side-long piece that slowly creeps from psychedelic free jazz to a big band sound, whilst the second side is split between a spatial slow dripper and a wild way to bury Dave Brubeck forever Limited to copies with insert.

UE Dennis Tyfus: "Do you want to go on a date with me? Let's just be friends, then? This is the first time DT wrote a short story, and it might also be the last time. Limited edition of numbered copies. Limited edition of 30, available in large, medium, small". Four turbulent parts blended across two sides. Offset printed sleeve with collage art by DT, plus two inserts with liner notes by Byron Coley.

It surely is a pleasure to see him play beyond Belgium: a die-hard, and for a very long time one of the country's best kept secrets in electronic music. Slowly expanding from throbbing analogue dreamworlds to Battiato-style joy, this record is a reissue of a cassette that was released last year on JJ Funhouse and sold out in three seconds.

The tracks herein are improvisations, recorded at the EMS studio in Stockholm, extensively drawing on the sounds of the Buchla and Serge synthesizers. Duotone offset-printed cover by DT, plus insert. Shaking the hands of these four painting graduates is much easier since Fluwelen Koord came into being; these days, they're as clean as my dad's white car.

They've buried their brushes and pencils ever since their debut CDR sold out all 35 copies of it. In no time at all, with jackets firmly buttoned, they've forged ahead to dominate stages in Belgium and Holland with their combination of non-music, no wave art punk and plastic dandyism; arrogant Flemish poems couched in a racy Croatian accent.

Limited to copies, stamped artwork by Dennis Tyfus". Miaux must have been younger than her wild child is right now.

Feeding Tube will publish a slightly-different-but-the-same audio on vinyl this summer. This cassette is limited to copies. It is also our very first reissue, and happens to coincide with our 18th birthday. We usually rant a little here, in pseudo poetic antics, trying hard to describe how a record sounds and looks. This time you'll have to trust us that it is one of the best albums of psychedelic bedroom anthems you'll ever hear: all hits, in a classic way. We have just released it on vinyl so you and me can find it easily; no more digging between hundreds of spineless CDR sleeves.

The Verboden Boys are a very repetitive band, with songs no longer then 2 minutes, The Verboden Boys can of course be a girl band, "The Verboden boys" is just a name, and not in any way limited to gender, sexuality or skin colour, as stated before, The Verboden Boys are a International band.

All local chapters of The Verboden Boys are in charge of organizing their own gigs, though all chapters always all play on the same day. This recycled t shirt is the first Verboden release, it was made before The Verboden Boys ever played a note! All shirts are size S. That's precisely why copy centers are a great help! In Antwerp, Belgium, where Speedqueen is based, the cheapest copy centre was more akin to a darkroom than a help desk.

The smile had yet to be invented! Those were the days! The A side of this single is a tribute to this copy centre. Knowing this makes it uneasy to write something about these incredible recordings, whether happiness is over rated or overrated, on a personal note: these beautiful recordings sink as deep as some of Robert Wyatt's recordings do, possessed by a natural melancholia, the horror of saying goodbye translated in a incredible psychedelic sea of field recordings, guitar, synth and recordings of Letha Diane Rodman Melchior's voice.

These collages are all made with photos taken with analog photo cameras of different kinds, with the exception of 2 or 3 collages, this book is basically a selection of daily work, in a way published to get on with other stuff. It marks a specific period but also was used in a way to deal with changes and to document happenings at UE events, Stadslimiet and exhibitions or the periods before, after or in between these facts.

Boy or Girl, can those assholes make a real human nervous! Once one enters Avantgardegasse, somewhere In Germany a country known for its brutality on the road rules and laws concerning your ride all flush down the toilet like a recycled napkin! No popo's on Avantgardegasse! Forget about the lights of the road, and expect to be surprised or boohoo'd, houses might melt on the side, the lines that divide the lanes might become bigger or smaller, or not present at all, and once you think you get it, it can only get more confusing.

This is, strangely, their first duo collab record, an alien workshop of collage class, shaved by Avant Garde tactics previously unknown to human beings! Trainings organised by secret forces between silence and the soft sound of French speech, or something similar. Limited to numbered copies with 11 various-sized inserts. This lp comes with liner notes by Carlo Steegen. UE DSR LINES: "III-II" LP "During an early DSR Lines show in , at a group exhibition where snot artists were elbowing themselves a way to the tip of the Cathedral, hoping to catch some sun, or a glimpse of the painter they would all like to be, David Edren aka DSR Lines dragged along about 8 tv's he attached to various analog synthesizers, feedbacking up the psychedelic ambient boiling out of the speakers, smoking out the negative stench of rotting careerism, whether they dabbled their paws in oil or leftovers didn't matter in those days.

DSR Lines has since been a presence in Antwerp i always enjoyed, whether in the background organising shows at the now defunct Scheldapen space in Antwerp, during his Radioshows at Radio Centraal, as a graphic designer and webmaster, as head of the Hare Akedod label or in various other constellations, it is good to see he is finally pushing that stuff to the background and cooking his great Kosmische psychedelic synth jams as DSR Lines as a main course!!

This is DSR Lines' first lp, eyes wide open behind the wheel one might wanna catch some drips of this in the eye balls of fire, drip slowly, and for a full experience do whatever you please! For those who need some name drops instead, cancel out the vocals on early Battiato records, travel to Germany after Harmonia left a mess or choke Klaus Schulze forcing him to play from his fucking heart! Daniel De Wereldvermaarde Botanicus aka Cassis Cornuta has been pouring a thick goo of harsh electronics, acid bleeps, analog synth afval and slap stick acoustics over our heads for over 30 years now, one would get sick of it, though right when you wanna kick him out he brings you a cactus to sit on and a hat to wear when it is raining green piss.

The B side has one alternative groove if u don't diggy smalls. Limited and numbered to copies, stamped. Comes in a full color cover with an insert, made of photos of Cassis' archive.

Flipped around the kitchen dried out when uncle Bill reads his stolen poetry! I can not carry him by myself, so in case of fire in combination with fainting, we're funked! In about every other situation i can only talk Krefting high up, not much other option either, we're trying to sell a book here! A first colaborative work, or something like it, in this case i have made drawings after reading Matt's poetry, which all together resulted in 40 pages of melancholic writing and psychedelic drooling.

This book is risographed by Risiko Press and limited to numbered copies. Although, I remember you telling me that you hate coffee. Anyway, I have quite the story to tell you. God, I can feel myself blushing scarlet even thinking about it. Picture this. In hindsight, I probably should have realised my mistake as soon as I passed through the gilded doors. Waiters with tiny pointed moustaches waltz around, flutes of champagne balanced precariously on gleaming silver trays.

Men wearing too much hair oil and thousand dollar suits laugh raucously and puff on big cigars. I hear the sharp tapping sound of stiletto heels attached to long, slender legs as ladies who belong on the front pages of magazines drift by.

Rail thin women, all clad from head to toe in designer clothing and diamonds, sport perfectly manicured nails and glossy blow-dried locks that rest in smooth waves just above their shoulders.

He looks me briefly up and down, taking in my cheap and cheerful clothing before smirking to himself and sashaying away. A petite woman wearing eyeliner that probably cost more than my entire outfit watches me speculatively, her lips pursed in a mocking smile as she appraises the panicked look on my face. Another waiter appears out of thin air beside me, nattering away to me in heavily accented English about his recommendations, all costing three figures. My panic doubles when I peer more closely at the menu and notice that there are no English translations.

