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Those Were The Days (Radio Live Mix)


Were they running out of time or something? What is this absolute skullfuckery? That was possibly THE laziest mix out I've ever heard AND they mixed out before the best fucking part of the track that everyone loves! Even without the Internet and social media at the time, the war is likely the most-covered event in history, and the world has been flooded with still and moving images, memoirs and novels, art and memorials from the conflict for the past three-quarters of a century.

For those who grew up in an America where WWII vets were not only ubiquitous, but were local and national leaders, principals and doctors, priests and rabbis, screen stars, shop owners, police, and teachers, their slow disappearance has been one of the more disorienting aspects of the passing of the decades. Darnall has been broadcasting and streaming, for those not in Chicago an ongoing mix of news reports, public speeches, and war-connected radio programs on or near the dates they occurred 75 years ago, all leavened with a generous dollop of the music of the era.

From big band broadcasts and war bond rallies to all-star revues and radio staples such as Jack Benny, Glenn Miller, Edward R. Central time and archived for two weeks on a rolling basis.

Not every segment every week is devoted to WWII, but over the past four years, barely a week has passed without some replaying of a war-related broadcast. Darnall estimates that he and his team have played some broadcasts from the war by now. For a generation of Americans, FDR was the president, due not only to his four terms in office, but because of his herculean efforts during the Great Depression and the war.

The Roly Poly Policeman. Professor Whiz the Owl and Fraidy Cat the kitten. Dinah invites the gang to her house for Thanksgiving dinner and Groucho has offered to bring a turkey. Fee Fo, the Friendly Giant.

Jell-O, NBC. A gift for a relative in Alaska requires a trip to the post office. Lamont and Margot arrive at an estate for a Christmas party and find a murder. An audience with Queen Melissa of Maybe Land. The decision to buy a practical Christmas gift sparks rumors of poverty. While trying to read a special message, our heroes encounter Snapper Snick, the Crocodile.

At Christmas time, Mr. Meeting Oliver the Ostrich. Three brothers resent the fact that they must look after their young niece during the holidays. The mud-slinging Muddlers. Slim Pickens and the Cockleburr Cowboys. At Christmas time, Dollar changes his plans to investigate the disappearance of a performing mouse.

Our heroes go to the Golden Grove and the Wintergreen Witch returns. A soldier stationed in Korea during the holidays gives a lift to a fellow soldier, who recalls an incident that happened on Christmas Eve eight years earlier. In the Land of Ice and Snow. Meeting Jack Frost. Joe Friday, with Ben Alexander as Sgt. Frank Smith. The police investigate on Christmas Eve when a Los Angeles mission reports that their statue of Jesus is missing. Cast includes Harry Bartell, Ralph Moody.

Interestingly, the percussion teacher with whom Hewson had been studying had a cymbalum. We did it in Studio Number 3, Abbey Road. Emerick is the first to admit, that since the recording was 50 years ago, some memories have faded completely and some are vague, but he knows the equipment at Abbey Road included a Studer 4-track and REDD. Most likely they recorded the orchestra first at Abbey Road. Besides the cymbalum, Hewson arranged instrumentation for one clarinet, two trumpets, one trombone, a banjo, guitar, bass, tuba, six violins, four cellos and drums.

It was number one in the first edition of the foreign singles sales chart launched by the Centre d'Information et de Documentation du Disque. Georgian singer Tamara Tsereteli — and Russian singer Alexander Vertinsky made what were probably the earliest recordings of the song, in [4] and in [5] respectively. Mary Hopkin 's recording of it with Gene Raskin's lyric was a chart-topping hit in much of the Northern Hemisphere.

On most recordings of the song, Raskin is credited as the sole writer, even though he wrote only the later English lyrics which are not an English translation of the Russian lyrics and not the music.

