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The Vicious Machine - Biohazard (2) - The New Nightmare (File, MP3)


Bakushou Jinsei 64 - Mezase! Banjo to Kazooie no Daibouken Japan. Banjo to Kazooie no Daibouken 2 Japan. Beetle Adventure Racing! Bokujou Monogatari 2 Japan Rev A. Bokujou Monogatari 2 Japan Rev B. Bomberman 64 - The Second Attack! California Speed Europe Proto. Castlevania Europe En,Fr,De. Charlie Blast's Territory Europe. Defi au Tetris Magique France. Derby Stallion 64 Japan Beta. Doraemon - Nobita to 3tsu no Seireiseki Japan. Doraemon 2 - Nobita to Hikari no Shinden Japan.

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Hoshi no Kirby 64 Japan Rev B. Hoshi no Kirby 64 Japan Rev C. Unwilling to tell her he was attacked by a zombie, he avoids her question as to the smell. Eventually he relents and offers to explain everything to her in his car. Asking Jill why Wesker called him, she explains that his refusal to give Chief Irons the whole story has put Wesker in a difficult situation, and the Umbrella HR manager filed a harassment complaint in regards to Chris' warrantless investigation.

With Jill concerned over her own career, Chris agrees to tell Jill the truth if she helps him with the unofficial investigation. Chris and Jill drive up to the mountains to check out a cabin Billy owned. Breaking in, Jill notices beer cans which see to be fairly recent. Checking both floors, they see nothing, but are soon overwhelmed by a smell. They hear several creatures moving outside, soon revealed to be zombies.

It is at this point that Billy arrives on the scene and instructs Chris to shoot them in the head. Chris shoots a zombie wrestling Jill, distracting him from three more cornering Billy. Billy's neck is slashed and begins to bleed out heavily. The zombies are cleared out and Chris attends to his friend. Knowing he will not survive much longer, Billy reveals he was the sole survivor of a research lab in the mountains which had been developing the T-virus, which is responsible for the zombies.

Chris considers that the people who covered up Billy's death had been tracing his phone call with Billy and had planted his necklace at the lake to bring Chris into the open.

When Billy dies, Chris and Jill run out of the besieged house and back to the car. Chris and Jill return to the S. Bravo Team on the radio and receiving nothing back. Captain Wesker shows Chris a map of Raccoon City with circles around the murder scenes.

With the circles all being in the north-west, Wesker offers it as the hideout to the suspected gang of killers, focusing on an old building in the centre of that area. With three hours having passed since Bravo Team's mission began, Wesker expressing his concern. Chris declares the killers to be zombies and finally admits to his Captain the things he has learnt, with Jill offering support. Their mission is to continue Bravo Team's investigation with better equipment. The event logo, as seen in the Osaka iteration.

The park was based on the Spencer Mansion , with a replica of the entrance hall being among the places that could be visited. Contents [ show ]. And to think that guy in charge of Relax-O-Vision got his own spin-off show.

Tyris cast her spell and a spectral dragon appeared, unleashing out a blast of fire at the Python Conquest. Just then, the Raider passed them. Pee Pants CD. In Akita City, Sub-Zero and Scorpion were racing hard against each other, but were both nearly blown off the road by a blast from Overcharge, as the evil lord Shang Tsung tried to pass them.

Sub-Zero only smiled. Sure enough, his Autobot partners activated their anti-aircraft weapons and opened fire on Overcharge. Tsung tried desperately to avoid the shots but Sub-Zero was doing very well against the sorcerer. But they were interrupted when the Grim Reaper got in between them. How far out is that? You think I can ask them for a ninja star as a souvenir?

Hundreds of hornets swarmed into the car, attacking the gang with deadly stings. With her enemies gaining on her, Karin decided it was time to leave the roads. A tunnel was up ahead…and as they entered, Skyhammer transformed into a Cybertronic jet. At the same time, Karin transformed into the super pig, Buurin.

Their Autobots did their best to keep behind him, but Blackjack was one hell of a tough Decepticon. Do be so kind and entertain our friends. Blackjack transformed into his robot mode, blasting the Autobots behind his tail. The Autobots did the same, returning fire at once. Blackjack avoided every shot at ease. He performed a back flip and transforming back into his car mode before speeding away.

McLeach and his pet lizard Joanna had stopped for a bit of hunting. I bet there are plenty who'd pay big bucks for a kamoshika pelt.