Gemma, you know how hopeless I am at French. So, I just order the first thing that pops into my head — escargots. I can just see you giggling right now. Remember my face when Tom spilt ketchup on my brand new white blouse?

Say hello to Mam for me! Lots of love,. Earlier this year, young writers were encouraged to submit entries based on different themes and across three different school categories: primary, secondary junior and secondary senior. Close to entries were received from schools across Ireland, with three winners announced at the annual Lismore Immrama Festival of Travel Writing in June , of which Aer Lingus was a sponsor. Where is your favourite destination for gardens? I have travelled all over the world to see many, but for me very few compare to those in the UK.

Travelling there over the last 25 years to visit superb gardens has inspired me to run my own tours. Every year I lead groups of avid gardeners to see some of the best there, including both National Trust and private gardens. Where surprised you the most? I visited tribal villages in Sumba, where indigenous people live in communities surrounded by megalithic tombs. The Sumbanese have been able to retain much of their culture and I felt privileged to meet such wonderful people.

In West Timor I visited a tribe of people, high in the mountains, who had a completely organic vegetarian diet and was honoured to spend an evening eating a delicious dinner with the king of the village.

Favourite accommodation? I have stayed in some amazing places but in Costa Rica the Jungle Studio stands out for me. Staying there was like sleeping in a glass box looking out over the jungle.

It was magical. I also loved staying in a converted school bus on the Banks peninsula in New Zealand, both of which I found through Airbnb. Where is your favourite place to eat? Having travelled widely, LA has the most incredible selection of plant-based restaurants. Exploring plant-based cuisine is a big part of travel for me and using the app Happy Cow has opened this world up even more.

If you could fly anywhere tomorrow … I would go to the mountains in northern Vietnam to explore the plant life, in areas such as Mount Fansipan. Some of my friends and fellow plant fanatics have gone there on official plant-hunting expeditions. How exciting to discover new plants and of course many of these are now endangered due to habitat loss. Envisioning the route to success as a marathon, rather than a sprint, Ruth Bradley has successfully reversed her fortunes as a couch-surfing actor in London to in-demand star of stage and screen.

It was like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. I answered a Gumtree ad for somewhere to stay and lived with strangers. It was terrible. So what got her through those early days?

I always saw this as a marathon rather than a sprint. In my mids it all started to get better. I think I probably fit a bit better. I absolutely loved the script. Such a rollercoaster ride. Did she ever feel like giving up before the allotted four-year span? She began working almost immediately. That was really distressing. But in hindsight, the director, Aisling Walsh, was so clever. I did it all without knowing the mechanics of what had happened.

Her parents were supportive and trusted her sense of purpose. I was obsessed with the film and the performances, and by that piece of music in it. I just find it so utterly beautiful. It never gets old. Liz Taylor is superb. I was always fascinated by the relationship between her and Richard Burton. That the rejections are the things you need to be prepared for.

Why people do things? I would speak to him about certain jobs. London is still home and she recently bought a house in Hackney. She has worked nearly constantly for over a. Is she recognised on the street? I just love interpreting what other people have written. Maybe that will change, but for now, no. With 17 to go. It was so sensitively made, bursting with mind- blowing performances.

A harrowing but really important watch. I find it a much healthier way to ingest news as opposed to glaring at my iPhone screen. Anushka Asthana is fantastic — I could listen to her all day. It held my heart in its hand then ripped it out in the most oddly uplifting way. Meet the practitioners who are shaping spaces in which to live, work and play. There is a building in it. Is it a rural thatched cottage, all whitewashed walls, without a straight line anywhere?

A glittering office block in the buzzing Dublin Docklands? Winning awards around the world, Irish architects are re-making ideas of Ireland too.

To discover more, check out the annual Open House Dublin this October openhousedublin. Flood remembers wanting to be an architect since he was seven, having seen drawings of a new church being built in the parish. He had a really nice car. October also sees Open House open doors in all corners of the globe openhouseworldwide.

Good design makes a difference to quality of life. Doyle lives in an old bank that he converted, creating a restaurant below and apartment above. Their work takes tradition and updates it, to make something new and exciting but still comfortable with the landscape. McGarry had always wanted to be an architect. Since setting up the practice in , their commissions range from urban extensions and projects in London, Edinburgh and Belfast, to rural one-offs that use local materials to pull off the rare feat of adding beauty to their settings.

They often reflect how architecture is the stuff of daydreams, how the environment shapes these dreams; and the realisation of these dreams, in return, shapes our environment. Quite simply, Fallahogey is that for me. It has fuelled the imaginations of painters, poets and musicians. The couple set up their practice in In practice that means both between building and site, and architect and client. You need a shared sense of purpose. Valerie Mulvin and Niall McCullough came at architecture in very different ways.

But go places they have, since , as the highly distinguished practice has made magic by updating historic buildings, and creating magnificent new builds including libraries, art galleries, universities and homes for lucky clients in Ireland. Anything by Louis Kahn. Immerse yourself in Hollywood glamour. Take a guided tour of the working factory floor and meet the people behind the traditional craft practiced at Newbridge Silverware since Browse through the complete range of much loved Irish designed products in our stylish showroom.

Here you will find all of the collections on offer from our jewellery and giftware to homeware and tableware. Tax free shopping for eligible customers from outside of the EU. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or a sumptuous afternoon tea in a relaxed, stylish and friendly ambience. Live piano music Monday to Friday mornings. Newbridge Silverware, Newbridge, Co.

Kildare, Ireland. Only 40 minutes from Dublin. Open 7 days a week. Free coach and car parking. Groups welcome. Online booking available.

The move worked out: the couple got married and Kennihan set up his practice in But we were small and nimble, so we were able to survive. These are historic buildings and yet their brick structure and clean lines give them a very modern aesthetic.

Their awardwinning Leagaun House in Galway is testament to this approach. It is a new, modern building with that timeless feel. As well as working on houses and housing projects, they have also designed public spaces, such as the Parade in Kilkenny and the Waterford Viking Triangle. Defining their architecture as high quality and modern, they also have a truly sensitive feel for the context of a place. They are travelling a lot, many have lived abroad and want to bring some aspects of those experiences to their projects.

The new floors never touch the original walls so it is always clear what is new and what is old. Just one session out of some 15 that range from 1. And he means it. Swimmers have cried with frustration, become delirious with cold and exhaustion, but have never been unsafe over the past ten years as Denison and his team of volunteers work to disrupt any sense of time, space, and accomplishment these swimmers may have built up in the preceding several days.

Graduates of the camp have gone on to set open-ocean records and pioneer new routes in ultra-swimming, which is defined as distances greater than 32km in open and often very cold water completed without wetsuits. Part aquatic ringmaster, part pied piper. Opening pages, back to basics, swimmers take their places for Cork Distance Week.

This page, walking in water, the apprehensive calm before diving right in at Myrtleville Beach, Co Kerry. Above left, wave power and, right, bathing costume drama, as a group of swimmers listen to a pep talk from Ned Denison at Sandycove.

