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Tahiti Tamouré - The Waikikis* - No. 4: Made In Hawaii (Vinyl, LP, Album)


Bound To Be Big! Jo Walker. NCMW is set for Oct. Also, the CMA officials must name replace- ments for members of the Country Music Hall of Fame selections com- mittee who have died during the past year. Davis actually joined Shaw Artists Corp. As announced by Schuyler G. As presented by Farr, the new campaign is designed to carry the impact of the new Columbia adver- tising through to local newspapers and retail record stores.

The artist was among the newly- signed artists performing before the Columbia organization at the conven- tion in the Americana Hotel.

Her first singles and albums will be produced by Wilson for a fall release. The lark previously cut for the Audio Fidelity label. Offer, which kicked off July 20, runs through Aug. Each nomination sent to Mrs. Jo Walker, executive director, 16th Ave.

Selection will be made at the board meeting in To- ronto later this month. The chanter completed an engagement there this year on May 17th to exceptional business. Appearing on the show in addition to Clyde was Curley Money and his band. Clyde will return to the Green Val- ley Club in September.

Nashville, Tennes- see. Next week Del Wood is set to appear. Jimmy Brogdon infos that his gal, Rose Maddox, is finally home for a four day rest after being on the road since May 15th. Jimmy joined her in Vegas and went with the lai'k on the last fifteen days of the tour.

Worth, Amerilla and Odessa, Texas. An impressive trend: it seems that more pop stations are going all-coun- try than ever before. All these stations need both old and new releases. Russell Sims sez since he has moved to the Music City, his deejay list is not complete for country stations. Russell notes if country spinners will write him at Box or 17th Avenue South, Nashville, on station letterheads, they can obtain free cop- ies of Sims records.

Ernest Tubb and the Texas Trouba- dour. The Jordanaires are readying their first wax effort for Columbia since inking an exclusive recording contract with the label. The group previously cut for Capitol. Box 99, Amboy, Illinois.

Bill Martin, who spins the country sounds on the closed circuit Navy radio WIND out of Atlanta way, sez that country music is going great guns with Navy crewmen. In a recent poll of a hundred ships country music came out head-and-shoulders above any other kind of music.

Bill also notes that country music is playing a major role in the moi'ale of Navy personnel. Act Naturally Buck Owens 1. Detroit City Bobby Bare 4 , 5. Molly Bill Anderson 5 6. Old Showboat Stonewall Jackson 7. Sweethearts In Heaven 9. Old Showboat Stonewall Jackson 1. Sands Of Gold Webb Pierce 4. Building A Bridge Claude King 5. Ring Of Fire Johnny Cosh 6. Loving Arms Carl Buttler 7. Act Naturally Buck Owens Abilene George Hamilton 2. Big Sandy River Bill Monroe 4.

Guilty Jim Reeves 6. Ring Of Fire Johnny Cash 8. Sands Of Gold Webb Pierce Ring Of Fire Johnny Cash 1. Detroit City Bobby Bare 3. Little Old You Jim Reeves 5. Act Naturally Buck Owens 4.

Abilene George Hamilton 7. Snow White Cloud Frank Taylor g" 9. Nightmare Faron Young o Enclosed find my check. Eye the deck for rapid acceptance. The songster has a deep, wide-range voice and a delivery something like Johnny Cash. The tune is an ultra-commercial country-folk item with a hard-driving listenable beat.

See Pop Reviews. Dee jays should come out in droves for the side. Next week we will be able to give you the terms of the arrangements. Cesar Costa, who a few weeks ago signed an exclusive contract with RCA Victor, gave radio stations his first recording made at this company. A wonderful success for German actress Marlene Dietrich at the Terrazza Cassino night club, where her admirers are paying fabulous prices to see her.

Sonia will soon tour through several Latin American countries. On the same show is also our best bolero rhythm interpretor Marco Antonio Muniz. From Brazil we received Post Card from Mexican rock and roll group The Loud Jets, which have been touring around all the Americas for more than a year.

Rogerio also distributes Kelvinator, Dumont and many other products. This album is selling very well between all the admirers of this disappeared idol. And also with the same musical accompaniment. He said that will remain there several more months, and later will spend all his time on his plastic factory.

Mexico's Best Sellers 1. Charro Avitia Orfeon. Kay Perez Orfeon. Gamboa Ceballos Orfeon. Javier Solis CBS. Luis Arcaraz Musart. Lucho Gatica Musart.