McLeach kept a close look out through his gun sight and smiled when he did indeed spot one of the Japanese antelopes.

He got up and marched angrily out of the forest, towards where he had parked Scavenger. Surely enough, next to the Construction vehicle was Vibes, with Terrance and Phillip nearby. I think I'll put you two on the wall beside my deer head. Joanna looked like she was going to be sick as her face turned unnaturally yellow.

McLeach started gagging and lowered his gun. And I thought that Jewish woman from South Park was stuck up. As Rumble came up behind him, Alex suddenly swerved and made him go off the road and nearly hit a tree. Rumble stopped himself before he crashed. The Powerdasher Car went to a screeching halt. Alex got out to check the two replicants and see if they were alright. She somersaulted towards Alex and aimed a kick at him. He dodged with ease. A brief battle occurred in which the latter quickly gained the upper hand.

The attack ships at Orion, the C-beams near Tannhauser Gate and now a teenage black belt. I hope someone who'll live longer may see such things. Both were incredibly delighted for the job and took no hesitation in loading up their state-of-the-art missiles launchers as they closed in on Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime opened his windows, and Michael was panicking even more. Shut the windows! It seemed like a clear shot for them. They fired…the Black Spy first…followed by the White Spy…and both missiles headed straight towards the Autobot. Their plan to destroy Mary Poppins had only ended in getting each other blown up by their own gunfire. The Brain had just finished working on a special helmet he had attached to his own head. This order cannot be countermanded!

Straxus scanned the zoo to see if anything was happening, but to his disappointment, nothing was. Out of nowhere, Pinky let out an animal cry and leapt out of Straxus, running towards a nearby tourist and gnawing on his leg.

His brainwaves are different from other animals and I only had it tuned to his frequency. And I suggest you soon change your moniker to something more fitting. Kunimitsu unsheathed her katana blade and tried to strike her and her Joe on their Ninja Lightning bike.

But Ryoko blocked the attack immediately when she unsheathed her own katana blade as well. The Stranger fired another blast at Spawn and Deep Cover. He drove away, leaving a trail of flames behind. Though meant to be friendly, the Comedian was willing to take this fight for first all the way. But luck came for the girls when Big Bear and the Silhouette came to their aid. Though startled at first, the Comedian puffed his cigar and simply laughed, waving at her.

Volks had stopped at the Children's Science Museum in Morioka. Gordon, Olivia and Linda looked very impressed that such an institution had been established to encourage gifted young minds. Flying above the building was Flamefeather and the Grand High Witch, who was most definitely not happy that the progress of children whom she hated so much was being encouraged. As Flamefeather flew away, the disc object returned to its owner, Cookie Monster.

Good thing it was a cookie with sharpened edges. Up on the surface of the ocean, Rue morphed into Princess Kraehe as she continued her chase with Princess Tutu and Fakir. Tutu transformed back into Ahiru and the tiny duck flapped her wings helplessly as she fell off Splashdown. The poor duck ended up sitting on her face and Kraehe was blind to see where she was going.

In the city of Koriyama, Xena drove Steeljaw through the streets as fast as she could. She was trying to outdistance Stuntman Mike and his partner, Singe, who were trying to overtake her. Mike tried to ram Xena from behind, but she was able to keep ahead. Hercules and Zorro had stopped at a nearby restaurant and saw Xena being chased. But I think we should teach that guy a lesson.

Xena had got a lead on the Cadillac Mike and Singe were driving, and Mike had dropped back a bit. He now got ready to floor the accelerator. Xena had anticipated his move and quickly swerved off onto the sidewalk and jumped Steeljaw over a traffic crossing.

Xena had taken out her throwing ring and threw it right at the Cadillac's radiator while Stuntman Mike was distracted. It caused damage to the engine and Stuntman Mike grunted as he was forced to stop the car and step out to survey the damage. Xena shut him up by throwing some more fast fists. By this time, Ramhorn and Road Rocket had caught up.

I doubt she'd want to be interrupted. As he went to try and wake Mike up, Hercules, Xena and Zorro all drove off on the road to the Kanto region. Prima drove down the famous Cedar Avenue of Nikko. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were both enjoying the scenery. Sure enough, towards the end of the trail, Knok was chasing Fasttrack.

The Noid was swerving to make sure Team America couldn't get a definite lock on him with Knok's cannon. Plus, if there's one thing I hate more than dicks, pussies and assholes, it's F.