Participants in the annual CDW camp have ranged from neophyte long-distance swimmers to ultra-marathon legends. Her younger sister Margaret, age 12, tagged along to Sandycove and completed most of the swims as well — not an indication of how easy the swims are, but of how remarkable these young women are in their determination to build stamina and confidence for even longer, tougher swims.

A throng of Irish swimmers, a smattering of Brits, a pair of Germans, and a swimming family from Australia round out the group. The camp centres on goat-inhabited Sandycove Island, a dome-shaped rock rising out of the Celtic Sea metres offshore. The fastest swimmers can rack up some 95km over the course of the camp. Others like to sightsee, and tuck waterproof cameras into their. A stop at Lough Hyne to play in the rapids that drain and fill this unique marine lake topped off a day of adventure.

Above left, first class — smiling swimmers on dry land at Myrtleville Beach and, right, Kinsale seascape and sky. Sandycove acts as home base for CDW, but the camp also features excursions to other spectacular swimming holes throughout Co Cork, mixing world-class swim training with a heavy dose of wet sightseeing. During one such excursion, swimmers had the option of tackling either a 5. A stop at Lough Hyne to play in the rapids that drain and fill this unique marine lake topped off a day of adventure that involved seals, mucky mud and an all-you-can-eat curry stop at Annie Mays anniemays.

Case in point, after an evening swim at Myrtleville Beach, a horseshoe bay rife with strong tides and weever fish outside Cork city, I and several of my Boston-area swim-mates decided to stay local for dinner, landing at the luscious Bunnyconnellan Bar and Restaurant bunnyconnellan.

Friendly and accommodating waitstaff fuss over every delicious detail in this attractive, modern space. Scilly, ; manfridaykinsale. Attached to a guesthouse, the bar and restaurant offer a taste of something for everyone and are able to accommodate large groups. Pearse St, ; whitehouse-kinsale. Scilly, ; thespaniard. Winner of the Georgina Campbell Guest House. Folktronica or Electrofolk first came about during the s when a new generation of musicians began to experiment with added sounds, in order to colour the traditional formats which had survived for decades past.

One could look to the very innovative work of John Martyn in the s as a point of inspiration, with his Echoplex machine, which introduced a tape delay effect that could be looped and repeated as a backing rhythm. The introduction of electronic drums allowed further innovation with solo artists now freed from the need to employ added players in their quest to discover new frontiers.

The simple accordion has never been seen as a principal instrument during the history of Folk traditions, more bridesmaid at the wedding feast, something to add layers to the overall sound rather than be expected to appear front and centre. Part of this may have been down to the unwieldy nature of the instrument and the complex construction involved. This new release is a new take on the original notions held and a redefining of the role that the accordion can play in creating innovative and challenging music.

The true definition of independent music lies in the ability to not only engage the listener but to push the boundary of what was considered original. Callum Easter uses drum machine and drone effects to accompany his accordion tunes on this album and delivers much t be admired across ten tracks that clock in just shy of 33 minutes. The album was recorded on the basis of one take only, no overdubs and captured straight to tape. It all sounds very cohesive, impressive and peppered with little moments of magic as the hypnotic melody builds around the backing tracks.

The slower, reflective tracks like Lonely World, One Thought and Back Beat balance with the more up-tempo numbers like Promises, Pop Goes the Weasel and Feelings Gone , while the spoken word delivery to much of the lyrics fall somewhere between an axis of Lloyd Cole and Adrian Moffat. Instrumental albums run the risk of not appealing to the music listener for any number of reasons. Those artists who can rise above such challenges are usually blessed with the gift of musical composition that never gets repetitive and challenges us to peel back the layers of arrangement around the often-simple original ideas.

This is the fourth release since his debut and his minimalist soundscapes are gentle, relaxing meditations to soothe the senses. This is reflective and relaxing in a way that conjures up a sense of travel and of movement and invites you in to share in the experience. The musicians that Tuttle called into the project are Chuck Johnson pedal steel guitar , Gwenifer Raymond microtonal electric guitar and fiddle , Joe Saxby saxophone , Joel Saunders trumpet , Sarah Spencer piano , Tony Dupe cello, piano, pump organ.

They all contribute their parts with great attention to detail and play with understated grace. Andrew Tuttle lives in Brisbane, Australia and he produces music that is both hypnotic and soothing, mixing with elements of electronic sound and symbiotic instruments that weave into air and space.

He contributes on banjo, resonator guitar, acoustic guitar, piano and signal processing. There are moments of pure traditional playing, whether simple piano or banjo motifs from Tuttle, or a hint of pedal steel, fiddle or cello in the distance. Bedford is a storyteller of some calibre. His songs are often historical in context and are rooted in time and place. However, none were released in Europe in any direct capacity. With his writing skills Bedford also possess a voice that has a quality entirely suited to the songs; the words are sung clearly and with empathy and understanding.

The backing is largely acoustic but is enhanced by some propulsive percussion, that give the songs an added momentum. Similarly, the bass adds depth and a solid grounding that brings an added space to the recordings.

The subtle and effective guitar parts acoustic and electric are played by Chas Williams. Additionally, there are cameos including cello, Hammond organ, dobro and accordion. The harmony vocals are in the main from Kari Bedford.

However, it is the song themselves that are the centre of these recordings. All are written by Bedford bar one where Kari Bedford is the co-writer. His murders were later acquitted. It depicts the flow and ebb in a relationship which is mirrored by that of a tributary of the Illinois River. Bedford is an Illinois native who has brought his music to many noted venues throughout the US and Europe. These are portraits that will linger for some time. With the title focusing on the landscape of the American Southwest, Jonas fifth album captures the contrast between what is reality and what is an imagined reality.

But it is in many ways an upfront and personal album, taking in to account the tales of characters she has come across in real like or created from an amalgam of people and places. What stands out is the progression that is evident in the writing and voice of Karen Jonas on the album. It also marks the continued relationship and important pairing of Jonas and long-time guitarist Tim Bray - a similar relationship to that Jerry Miller and Eilen Jewell - which has turned into something special in musical terms.

The pair are joined here by bassist Seth Morrissey and drummer Seth Brown. Also on board and making his mark is co-producer with Jonas E. Jackson who also adds some additional instrumentation on the album. The opening song here is The Last Cowboy At The Bowling Alley a song that skewers an ageing bowling alley lothario whose moment has well a truly faded. The aspect of place is considered in the next song Out In Palm Tree Paradise wherein she tells of her enchantment with the Mojave Desert and the man she explored it with before both no longer held her interest.

There is detail described in the words here that evoke lifestyle and longings. Pink Leather Boots explores a long-distance fantasising about one of the girls in a strip club, imagining how they could build a life together, until the real world steps in and leads him back out to his truck and the lonely journey ahead.

That sense of dreams, hope and possibility abound but are often dispelled by a harsher sense of the everyday. The sound is a clear mix of exploring the parameters of Americana with a healthy respect and take on country music in its hard life mirroring heyday.

There are moments of subtle interplay as on the aforementioned Pink Leather Boots. This song and others contain a sense wherein the rhythm section and guitar lines perfectly suit the mood of the song.

Farmer John has some ambiance attached to it that seems again to fit and contrast with the age-old tale of the wandering man and the frustrated complaints of the long-suffering wife at home.