Despeinada — Los Hooligans Orfeon. Manolo Munoz Musart. Cosas Things — Oscar Madrigal Gamma. Jimenez Orfeon. Locos del Ritmo CBS. See Belgium column. Kramer etc. The number has been acquired by Ambassador Music for this country and a new British group The Saints, discovered by indie producer Joe Meek, have waxed their own version on Pye.

It is hoped this situation can be remedied by the release on Warner Bi'os. Toff is currently in Milan visiting his many music publishing friends before spending a two-week vacation on the Italian Riviera. Childs, first released three years ago, is still in great demand. July 28 will be devoted to a special charity show in aid of spastics in which a galaxy of stars will take part including Alma Coga, Harry Secombe, Denis Lotis etc.

A further LP by a Gaelic choir is also envisaged. On the same label a new duo. Number is published by Spanka Music. New Decca group The Rolling Stones likely to make film debut in autumn. The Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace. Columbia Soulville — Dinah Washington. Birdland — Chubby Checker. Parkway Hello Stranger — Barbara Lewis. Roulette Losing You — Brenda Lee. Meanwhile, Keith Ashdown will be promoted to a key 'merchandising post with the firm, working in close association with Gilles Aubin.

Numerous other Ontario centres were i. He is especially happy because the disk did what is next to impossible in the industry in this country, break through sales, and without the aid of extensive early air promotion. Terry Mann, KL, P. On to CHOW in Welland and a visit with the swingers at the Niagara-area outlet, that proved to be enlightening and entertaining. Andy Laughland is riding herd on a giant-sized promotion over the Welland outlet.

Barry is slated to take over the 6 to 10 AM segment of the station. Jack Kelly. Walt Grealis, London man in Toronto, was among the first to benefit as two of bis Liberty sides shot to the top on both stations in rapid succession.

Another factor that gives. A1 Mackaye told Cash Box that he believes the future of syndicated radio features is even stronger in Canada than the U. Leo Boudewijns, general label-manager of L. It offers music from three famous French composers who have been organists of the Notre Dame in past centuries, and from the contemporary organist Cochereau, in per- formances by the latter with the mentioned accompaniment.

Popular pianist and Hammond organist Douglas Duke from Rochester, NY, a Mercury recording-artist in America, sailed to Europe last winter -with his wife and complete electric organ outfit.

He has settled in Holland for a while, where he did TV and radio-concerts all over Europe. Piet Beishuizen, head of the public relations dept. Johnny Hallyday is getting increasing attention from record-buyers in Holland. A recent investigation among High School Students girls and boys brought Johnny to ninth place on the popularity list, directly after Anneke Grbnloh and Ray Charles.

Mar jo Dolores. The fact that Herman celebrates his 25th year as a top band-leader is a fine oc- casion for extra attention to Woody Herman in programs with American music. Uitgeverij J. At one time the name of Myrna Lorrie rated high in country music on records.

Cash Box has it on good authority her personal manager that the artist is waiting only for the right deal to again record some material that will be sure fire. Developments — at the in- dustry level — will be awaited with interest. Dick Riendeau is very excited over recent singles developments on his Capi- tol line in the Montreal area. Billy J. Lisa Minelli is represented on a new Capitol single currently that has Dick and his crew looking for big things, chart and sales-wise. Stan Dorling did a wonderful job of p.

Although that may not sound amazing in America with the golden records of Elvis etc. It is the equivalent of 7 record with sales of over 3 million in the U.

Freddy is certainly the most successful continental European star- bar none. It all started when Freddy was found singing in a Hamburg bar and was taken to the Pt lydor studios for his first recording.

Freddy started as a sailor and won his first talent contest in New York City in He later won a contest in Belfast and worked at the Oljnnpics in Finland, in a travel bureau and then back to Hamburg to sing in a waterfront night club. Here is just a line up of the top chapters in his amazing career. October, — his first golden record. September — his second and third golden records. In July , the golden screen for the most popular actor award from the magazine Bildschinn. October, saw him receive his 4th gold record.

In November he received the golden lion from Radio Luxemburg for the most requested artist on that station. In April, , he received his 5th golden record.

In September, , he received his second Golden Lion from Radio Luxemburg as the most requested pop artist. In April, , his second Bambi came for the top film of the year The award on July, , of his seventh golden record, each one representing over 1 million sold records of a single record sets records unprecedented in Germany. Freddy is not only the top singing artist here, but also the most popular film star.

The number is taking off here. In addi- tion, the publishing house is also pushing the new German waxing by Amer- ican Bill Ramsey on Electrola. The song is already in the top 10 here. Hans Wewerka of Edition Modern has the song, and both Teldec with its version sung by Yvonne Carre and Philips with the Blue Diamonds doing the chore are doing a full publicity job on the song.