The three evil Pokemon trainer teams had been dogging them throughout the city. Just then, Thundercracker cut out in front of Starscream and started attacking the Autobot car carrier. Just then, Skywarp teleported in front of both Starscream and Thundercracker.

But the city was still taking damage. Stray shots from above were hitting the nearby Tobu World Square miniatures. The Professor designed them to be able to handle a Purin's singing. The special earplugs had worked. When Purin realized that Magnus was asleep, she huffed and puffed herself up. Meanwhile, outside the town, the three Team Rocket groups had made a crash landing, getting a very rude awakening. And I advise you to get a good lawyer! On the road to Saitama, the Robinsons and Coopers were having a gentlemanly race so far on the Gumball.

Dennis grinned at St. John as the two couples drove parallel to each other. John chuckled. Charlotte looked dubious, remembering the label of the sugar powder she saw in the tea ceremony. In Saitama City, the H. Hulk Hogan and Mike Haggar were enjoying the competition.

It's a pity we haven't got the time to stop at the Super Arena and stage a bout! Hell, they're annoyed they never signed you in your wrestling career. Country music started to play. Every time I play it back at the P. Suddenly, a missile flew past, nearly hitting the H. You remember what, don't you Priss? I think she should concentrate more on winning this race so she won't 'suffer a horrible fate'. Just then, a pair of missiles were fired from behind and caused a bit of damage to the Rolling Thunder.

Stand back and allow a REAL lady to win this race! The robotic Supervisor used her great tactical skill behind the wheel to move past the H. The Baroness fired a couple of missiles again and nearly took out one of the H. Both Hulk and Long Range's teams looked angry and picked up the pace to get ahead of the arrogant noblewoman and her android partner. But as the Stinger tried to both attack and pass the Monster Blaster, Haggar took control of the laser cannons, turned them around and took out the Stinger's missile launcher.

Another shot from the lasers caused damage to the Stinger's engine and caused steam to come from it. Level of threat: high. Likelihood of survival without immediate repairs: low.

The Monster Blaster, the H. You useless metallic mess! Now get to work and fix the launcher. Not far away, the Mudblaster was driving away from the Saitama Railway Museum, with some very ticked off looking staff watching them go. On his pursuit, he rudely passed by Blacksad, Ulala, Polly Pocket, and Gex, almost steering them off their course.

In Utsunomiya, rival bands the Holograms and the Misfits were both in the middle of a fast chase, with their Transformers, Horsepower and Hyperdrive, trying to outdistance each other.

Aja was consulting her laptop. I just hope not too much chaos is caused. Pizzazz and her crew or that Decepticon they're driving. In Hyperdrive, Pizzazz was having a great time trying to keep up with her rivals and was enjoying listening to a CD of Billy Idol whilst driving.

Horsepower turned a sharp corner at high speed, nearly mounting the pavement near a fruit stand. Hyperdrive made the turn a lot less gracefully and crashed through the fruit stand. As he retreated, the angry owner of the fruit stand threw an orange after the Decepticon car. In Horsepower, the Holograms watched as the Decepticon concept car weaved all over the road as the struggle between the Misfits got out of hand.

Back in Hyperdrive, Stormer was now trying to restrain Roxy and Jetta while Pizzazz tried to keep control. Pizzazz was a bit squashed down as Roxy had leaned back on her accidentally. The Nerd collided with his adversary, turning their race into a fistfight extravaganza.

Back on the ground, the Happy Video Game Nerd had stopped to briefly to watch the two men beat the living crap out of each other. He could only shake his head with pity. Just then, Skystalker rudely zoomed past him, covering his Auobot in filthy mud.

Meanwhile, Springer in his car form and Quickswitch in his motorcycle form had stopped to have a race around the famous Twin Motegi racetrack.

The futuristic road warrior Mad Max was giving his all to defeat the crazy mischief-maker the Mask. The Mask floored Springer's accelerator and added a speed boost of his own by attaching a large rocket firework to the back of Springer.

The rocket went off and Springer was pushed forward at nearly the speed of light. Unfortunately, he ended up embedding himself and the Mask in one of the billboards at the side of the track as Quickswitch made the turn.