This seems to be a settled band that has been working with Jonas both on the road as well as in the studio. That shows in the way the album component parts gel to create a modern day take on a bunch of characters, who all in their own way make the most of their lot. There are enough moments to generate an interesting and varied listen which is proof that the direction Jonas is one which follows her musical journey from Oklahoma and its lottery to those who live and work under southwestern skys.

A casual listen to this first solo recording by 24 year old banjo and fiddle player Blount could suggest that it is a sparsely recorded collection of mostly unfamiliar old time songs and instrumentals. However, dig a little below the surface and one uncovers an eye-opening introduction to the history and legacy of his African-American ancestors and their contribution to the old time, bluegrass, blues and folk music which so many of us enjoy.

This music enriches our lives, but how many of us realise its true origins, and the pain and suffering that it was born of? She adds her haunting vocals and fiddle to this and many other tunes here.

Where Did You Sleep Last Night originally collected from Led Belly by Alan Lomax is reinterpreted as a mournful lament on homelessness, probably its original intention.

Another important source of this music is from the Native Americans of the Appalachians. As an ethnologist and tutor, Blount has not shied away from the sense of doom and loss that was being transmitted in these tunes.

Many of the references to the horrors of slavery or lynchings, for example, had to be covert in this musical culture, for obvious reasons, but Blount has managed to convey the darkness with his playing and arranging. In addition to being a member of an ethnic minority, he is an LGBT activist and has used mainly queer artists on this recording. One of the finest releases of the year so far - not to be missed.

This country influenced songwriter and singer is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and has just released his second solo album. His subject matter is common in Americana and talks of love, loss, family, friends, faith, recovery and redemption.

Eleven songs bring those topics to life, in the company of his band The Firewalkers and some guests in Greg Martin from the Kentucky Headhunters, and the renowned steel player Lloyd Maines. He has a warm, easy to listen to voice that allows the song to be assimilated and heard clearly. There is a diversity here too - the delivery on a song like When Mavis Testifies benefits from a more soulful gospel production with backing vocals and organ, an example of the versatility of all involved to keep this interesting overall.

Often what they are recording is not pushing back the barriers of their chosen genre but rather reaffirming our own taste and liking of such music. Jim Pelz has produced such an album, one which has the capacity to reveal and grow on you with subsequent listens and that in itself is an achievement. However, his good fortune was short lived. That life changing experience became the motivation for this his second release of Although marketed as a country artist, Crockett is not your proto type candidate for that camp.

In keeping with its title, the songs address collective misfortunes and predicaments, in addition to personal ones. The former depicts the outlaw, continuously on the move.

Recorded live with only a few overdubs, the thirteen tracks are held together spectacularly by a strong rhythm section, great horn segments and vocals that included divine harmonies. The song races along, fiddles, guitars and drums colliding alongside his clear and unadulterated vocal. His grandfather was a fiddle maker, so the instrument was part of his childhood. Nix can apply the brakes and does so on a number of occasions.

Turnpike Troubadours have earned the reputation of one of the most spirited and dynamic live acts presenting real country music, alongside their impressive studio recordings. This artist has been categorized in the alt country stable since his initial activities with the The Broken Family Band in the early s.

Adams has released two previous solo records in addition to also performing with indie-rock band Singing Adams, a 4-piece with two releases to their name. He also performs under the name, The Singing Adams, which is confusing to some, no doubt. His craft as a songwriter has been acknowledged with commissions to write for specific events, plus he has written for both the Guardian and the Times newspapers.

So, quite the rounded artist in many senses. This new project is definitely a breath of fresh air and the musicians played live in the studio, with the spontaneity of bouncing off each other lending a lightness and vivid colour to much of the music. The ten tracks create an infectious groove across the minutes that wrap the listening experience and drive the overall impression of an artist having a lot of fun with his new creative direction.

Originally from South Wales and now living in London, Adams tackles personal matters despite his vow to keep things light on this record. Soft Landings is a simple love song while Bring On the Naps is an enjoyable melody and features some backing singers who sound very much underage!

Oh Dear is a slow lament for an enduring crush that is not returned and the lonely feeling of disappointment. My Brother the Racist is a very personal song in which Adams calls out his … own brother. A strength and not a weakness? This is genre hopping in the best way, filled with superbly crafted, melodic tunes that impress and delight in equal measure.

I like those moments when they come along and this debut album is certainly one of those! All the music on these ten tracks is performed by Kopp; vocals, guitar, piano, vibraphone, tenor sax and harmonies. In trying to reconcile his loss, Kopp moved to the woods to write at a cabin in the foothills of Mt. Hood, Oregon. The songs are reflective and they never rush, but rather take their time to settle into the space that is created by the gentle arrangements and melodies.

Music can be the best therapy and Kopp certainly has used his gifts to try and heal the sadness and the attempts to make sense of it all. As debut albums go, this is very assured, quietly captivating and laced with interesting songs.

Having released an E. He is one of the new breed of independent artists who want to have complete control over their music production and distribution, which is a positive approach if you can continue to juggle all the balls in the air.

The songs have a resonance and the clear vocals add enough character to the words that tell tales of love gained and lost, road trips, wanting to get out of small towns and setting up a new life - all running for a generous 50 minutes. There are relationship songs that explore the challenges and the need to stay the course, Beginners Luck and Brave the Storm. His dreams of an enduring love are considered in other songs, Broken Heart Beats On and Smoke - growth through having faith in another and wanting connection, rather than a life of aimless drifting along.

Blood Moon Rising is an acoustic blues that tells of the omens that can steer a soul into the grip of dark forces, devil women and coyotes, crows and gypsy fortune tellers. Coady is from Piedmont Province which borders the Appalachian Mountains and his sound contains elements of Americana, Country, and Roots music. There is an honesty in the performance that is very appealing and the authentic feel to these songs bodes very well for the future.

But then, as often happens with a band who have worked hard to achieve something together, they decide to split up after a number of notable final shows. This album gained a lot of welcome critical praise that allowed him to move forward and he has now returned with his second solo album, a set of new self-composed songs and a single co-write. He worked as co-producer with Duane Lundy to forge these songs into a convincing album. However, it is the quality of Wells' voice and writing that stand out.

He also took a different approach to recording the album by setting out a trail guide of what the journey might take. Uppermost in his mind was the consideration of the meaning of love, of loss, of caring about others with an open mind while allowing the contradictions, the mistakes and the positive nature that accompanies life in these times.

The sound has elements of soulfulness, southernness and a little roots country to sweeten the flavour. The guitars are front and centre, with keyboards also taking an important and textured part in the overall sound.

Fans of all those acts will likely find something here to please them too. A consistent number of the songs that have an immediate impact. This is a united state you can believe in. Here is a musician who stands up for what he believes in. His website claims a roots music influence and his stated colours are those of Rust Belt Country, a term that was created to describe the urban decline in American cities, impacted by the loss of jobs in a variety of manufacturing industries and beyond.

His music is also in the space of contemporary folk as his social message hits against the corporate and political greed that impacts upon the lives of so many working-class families. Scott is not a Trump supporter to put it mildly. We Know They Lied is an angry song on this EP and it hits out at the lack of care or interest shown in the plight of the citizens of Detroit.

Indeed, in , Detroit became the largest U. Since then, efforts have been made to tackle the issues caused by thousands of empty buildings around the city. Final song, I Think About You , is aimed towards one who perhaps got out and went elsewhere to create a new reality. The musicians on this EP are quite superb in bringing these tunes into full technicolour.

