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Two Faces In The Dark


In daylight, Bruce Wayne is a slick trust-fund kid who is one of the most privileged citizens in Gotham, while at night he is a masked fighter for justice.

The Joker is the antagonist of the film, an arbiter of chaos and destruction. He is a psychopath, a murderer, and a criminal mastermind, sadistically motivated by ruining lives and taking innocent delights. What makes him most terrifying is the fact that he derives genuine pleasure from tormenting the citizens of Gotham, as well as terrorizing his fellow criminals.

His penchant for maniacal laughter and his seeming indifference to pain are part of what makes him so terrifying. He is defined by his belief that he is simply ahead of his time, that he simply reflects the darkness that everyone in the world contains within them. Gordon is an honest and incorruptible cop who works closely with Batman. He believes wholeheartedly in right and wrong and is a loyal husband and thoughtful researcher. At the end of the film, he is not at all happy with Batman's decision to take the blame for the murders committed by Harvey Dent and he is careful to tell his son that Batman is the real hero in this situation.

Harvey Dent later known as Harvey Two-Face or simply Two-Face is the tritagonist-turned-secondary antagonist of the epic superhero film The Dark Knight , and is a mentioned character in the epic superhero film The Dark Knight Rises.

He was the supreme D. Joker told Batman their locations, but gave him only enough time to save only one. Batman chose Rachel, but when he got there, he found Dent instead. The left half of Dent's face got burned. Angry, the former D. The Joker convinced Two-Face that he was just acting on impulse before he provided him with a Smith and Wesson 64 fully loaded with ammunition, to which he flipped his newly burnt coin for his life.

The coin came up on the clean side, so the Joker lived. Totally right, good addition. How does that even work, when we have a scene of the Joker directly interacting with Dent? Therefore, it is no problem to let an otherwise important character like Two-Face just die or to ultimately make Batman give up his job entirely at the end of The Dark Knight Rises.

However, those movies are not canon to the Dark Knight trilogy either. Considering Bruce also faked his own death, the funeral isn't very convincing evidence. He didn't ever show up again in the Nolan films, ergo dead and buried. Not only has Aaron Eckhart confirmed it, but it is literally written in the script that he is dead, as written in this article : Aaron Eckhart says Harvey Dent is definitely dead: "He is dead as a doornail. SegNerd SegNerd 2 2 silver badges 3 3 bronze badges.

Featured on Meta. Goodbye, Prettify. Hello highlight. Swapping out our Syntax Highlighter. Hot Meta Posts: Allow for removal by moderators, and thoughts about future…. Linked 1. Related In a hallucination, the poisoned Dick is affected by the drugged darts and sees Dent in a twisted, red and black version of Batman's original costume. Two-Face beats Dick brutally, and Grayson realizes that the villain's darts had been coated with the Scarecrow 's fear toxins. Two-Face continues to beat the fallen crime-fighter angrily, shouting that he could never replace the original Batman.

He also reveals that he had been trying to infiltrate the famed Batcave for years, but had no success until that day, because the original Batman would never leave himself open to attack. Alfred Pennyworth saves Dick by giving him an antidote for the toxin, careful to stay in the shadows so as not to be recognized by Two-Face.

Dick recovers and slips into the inner depths of the cave, disappearing from Two-Face's view. Dent starts to panic and starts firing his gun at every shadow, and Dick then retaliates by administering a savage beating. Defeated, Two-Face admits he really believes that Dick is the original Batman, but has changed in major ways. Two-Face has been at odds with Gotham's latest district attorney, Kate Spencer , also known as the vigilante Manhunter. However, his plans have garnered the attention of the FBI.

After he discovers a mole in his midst, he flees only to be stabbed by his own henchmen. Two-Face is left for dead, his body dumped off a bridge. Sometime later, two fishermen in the middle of a lake reel in Two-Face's water-logged body. Two-Face appeared very briefly in an attempted prison break in The Court of Owls storyline.

Batman comments on how some people had compared Gotham to the villain while stopping the riot. He also made an appearance in the Knight Terrors storyline.