The Mask laughed. He is a fuel-injected racin' machine! I'm a rocker! I'm a roller! I'm a right out-of-controller! Let's say I accepted the offer. The fact that I didn't use it for what they wanted was irrelevant. Now let's GO! Quickswitch flew right past Springer, causing a draught that nearly made the Mask lose control. The Mask spun himself around like a tornado and stopped when Springer regained control. Back on the ground, the Duke cousins, Bo and Luke drove into the racetrack complex in Road Rage and got out in shock.

Bo looked up and saw the two Autobot planes flying off. As they got up to high speed, Luke fired a laser beam from Road Rage's headlights and knocked over another billboard.

Using it as a ramp, he drove forward and jumped over the track's fence and back out onto the main road. He and Luke started to sing along to it. Just as they were off on their way, Deadhour and Gingham had pulled up to the entrance.

Go Mifune and Fukumen Racer looked worried about their opponents getting ahead of them. I bet that guy Toretto can't wait to get there.

Fukumen Racer started up Gingham as well and both roared off towards the next city. About thirty seconds into their race, Go suddenly slowed down and brought Deadhour to a stop. They always do that.

The Blues Brothers, Jake and Elwood, had found themselves in a very similar situation. They were driving at full speed and being chased by at least twenty police cars. I was hoping we could put on a show for the Emperor. Some time later, in Numata City, Prowl was keeping ahead of Road Police, who was trying to catch up with him.

Proctor's constant whining. I've heard it's very cultural. Up ahead, two more police car robots were engaged in a battle. Tracy had been able to spot Crosscut and Rachael because unlike other police cars which say 'To Protect and Serve' on the side, Crosscut had 'To Punish and Enslave' written on his side.

A very fitting motto for a Decepticon. I'm not going to let you hurt innocent people! Rachael cruelly smiled as she looked in Crosscut's rear-view and saw Shuta and Tracy catching up.

As she crested a hill and flew over the top she came down with a hard landing Holi backed out of the road to let Prowl and Road Police through.

Shuta and Tracy came to a halt as Junsa went over to Crosscut. As the two sisters got ready to charge at each other, Gardie and Windie launched fireball attacks, which Tracy and Rachael narrowly dodged.

Junsa, Gardie and Windie returned to Holi. Tracy and Rachael begrudgingly headed back to their partners. By The Book there isn't around! Rachael got back in Crosscut. Coming right up behind them was a Moray piloted by the evil Deacon.

The Moray pulled alongside the Pirahna and the Deacon looked over at Octaman and smirked as he held up a sushi tray, particularly a bit of squid.

I think I got one of your relatives here! Maybe I'll barbecue you and see how you taste! Octaman roared in anger and quickly turned the Pirahna around to face the Moray and launched a couple of torpedoes, which the Deacon and the Lamprey fought valiantly to avoid. The Undertow, who was partnered with Octaman, fired a few shots from the Pirahna's machine gun as well. The Moray's blast shield protected it, but the Deacon still panicked. That was my last one!

As they argued, the Pirahna had turned back around and got ahead of them. The Undertow looked impressed at Octaman. Octaman just growled slightly and kept racing across the lake. The Deacon was very ticked off that Octaman had bested him.

It made a lot of dough overseas! Sylar and Frenzy were dominating the highways after exiting Naruto. Gretchen was trembling in fear when she saw the Decepticon driving up behind them.

I have a troubling feeling that Sylar is after your brain. Sylar steered away and just avoided being hit. MilkCan - Make It Sweet. Bungle - Super Mario Bros. Music and Remixes of the Shadow Man Game. N64Y2K Millennium Trax. Nightmare Creatures - La B. Des Boss.

Nikki Pandemonium 2 - Crimson and Clover. Player [1] - A Menacing Glow in the Sky. Player [1] - Game Over. Player One Magazine - La Compil. Power-Pill - Pac-Man. Puyo Puyo RaveRevenge. Cade and the Video Victims - Get Victimized. Rhonda Heath - Pac-Man. Samurai Remix. Samurai Remix Night Grooves.

Sega Music Group - Sampler. Segata Sanshiro - Sega Saturn, Shiro! SFX - Lemmings. Sonic R - Work It Out.

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    BioHazard NIGHTMARE. VCD footage of the Expoland park, obtained from biohazardfrance.. The first iteration of the screampark was based in the Expoland park located in Suita, opened on 18 July , archived footage of the Expoland park was released on VCD and sold as a collectible item in an issue of the Street Fighter III comic in Hong Kong.
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