Scott plays acoustic guitar and mandolin, in addition to contributing lead vocals. The superb playing of David Mosher on fiddle and mandolin is a highlight on a number of tracks, as is the impassioned backing vocals of Kristin VonBernthal. Todd Glass on drums, together with John Barron on both electric and upright bass run the engine room with great authority and verve, while the guitars of both Garret Bielaniec and Tiziano Scott add plenty of nuance to the arrangements.

Add in some fine accordion from Mark Iannace and banjo from Dave Feeny to brighten the mix and you have a very enjoyable six tracks of artistic endeavour. A true reflection of the times we now find ourselves surrounded by! This is quite a project and equally, quite a listening experience. With twenty-five songs spread across two discs and a total running time of over ninety minutes, a review is not to be taken on lightly!

The packaging is top class with an expansive gate fold sleeve and art work, plus liner notes and booklet that contain colour images, lyrics to a selection of tracks and quotes from many different world figures, like Maya Angelou, Leonard Cohen, Buddha, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Paolo Coelho, Leonardo da Vinci, Townes Van Zandt and a medicine song from Geronimo.

It is this last influence that gives a hint to the inspiration that gripped Jaron Rovensky in conceiving this artistic endeavour. His childhood was part of the family of first nation indigenous peoples in Canada and the track, Broken Down , addresses some of the issues experienced in being a minority group on a land that was once their entire domain. Mastering was carried out in in California and the production duties were all overseen by Rovensky himself.

Rovensky plays guitar and takes all lead vocals, plus spirit and medicine drums on different tracks. Other musicians were given input on a remote basis and credit for their parts would be a long list. Suffice to say that a further four musicians played a role via the internet and were joined by another nine players at the Calgary sessions AND a further six participants at the Edmonton recordings!

There is a tent show feel to the message of excess and hedonism on Crick Crack Crickity Crack and the deep groove of Old Uncle Louis is right out of the Tom Waits songbook, all angular rhythm and offbeat melody lines.

Rovensky sounds like Waits on a few tracks but can also channel Dr John or Roger Chapman at other times; quite a varied voice, especially as he can also deliver a fine ballad with no vocal intonation, such as The Most Beautiful Swans In the World or Fading Away.

The soulful funky sound of Back To Jungo is very cool and insists on active participation while the tempo of Big Black Hole is a light jazz mambo with brass section adding heightened passion. So much to admire here and a real testament to both the bravery and artistic vision of this talented young musician.

This is a very welcome return to the table for a talented singer-songwriter who has many gifts to share. As the original creative source and founding member of the Mulligan Brothers, a superb band from Mobile, Alabama, Newell has been honing his song craft over many years now.

The three studio albums released by that band are all highly recommended, full of great melodies and songs that reflect the daily push and pull of everyman, in trying to make real connection and looking for enduring meaning. Ross Newell sings with a voice that is both quietly hypnotic and sweetly warm in tone. He is also a very fine guitar player, as this live album highlights.

It is something of a brave move to record a solo record in a live setting with nothing but the naked spotlight of stripped-down guitar and vocals.

The fact that there are no mishaps during the performance or song delivery is true testament to an artist who really should be playing to a much bigger demographic. With the band on a prolonged hiatus never say never , Newell has decided to put out an album that really shines a light on his winning ways, not only in the writing but also in the confident, relaxed manner in which he delivers these nine songs. An added bonus is the presence of The Krickets, a female trio from the gulf coast who deliver the most captivating harmony singing, with a blend of Folk and Americana influences in their music.

Here, they join Newell for the last 2 songs of his set and bring plenty of colour and nuance to the versions of Red Dress Lady and Sensible Shoes.

There is real quality to the whole production, with a crystal-clear sound and an easy atmosphere to the proceedings that makes you feel like you were actually in the venue yourself. Elsewhere, another story song, I Know That Man , tells a tale of domestic abuse and sweet revenge. Kaleidoscope is a tale of life on the road and filled with lonely feelings of self-doubt and aimless drifting.

So Are You is a song about making a stand and striking out for independence and identity in following your dreams, while Roseanne is an old favourite and tells the secrets of the archetypical tour bus that hauls musicians all over the highways of America. Great puns in the lyrics and double entendres to the fore! Newell breaks out his harmonica on this one to add great dynamic to the performance. Sensible Shoes is a highlight with its caustic look at the downtown nightlife in Mobile and the pretty girls who stumble around in high heels looking for storybook romance or some tenuous connection.

Yet another in a long line of superbly crafted albums from a true artist of the highest calibre. Miles has been putting meaning into the often-senseless foibles of love and longing for so long that she has pretty much covered the entire book of tangled romances and the questions that plague us in our quests to make some sense of anything that may endure.

Not that she ever gives us the answers, for there are none, more often than not. Yet there is a sense of knowing that the journey taken was all the more worthwhile because Lynn Miles has your back and winks with a knowing smile that says - just keep on going…. There are 11 songs here and not a weak one among them. Next up is time captured in a moment, self comfort, taking solace and a cautionary fairy tale with a sweet vocal The Saddest Song I Ever Wrote , and followed by a song A Heart Can Only Take So Much that has questions around why we do what we do.

Weary from trying, having a rough patch. Change happens anyway. There is always a sense of longing in these songs and words that never quite reconciles. Onwards to a song that reflects life experiences and knowledge gained Old Soul , lessons learned along the rocky road; independence and self- belief. The disappearing small towns Main Street all across rural USA is a bitter pill for local communities; memories tainted by time and old values crushed by supposed progress.

Then there is the freedom of youth In the Wilderness , all that energy and innocence, perhaps taking place in the same small town of the previous song? Finally, the risks of loving are brought full circle Because We Love and the abiding message that life must be lived and not feared.

As always there is quiet comfort in these songs of loss and pain. As if sharing these insights brings a resolve and the will to keep living through it all. He was raised in the foothills of the Appalachians in North Carolina and his early passion for music was fuelled by regularly singing in church with his family. His conversion from casual singer to creative writer was inspired by his introduction to the work of Bob Dylan by his art teacher in high school.

Caudle and his wife and manager Lauren moved from North Carolina to Nashville in , joining the bourgeoning community of singer songwriters that have been relocating to that city in recent years. Three days after arriving, he headed to the Cash Cabin in Hendersonville outside Nashville to put down the tracks for this album. The small structure was built by Cash in as his private shelter, a sanctuary to chill out at when he returned from touring.

Cale and all these influences clearly emerge across the eleven tracks. Caudle is as capable as doing quiet as he is delivering more funky upbeat songs. The Choctaw singer, songwriter and poet, was involved in a number of car crashes, suffering serious injury which limited the use of both of her hands. This scenario was all the more distressing for an artist that freely admits to working double shifts in the catering industry between tours, to finance her next album and tour.

Despite the devastation and unpredictability which she faced, her fighting spirit prevailed and she turned the tables on those dark times to create her most personal album to date. She was signed to the newly formed Real King Record label, which was created by the talented U. It was the first song she wrote when her health improved and was the motivator to complete the project. Staff Departures Plant, M. I should like to thank all those who have played a part in the production of this magazine.