Jayne is here for her first German film with Freddy Quinn. Weeks Week Week In Charts 1. First a very familiar name i' Cxolf Drouot this series is reserved for teenagers. As everyone knows stars like Halliday, Claude Francois and twist came from this place. Eddy Mitchell has just been released from the Army after eighteen months in uniform. This is not surprising especially for Leny Escudero because he is one of the most talented singers in the past few years and his success will last for some time to come.

Just had some good news from C. We are waiting for this release with curiosity. Guy Beart supplies us with a new E. Henri Salvador presented Mr. Very few novelty releases noted here but however Henrico Macias has brought one out. Recorded by Sheila. Publishing firm: Breton.

Tendres Annees: Edouards, Bernet. Recorded by Johnny Halliday. Publish- ing firm: Tulsa. Recorded by Petula Clark. LP Cover Lover. Starving Daughter's Vinyl Impressions. Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars. Listen Recovery. We are back! Dusty Shelf. Just posted this weird, career-sabotaging goldenfeelings DJ mix Jivin O Round. Many thanks to the dozens of volunteer authors who put in so much time Classmates - In Morocco I Feel.

Tornados - Hot Pot Joy Stick. Bachelors - I Believe Happy Land. Chancis - Everybody's Laughing Tell Me. Ronny - Oh! Bachelors - Ramona Sweet Lullabies. Mojos - Why Not Tonight? Don't Do It Anymore. Settlers - Settle Down Sassafrass. Tornados - Exodus Blackpool Rock. I Feel So Blue. Nashville Teens - Google Eye T. Zombies - Leave Me Be Woman.

Denver, Karl - Swanee River Sally. Classmates - Go Away Payday. Little Boy. Don't Come To Me. Soldier Boy. Good News. Twinkle - Tommy So Sad. Johnny Flynn Band - Who Knows? Afraid To Go. Bachelors - Marie You Can Tell. Seekers - Chilly Winds Kumbaya. Stevens, Mike - Did I Dream?

I Saw A Field. Harrison, Noel - Trees To Ramona. What's A Matter, Baby? Squires - Pop The Question T. V theme David's Theme. She Ain't No Good. Grisha Farfel. Morning Mist. Headliners - What Became Of Love?

After a few ex- perimental probes by several blues musicians, however, the word is be- ginning to get around that it is safe to play in New York, San Francisco and other enlightened towns, and so the legends are coming to life once more. Once he got warmed up, Wolf began asking for requests and he got them. Comes the late show and Wolf plays all night, but we caught the early show and Wolf had to make way for other acts.

Wolf has assembled a good backing unit and refrained from playing guitar at all, devoting all his efforts to wailing. Palisades Ave. Englewood, N. Bx L. Go ahead. Tell someone you like about The Emotions' hit. You'll reap a hundredfold by the end of May. Joe got his break when producer Denny Cordell got hold of a demo he had cut.

Contrary to most legends, Joe had recorded before, but had never found the magic formula. Even in En- gland, it was these acts that comman- ded the respect of the underground scene. Other Super-type Session people played on the date without credit. A good interpreter, who can add new meaning to a tune, is always welcome on the scene. Judging by his album, Cocker is good.

So, welcome Joe Co- cker. The Hello People and a third group will also be on the bill, as will Realist publisher Paul Krassner who belongs on record himself. The Churls will have second slot on the bill all week long. Raven, incidently, has signed with As- sociated Booking, and with Columbia Records. Same label has signed NRBQ. Both groups have made their mark thru several stints at the Scene.

That club will be presenting Joe Cocker to- day 5 and tomorrow, and Ten Wheel Drive with Genva Ravan probably be- ing held over for the whole week. The Bee Gees will start a U.

Muddy kicks off the series this Wed. Last week, we were given, and in turn passed on, the impression that the Foundations parting with the Fillmore was amicable. Apparently this was not the case and we'd like to set the record straight by giving the other side of the story. According to a Fillmore spokes- man, the group asked for permission to play the Copa Saturday, were re- fused and walked out anyway.

An inte- resting concept that will probably be lost in the Atlantic crossing. Speaking of jam sessions, which we were at one point, the Cafe Au Go Go has also been the recent scene of such events. Fans who stayed later caught Fred Neil dueting with John Sebastian. Other early folk and folk-influenced rock people have been dropping in from time to time. Rick Grech, bass player with En- glish jazz-rock group Family, has left to join the Clapton- Winwood-Bak- er triumvirate.