In this he was given a variant of the drug venom by the White Rabbit. This caused him to become much stronger and have no fear causing him to fight with Batman once again in an Arkham riot. He was close to victory until the side effects of the drug caused him to bleed from his eyes balls and collapse. He was later interrogated by Batman about this occurrence but he was fairly uninformative to the dark knight.

Later Two-Face appeared in the Death of the Family arch. Being given a part in the Joker's twisted medieval court, set in Arkham Asylum, as a judge for Batman. When Joker along with Dent, Penguin and Riddler, who also featured in the court, had captured Batman, Joker turned on them trapping them in a cell so he could continue with his plan alone.

Dent became furious and questioned why it must be Joker to stop the Bat. Joker the proceeded to mock his rival claiming he was only a joke in the criminal underground of Gotham, hence why he made him a Judge. Harvey proceeded to pull a gun out on him, given to him by Joker, and threatened the clown prince. Joker then called him out suggesting to Dent that the gun was booby trapped. Dent's will failed him and he let the gun drop down to the floor. Joker then showed Penguin and Harvey a taster of what he had in plan for the Dark Knight which drew revulsion from even these two hardened crime lord.

Two-Face is not consistently evil; every time he contemplates a crime, he flips his two-headed coin. Only if the coin came up scratched-side did Two-Face go ahead and commit the crime, never questioning the result of the toss.

This compulsion is a compromise between Dent's evil "Two-Face" personality and his former, law-abiding self. Over the years, he has been shown to rely on the coin to different degrees. Sometimes to decide whether or not to commit a crime, sometimes to decide whether or not to do something good, like save someone.

Jul 19,  · Not at all. It's the same as with Darkman: dipped in a vat of handwavium, he gains the power to ignore his horrible injury! This is a far more realistic take on the character. So's this (Aaron Eckhart) and three could speak and eat and have relatively near-normal facial expression function. IMO they went way too far with Two-Face's injuries, and he would have .

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  1. Gasho says:
    Nov 08,  · Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Two Faces in the Dark · Tommy Leonetti Essential Early Works ℗ Vintage Masters Inc. Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube.
  2. Tygokora says:
    Nov 22,  · Directed by David Eady. With John Gregson, Mai Zetterling, John Ireland, Michael Denison. Businessman and inventor Richard Hammond is determined to develop and market the perfect light-bulb. In a freak lab accident he is blinded and suffers a partial breakdown. His wife, partner and brother take him to his country house, but then Hammond starts to suspect all is /10().
  3. Faushakar says:
    Two-Face has only 2 confirmed victims in this movie - Wuertz and Maroni's driver. Despite being the secondary antagonist, Two-Face became the final antagonist of the film after Joker's defeat. Dent and Talia al Ghul were the most personal villains for Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Trilogy. Dent represented the idealistic version of Batman, which doesn't need a cape Full Name: Harvey Dent.
  4. Vir says:
    FACES IN THE DARK is a rather forgotten film in the British noir genre. The movie is a bit slow but totally worth hanging in there - the TWIST is quite staggering & very well done (no surprise it is based on a book by the writing team that also wrote the novels that VERTIGO, LES DIABOLIQUES and EYES WITHOUT A FACE were based on).
  5. Zulkizil says:
    Despite being the secondary antagonist, Two-Face is the final villain that Batman faces in the film. Dent and Talia al Ghul were the most personal villains for Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Trilogy. Dent represented the idealistic version of Batman, which doesn't need a cape and gadgets to cleanse the city from the criminals.
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    Faces in the Dark is a British thriller film directed by David Eady and starring John Gregson, Mai Zetterling and John Ireland. The film is based on the novel Les Visages de l'ombre by Boileau-Narcejac. It was shot at Shepperton Studios with sets designed by the art director Anthony Masters.
  7. Shaktinris says:
    Two-Face (Harvey Dent) is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman. The character was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and first appeared in Detective Comics #66 (August ).
  8. Mikami says:
    A Face in the Dark: A Commentary on the Story. Ruskin Bond’s short story “A Face in the Dark”, originally published in , is very short and simple in terms of the plot and the language used. But the author has made a simple plot and ordinary setting look extraordinary by giving it a supernatural touch. The supernatural atmosphere is.

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