The School is very lucky to have such an efficient Magazine Committee, who produce each year a valuable record of the main events of school life which many will read again with pleasure in the future.

We started this School Year with several major improvements to the buildings. The new Science laboratories, the language laboratory, and the extensions to the Metal workshop have all proved their worth during the year. So have the three new tennis courts, which have added much impetus to this game; and the new Office block, which is a very handsome addition to the buildings. I am very grateful to my predecessor, Instructor Captain C.

Broad, for all his hard work in the planning of these improvements. Bellamy, O. He spent two days with us and gave us a thorough inspection. Admiral Bellamy was Headmaster of Tal-Handaq from to and so this was a sentimental journey for him. He found, I think, that "plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose''. In spite of rumours about the rundown, there are more children at Tal-Handaq this year than last; and we shall continue to be fairly full for a year or two yet. This will mean several new faces among the staff next September, whom we shall be glad to welcome to the School.

He and Lady Hamilton have been good friends to the School and have taken a keen interest in our activities. Our best wishes go with them. Malkin — Headmaster. The Dunera left Grand Harbour at On the 2nd day out from Malta the volcanic archaepelago of Thira was sighted.

The islands of this group spread out in a horse shoe formation, and represent all that is left of a great volcano which destroyed itself in a violent erruption, many years B. The party saw large pumice mines, and villages which clung to the steep island sides. On the 3rd day the ship rounded Cape Nikolas and entered the Izmir Channel.

Here the guide showed us the fine marble carvings', theatres and temples. Next we went into the nearby hills to visit Mary's tomb.

It is a belief that Mary came with. Saint John to Ephesus after the Crucifixion. On the return to Izmir, the party visited the tomb of Saint John. Upon arrival back in Izmir, the party had two hours in which to shop for souvenirs. The Dunera left Izmir at hours and sailed south then east towards Beirut, the seaport Capital of the Lebanon. It was in Lebanon, a country which exists by the buying and selling of foreign currency and bonds, that the sterling crisis began due to extremely heavy selling of sterling.

We visited Byblos, one of the finest examples of "living history" anywhere. Here beside the modern village are the castle of the Crusaders, and the tombs and temples of the ancients.

Afterwards we looked round Beirut itself, an impressive city with a Franco-Eastern tone to it. Lebanon is indeed a country of great history, We left Beirut at night on February 10th and sailed south towards Haifa, the next port of call.

The Dunera docked at 10,00 on Saturday llth. As we left the Dunera, everybody was given a bag of oranges and grapefruit. We boarded coaches and were taken through the port, north towards the old walled city of Acre. About a third of the people who live in Acre are Arabs, and it was surprising to find that Arabs who live in Israel are so numerous, and also enjoy equal rights to 'social services etc.

As the party entered the old city a beautiful view could be seen of Acre Bay with Haifa far to the south.

From here we walked through a very old quarter of the city, which was most interesting. Then we visited the largest Mosque in Israel. It was set in beautiful gardens. From here we again boarded coaches and travelled to the sea of Galilee region. It was a long route, but the view of the Sea of Galilee, and the unforgettable snow-capped Syrian mountains overlooking the whole panorama made it worth it.

We passed through Tiberias, and visited some fine old mosaics in the Church of the Multiplication of the loaves and fishes. Here a magnificent wine, produced by Benedictine monks could be obtained at a small cost. We ate lunch by the Sea of Galilee under the trees. From here we set off back for the ship, and passed the Mount of the Transfiguration with the sun setting behind it.

We visited Nazareth where Jesus lived as a boy. The only difference Between the time of the visit of the angels and Tal-Handaq being the television aerials. Finally to end an unforgettable day, the coach climbed Mount Carmel to see Haifa by night.

The following day we set off by coach to visit Jerusalem, and stopped at the ancient castle of Caesarea. In Jerusalem, the divided city, we saw the tomb of King David, the room where the last supper is supposed to have taken place and the Shrine of the Book where the Dead Sea Scrolls are kept.

This is truly a magnificent building surrounded by modern 'mechanical sculpture. Inside the effect was a cave, where the Scrolls were kept at the temperature and humidity at which they were found in order to preserve them. The party returned to the Dunera, and the ship sailed that evening.

Arriving in Crete at the following Tuesday, he party split up, and one half visited the town whilst the others went to Knossos. The town was full of shops, but those who went to Knossos saw the countryside which was extremely green and fertile.

The ruins at Knossos have been restored in part to look, as it is believed they looked, when the Palace was at its peak of power. Unfortunately the weather was uncommonly cold, and it rained. However the rain stopped later on, and we visited a very fine museum in Heraklion. The Dunera sailed from Heraklion at During these last days Tal Handaq won the quiz, scrapbook, logbook, fancy dress and other prizes.

Tal Handaq girls sang in the ship's concert. Things were very well organized aboard the Dunera, with dances; and film shows, lectures and excellent recreation facilities, It was altogether a most enjoyable trip, though the elements could have been kinder.

With apologies to William Blake. And did those feet in modem times Walk upon Tal-Handaq playground? And were the prefects still giving lines To any loafers hanging round? And did the head-boy forgive our deeds, But warn us not to cheek him more?

And was the Headmaster scared to death To open 2A's classroom door? Bring me my Pen of fifteen colours! Bring me my Pen of nine carat gold! Bring me my Book, with tattered cover! Bring me my Plimsolls, very old! I will not cease from mental sums, Nor shall my pen sleep in my hand, Till we have re-designed Tal-Handaq In Malta's brown and barren land. She had lived in the woods all of her life. In the woods near the castle of the Baron of Fyfe. And her name was Marlene. She was a wicked old witch who would curse and trick And if you ventured too near you would feel her stick.

No-one could catch her, and no-one dared try, Until one day old Andrew did cry,. At once there was a bustle, a hue and a cry, "Send for the Wizard, old Marlene to try". And his name was the Wizard of Oz. They found him at last, he agreed to their plan, To fight the old terror, hand to hand. He sprang an attack on the wicked Marlene,. And fought 'til she gave in and was sent to Saltdean. Where she was jailed. And there she spun her weave with withered hand Until the Devil beckoned her into his fiery land.

Rehearsals began early in the term and although the result was most enjoyable it had meant a great deal of work not only for the soloists and chorus but also for Mr. Dickerson and his crews of scenery constructors, Mr. Gerrard, Mr. Barraclough and also Mrs. Gerrard who arranged the dancing.

Thanks should also go to all those who helped with costumes. The four outstanding performers were Penny, Robert, Mr. Martin and Mr.

Their acting was good and so was their singing. Penny should be especially congratulated on her performances of "Poor Wandering One'' which is difficult to sing. Jon and other girls were also very good and Alistair made a bold effort. The girls chorus were weak at the beginning, but soon gained their feet and made a success of the finale of Act I and all of Act II.

The boys needed a great deal of rehearsal. At one point it was thought that they really would not be good enough, but they certainly did well on the night. The hall was filled every night. The Commander-in-Chief came on the Monday night and at the end he came up on stage and congratulated the two leading ladies, saying that he had enjoyed the performances very much. Despite criticism by people that Gilbert and Sullivan is hackneyed the presence of so many at the performances must justify the production each year.