Raskin, who had grown up hearing the song, wrote with his wife, [6] new English lyrics to the old Russian music and then copyrighted both music and lyrics in his own name. Paul McCartney frequented the club and being quite taken with the song he attempted to get several singers or groups including the early Moody Blues to record it. He later said "I thought it was very catchy, it had something, it was a good treatment of nostalgia Hopkin picked it up very easily, as if she'd known it for years.

In the United States, Hopkin's recording reached number two on the Billboard Hot held out of the top spot for three weeks by " Hey Jude " by The Beatles and topped the Billboard Easy Listening charts for six weeks. Mary Hopkin played acoustic guitar on the recording, and Paul McCartney also played acoustic guitar and possibly percussion.

The cimbalom was played by Gilbert Webster. McCartney also recorded Hopkin singing "Those Were The Days" in other languages for release in their respective countries:. The non-English sets of lyrics were also recorded by Dalida and Sandie Shaw , with Shaw recording the English lyrics as well. Hopkin's version was released on the back of her success on the television talent show Opportunity Knocks , and around the time of its release popular singer Sandie Shaw was also asked to record the song by her management, feeling that it should be done by a "real" singer.

Shaw's version was released as a single, but did not match the success of Hopkin's version. At the peak of the song's success, a New York company used the melody in a commercial for Rokeach gefilte fish , arguing that the tune was an old Russian folk-tune and thus in the public domain. The commercial included the line "The perfect dish, Rokeach Gefilte Fish" where the English-language song would go "Those were the days, oh yes, those were the days. In the mids, after Hopkin's contract with Apple ended, "Those Were the Days" and "Goodbye" were re-recorded with producer Tony Visconti , whom she had married in These re-recorded versions can be found on music compilations.

The greatest hits compilation album contained songs by artists signed to the Beatles' Apple record label between and , the first such multi-artist Apple compilation.

Damn Right in the feels with this mix:) TZ. Users who like Those Were The Days - Top 50 Old School Melbourne Live Countdown - July ; Users who reposted Those Were The Days - Top 50 Old School Melbourne Live Countdown - July ; Playlists containing Those Were The Days - Top 50 Old School Melbourne Live Countdown - July

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    WDCB is very pleased to present "Those Were the Days," a program that has played a prominent role in Chicago's radio history for more than 35 years. Drawing from a vast library of material each Saturday, Steve Darnall presents old-time radio classics & music. Email Those Were The Days: [email protected]
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    About Those Were The Days Encore The encore programs that run on this page are exactly as first broadcast over the air. They contain vintage radio shows as originally presented.
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    Stream Those Were the Days free online. WDCB is very pleased to present Chuck Schaden's “Those Were the Days,” a program that has played a prominent role in Chicago’s radio history for more than 35 years. Drawing from his vast library of material each Saturday, Chuck presents old-time radio.
  4. Tokree says:
    Nov 04,  · Engineer Geoff Emerick says “Those Were the Days,” produced by Paul McCartney and sung by artist Mary Hopkin, appealed to the public because of those unique qualities. “It was so different for the time,” Emerick says.
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    Mary Hopkin Experience featuring Cavern City Tour's own Victoria McDermott make a nice little gig at The Adelphi Ballroom Monday 26th August Shot right.
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    (13 min) This year, , marks the 50th anniversary of the first appearance of The Cinnamon Bear on Those Were the Days. FIBBER McGEE AND MOLLY () Jim and Marian Jordan star as The McGees, with Bill Thompson, Jack Moyles. McGee is invited to appear on a radio show and play some of his old records. Participating sponsors, NBC. (14 min).
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    Blues From the Red Rooster Lounge, Colorado's longest-running blues radio show, has attracted a cult following on Sunday nights on KBCO since April Your host the Red Rooster is a world-renowned authority on the blues and every week he cranks out.
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    Those Were The Days Encore the very appealing radio that plays the beautiful songs of the golden days of music when listeners just felt in love with the tune and composition of the music ans still the songs that makes their fans nostalgic are the source of music for Those Were The Days Encore.

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