Hay, Royal Navy, took the chair. The Headmaster's report was as follows Much of what I say in this Annual Report will have happened before my time, but I feel that one of the best aspects of Tal Handaq School is its sense of continuity. Much of this is due to its excellent teaching staff, many of whom have now given some years of devoted service to the school; to the constant efforts!

Plant, and his staff; and to the unfailing help which has- been so freely given by so many in Malta. Army, R. The size of this. The numbers of Royal Navy pupils have fallen, but those of the other Services and Ministry of Defence Civilian Families have increased.

This makes the school a very good example of Inter-Service Co-operation and, as I have mentioned, we are certainly lucky that so many in Malta have such an interest in its welfare. We have a very full Upper School again thus year -- that is the 4th, 5th and 6th Forms.

Indeed there are over children in the 5th year alone and this has made some of the sets larger than I would like. The whole of the Upper School is now fully comprehensive, which means that over children are working to individual timetables. This, as you can understand, makes administration far more complicated than in the old days, when a child was merely put into a form with the same programme for all its members.

Now, in the Upper School, there are sets for each main subject and the pupil who may be good at Maths but not so good at English finds himself, or herself, in a group of the same ability. Gradually we hope to extend this system further. Most of the work involved in this, comprehensive curriculum has fallen to my deputy, Commander Coupe, without whose ability and hard work it could not have been done so successfully. Perhaps, at this stage, I might say a word about the Comprehensive School.

This type of school is becoming increasingly the pattern in the United Kingdom, but, from time to time, a few parents voice misgivings about it. It is said that the very able child will suffer as a result of being lumped together with others who may not have the same academic gifts. The evidence does not support this, because the gifted child will normally benefit, like others, from a large school, and some of the London Comprehensives are 2, strong , which means a larger staff and hence a larger number of subjects which can be taught by real specialists.

At the same time everything goes to show that the average child gains much from this system - - and, most of us, after all are about average.

Advanced Level subjects. At Tal-Handaq we have always been comprehensive in one sense, namely that all Service Secondary Children in Malta have attended the school. Last term's G. The G. Physics, 5 with credit. The Pitman's. The Certificate of Secondary Education got into its stride this year. This examination is especially designed for those who might not quite make 'O' level, but who should have a recognition on paper of their abilities on leaving school.

A Grade 1 in C. On the whole, our results have been very satisfactory and very much what was expected by the teaching staff. The school has also had a successful year of sport. One of our problems is that of school fixtures, as we are the only Services Secondary School in Malta.

This term, therefore, we have. It is also very encouraging to see the enthusiasm for the Inter-House Games which was shown well last term in the Swimming Gala and the Athletic Sports. While on this important subject of sport, I should like to pay a tribute to the Royal Engineers who have so successfully levelled the grounds above the school for future use asi playing fields. This was undertaken by them as a training exercise and a very [successful one it has been for the school.

We hope soon that we shall have changing room and groundsmen which will enable these playing fields to be put into use. On the material side, indeed, there have been many improvements: to the school in the past year. Several of these resulted from the recommendations of the H.

Inspectors of Schools, who visited us in the Spring of and, the -most important has been the completion of the new Physics 1 and Chemistry Laboratories.

In the middle of June, we had a major reorganisation of classes so that work on these buildings could start; and the school is very grateful to the S. We took the opportunity to reallocate equipment so that Physical Science can be taught as a single subject to the upper streams in the first year, instead of as the separate subjects, Physics and Chemistry; and boxes of equipment and graded sets of experiments have been prepared for use in the lower streams.

Another -major improvement will be the conversion of a room into a Language Laboratory. This as you may know is the modern method of language teaching. Each pupil has! The room is now nearly finished, and all the apparatus has arrived from Ranks, the manufacturers. We hope it will soon be in action.

There have been improvements to the Metalwork room and, perhaps most popular of all, three excellent new tennis; courts have been built and are now in full use. These, as you can imagine, have been a great boom to the girls and most successful Inter-House Matches have already been played on them.

These important improvement? At a time when money is short, they have had to find a place in competition with other very necessary improvements. Unfortunately, the Regional Director, Sir Leslie Tyler is prevented by other duties from being with us to-day, but we are very glad to welcome some of his senior staff and, to say thank you for meeting the School requirements so well.

It cannot have been easy to produce such excellent work in the short period of the school holidays, hut, as always, M. One of the snags of the buildings, of course, is that this not a purpose ; built school. Constant additions have been. But, of course, we could do with further improvements. This hall is hardly large enough to accommodate the whole school standing, and large numbers of parents and pupils are unable to attend to-day because of shortage of space.

We could do with I another classroom and our laboratories could 'be extended further to cope with the increasing demands of the vital Science subjects. Another important advance over the last year has been some development in the operation of a Child Guidance Service.

We have, of course, for many years been grateful for the periodical visits of the School Medical Officers and I the ready co-operation we have always had from the R.

Hospital when a child is injured in school or at games. The Naval Medical Officer of Health has also always been ready with advice — quite recently Ms staff spent a morning testing the school water supply - - but in addition to this valuable help, the R.

Hospital has been able to give special help to a few children, who! It is perhaps remarkable that among Service families, whose children are often moving from one school to another, there should be so few of these children, but a Child Guidance Service is now established in Germany, the Far East and Cyprus where, of course, the commitments are much greater than in Malta.

It is therefore very encouraging to see its development here and I am very grateful to Surgeon Rear Admiral Gurd, whom we are glad to.

I hope we shall be successful in finding a Speech Therapist, whose services I may need if I continue much longer! A final word -- and it is very much the same as my predecessor, Captain Broad to whom I am very grateful for all his work for the school said last year, This school has a high reputation and the credit for this must largely go to the children, With very few nameless exceptions in school, they are smart, well behaved and self reliant; and they work well and play well.

I have mentioned games, and thank you to all concerned for the excellent ground we use but not all of them may be gifted on the Sports field. The girls have a gu i de troop and some children have done well in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme A party of 9 boys training for the Gold and Silver Awards spent ten days in Sicily during last Easter holidays.

Several of the children have done well at sailing and have their helmsmen's certificates. All these activities help in the building of character and these interests will stand them in good stead throughout life.

By playing a part in a team they learn to give and take, and get on with others. I know that most parents encourage their children to get the most out of school and the staff here 'have little difficulty in leaving most of them to do so.

But this is in school, and there are few who let the side down by their behaviour out of school and I do wish that their parents: would take a greater interest in their activities. It is the parents' responsibility to know what their children are doing out of school, where they are and who they are with; and it is very disturbing to find that some parents do not know at all.

The School has had a successful year and with the growth of our facilities and continuation of our high standards will continue to deserve its reputation in the future. Cactus plants in the School Grounds. In my mind I see. With the sun glittering down,. The fish.

The seaweed. In my mind come thoughts so dear, As my departure time draws near, Sights and sounds Familiar places. Friends and relatives Smiling faces. I long for the English countryside, The little country villages. Picking blackberries, Gutting grass,. Collecting twigs on winter days, Drinking tea around the fire, little things that mean so much, Long forgotten -- memories. These things 1'll do on my returning, I used to find a bore. In my heart there is a yearning. All these things I'll do once more Through the woods and fields I'll roam, And down the country lanes.

On green Spring days With April showers. Here I'll laze, Through the summer hours. Frosty Autumn, With winds that blow. Icy Winter, Crisp, white snow. Never again will I leave my home, In England.

Geography, Mathematics, Engineering Drawing. Technical Drawing. Jennifer Archer 1. When would it ring? The teachers looked sick with fear and mad thoughts were running through their minds — shall I make a dash for. Too late! Gone were the meek, anxious faces and in their places were sly, misichievious glares.

They were free! They all ran, regardless of anyone who happened to get in their way, to the bus park where the bus drivers cringed behind the steering wheels in absolute terror. The first few to reach the buses hung themselves out of the windows, shouting to urge on their followers. By the time the whole screaming mob had arrived the buses were swaying perilously and nuts and bolts were flying everywhere. The drivers revved up their engines and the mob screamed and shouted even louder.

At last the buses moved and the gates came into sight. This year's expedition to Sicily, in connection with the Duke of Edinburgh's award scheme, was very successful, and everyone who took part enjoyed the trip, despite how rigorous it was. Fourteen people took part, six of whom were undertaking the bronze standard, two the silver, and three the gold, with three supervisors. Houston, Mr. Tomlinson and Connor Nannery as supervisors.

We left Malta on March 23rd, arriving back on the 30th. Before the start of the expedition, a lot of preparation had to be carried out -- there were two weekend camps at Ghajn Tuffieha, followed by a walk back to Sliema; several other walks were undertaken, and each member of the group walked unsupervised several times, in order to toughen his feet. Besides this, equipment had to be issued - - rucksacks, tents, compasses, anoraks, water-bags, sleeping bags, etc.

Spare clothing had to be acquired, tickets bought, and Italian currency obtained. Finally, everything was almost prepared. On the evening of Thursday, 23rd March, Maundy Thursday, everyone assembled for embarkation on the boat "Citta di Alessandria". Most of the boys slept in their sleeping bags among the cars below deck.

From here, Etna looked very imposing before us. After a short stop to brew up some soup or coffee, we left the station in a little Fiat which was to take us the ten miles up to our camp-site. And it did, but not before the driver had given us heart-failure by nearly hitting another car, and insisting on cornering on the wrong side of the road.

Despite the fact that we found the camp-site Tinder more than a foot of ,snow, we were pleased to get there. After pitching our tents on a site that was fortuitously clear of snow, we ate, and then gathered in one of the chalets to discuss our plans, which were revised because of the conditions. Easter having fallen two weeks earlier this year, it was anticipated that it would be colder than last year.

However, no one had expected 1 there to be so much snow around, so it was decided that we could not go much higher than the base camp. Basic plans were made for the three expeditions of the different group;. Everyone then went to bed to get a good night's sleep. This day had been tiring, but there was a lot more effort to be made in the near future,. The three engaged on the gold expedition, Richard Hoctor, John Portelli and Alexander Siddall, plus their supervisor, Connor Nannery, set off downhill on a bearing of 14 degrees.

This meant walking through the coniferous forest and as far as an old lava stream; from there we would walk on a bearing of degrees for the same distance; finally, on a bearing of degrees. Theoretically, this would bring us back to the base camp after three days' walk; in practice, it wasn't that easy! To walk on a bearing accurately it was necessary to line the compass up with a suitable object in the distance on the bearing which we were following walk to this object and repeat the process.

In the forest this was not easy, because it was usually necessary to take a bearing on a tree very close to us, any distant landmark being obscured.

This showed our progress to a very great extent as we were hindered by the snow as well. The land was also gullied, and our feet slid on the -now and fell into natural 'booby-traps — holes between rocks — where we sank up to our knees in the snow. At last we were clear of the trees, and the snow became less deep.

For a short while we made slightly better going, until we found ourselves in a beech plantation, which again made navigation slow, difficult and tedious. Although the air temperature was high, our 'boots had filled with snow, and our feet were frozen. Only Connor Nannery, who had water-proof leggings on, had warm and dry feet. We stopped for lunch in the plantation and wrung the water out of our socks. Soon after restarting, we found ourselves almost out of the snow, so since we had encountered no streams we decided that we had better stop and melt some snow for water.

After we had collected enough to last us the night, we carried on, and some time later, following more difficult downhill progress, we reached the old lava stream. Here we stopped to plot our position on the map, then we started on the second leg — walking on a bearing of degrees. After covering about half a mile on our new course, we found a reasonable camp-site, so, since it was now early evening, we pitched our tents and prepared for the night.

Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs.. For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get back words like "gazellephant" and "gorilldebeest".

8 thought on “Various - Sinkers And Swimmers: Norfolk Traditional Dance Tunes (CDr, Album)”

  1. Akinosida says:
    While putting together the CD Sinkers and Swimmers in , where I recorded current, local players of, mostly, Norfolk tunes, I used Joan’s arrangement of one of the Long Dance sets she had used in the s – s and got Frank Pond, who had played cello in Joan’s Trio, to play it again and make sure we got it right. Joan, he said.
  2. Samull says:
    He also performed his folk songs with Rachel Unthank at Hall 2, The Sage. Diagrams was Paul’s latest solo album and the sound reminds me of the days of ’s indie rock. Excellent songs backed up with a great SDE package from his website. It’s easy to support artists who put so much effort and enthusiasm into their music. The Unthanks.
  3. Mumuro says:
    Back in they released 'Kalmykian Archaic and Soviet Folk', a collection of songs by the pair of Tatiana Dordzhieva and Maria Beltsykova. This elderly duo are Kalmyks, a group of Oirats (ethnic Western Mongols) who now live in Russia, and their songs reflect the turbulent history of .
  4. Mooguramar says:
    But these are outtakes (that is, tunes that did not fully appear on the album). The fourth track is a flexi disc that was in a Arp Odyssey Magazine issue (The ARP surfacing in of course). The fifth track ('Pipeline') is an out-take from It missed showing up on Roger's Album 'Air Pocket' in
  5. Voodoojind says:
    Having had piano lessons, the leap to church organ (via stints in various noise bands) was an obvious choice. This album presents a selection of nine tracks, recorded in churches in Genova, H chst, Den Haag, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Budapest and Frankfurt. Limited edition of copies with a download code. artwork by Jef Cuypers".
  6. Maugami says:
    Maine Coons "Ghetto Queen" CDR Traditional one man band stomp from one dude with a hankering for the Sultan sound. Guitar and drums crooning, with a garage-punk with some soul dynamic that BBQ does so well. Maine Coon(s) deliver a decent emulation, but without Sultan's pipes and songwriting chops it just sounds ordinary coming from a mere mortal.
  7. Vonris says:
    Sitemap The Ultimate Destroyer - Lair Of The Minotaur - The Ultimate Destroyer (Vinyl, LP, Album), Revolution (Das Leihhaus Remix) - Mental Theo - Revolution (Vinyl), Spinning Around - Various - The Ultimate Dance Top - Volume 2 (CD), Up The Stairs (Abenteuerhotel) - IMAscore - Heide Park Resort Soundtrack (CD, Album), Masimba Bele Dub Mix.
  8. Gotilar says:
    CDR John T. Boyd R.I. P. CDR John T. Boyd, USN, Retired, passed away on 21 August after a hard-fought battle with cancer. John was born on 12 April at Benghamson, New York. He entered the Navy in , and reported to UDT Training and graduated with Class 29 on 10 December

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