Pat Sky to appear at City College on Wed. Marvin Gaye head- lining the Apollo. Edwin Starr and the Soul Children also on the bill. But I wanted to see if the val- ley would look the same as it once did to me. I sat for hours — afraid to look.. That trip served as a source of spiritual stability — a reconciliation with my- self and with people. Are creators to be judged by their finest, their weakest or their total efforts?

On the other hand — Dean Martin Carol Jean what of the plasticines — the record- ing artists and composers who never hope to escape their valley. Rick Ward will be assisting me in pro- duction with Roy Durky and Dennis Lambert already set as producers.

Boston , which, despite the overflow crowd of 7,, came off as a peace- ful, but enthusiastic, demonstration. Mercury producer Anne Tansey picked Neil Reshen as her business manager. Anne, who produced the soon-to-be released Buddy Miles Ex- press LP and the in-release Hamilton Face set, is about to move into the motion picture soundtrack field. Congrats to indie producer Jerry Vance, whose latest production is a daughter, Kimberly, born Apr.

We hope they fare better than Cheetah and Eye. Richie Havens, the Sweet Inspira- tions, the Persuasions and actress Ru- by Dee, along with the three top win- ners of the local Bedford Stuyvesant talent show held last week, are dona- ting their talent for a concert this Wed. Hal Jackson will coordinate and M. A1 Altman up to relate his jury-duty tale. A generation gap closer. Soundtrack is on Kapp. Oscar winner Michel LeGrand. Could mean a top ten single for LeGrand.

No disk contract at this writing. It's their single, "Good Morning Starshine," from the smash musical Hair. Standing is Bob Siroka, manager of the Cornerstone. For the past two years, James has been a personal manager. Before that, he was west coast director of Elektra Records and, prior to that, was with Columbia Records for five years. Townsend stated that each classifi- cation will average four or five candi- dates, of which two will be selected. Slate will be announced towards the end of the month.

Joining in the festivities are 1. Ho is a Reprise recording artist. More than writers, producers and artists have been recruited to date. About 15 more will be re- presented with album and singles cuts from seven other attractions. Roberts r. He recently starred off-Broad- way in "The Believers. He will also helm two music publishing companies.

Jack Bruce, former Cream bass man, and his wife Janet became par- ents of a baby boy in London last month. Again — the material lacked a point of view, failed to take advantage of that purity of sound, that crystal-clear delicate beauty in her voice. Casimir V. Swier, besides being involved in the publishing and production ends, will also be in charge of business management, in- vestments, and administration at Memnon.

He will be seeking talented people who have artistic assets which they can contribute both as writers and artists, and later for possible management by Memnon. Memnon is currently seeking artists for recording and management, as well as writers for its two publishing firms. First writer signed is Robert L. Edwards, who has been inked to an exclusive Memnon Music pact. The record was produced by Tom Rizzi for Memnon. The Troopers from Long Island have been signed for recording, management, and as writ- ers to an exclusive Vimp pact.

The T. Ford Show signed her for a couple of seasons and she was heard on the Breakfast Club out of Chicago. Still the label waited months before her first session in Nash- ville. Her records are finally catching on, finally making local and regional charts. Mojave Music, Inc. Elvis Presley Music, Inc. Blue Crest Music, Inc. Smith— Col.

Styne and Merrill wrote the music for both the show and the movie. Kapp Records has designated the entire month for a massive mer- chandising campaign throughout the United States and Canada spotlighting the pianist. His first LP for Kapp was cut in Special major chain store and distributor tie-ins have also been set and will carry through the full month. Full color in-store display material in the form of mobiles, mounted lithos and bin cards featuring the Williams LP catalog have been de- vised and are now available in quant- ity to the dealer from all Kapp dis- tributors at no charge.

In addition, a full-scale Kapp drive is already un- der way to secure strategic window show-casings to further bring the ex- tensive Williams promotion to the at- tention of the consumer. Taylor is also booked for a week at the Troubador in L. Bud Connell, executive producer with SSS Cinema will serve as as- sociate producer on product produced under the agreement.

The facility will offer labels and indie producers a choice of two studios, both with track tape machines. In addition to normal studio instru- ments, a Moog synthesizer will be available shortly. The Foundations, at the start of their American tour in New York. Favorable response to the group's performance in New York has prompted an extra date for the act at the Cheetah on May McKei- then on the final night of New Orleans Jazzfest for his work in promo- ting tourism through the medium of jazz.

New Orleans Mayor Victor H. Additionally, the assistance grants, now in their third year, have been underwritten by Sinatra for a new three-year period, with options for in- definite continuation. Both vocalists and instrumentalists will be chosen in each category.

The new scholarship program will be inaugurated this year as a result of an additional endowment by Sinatra. Each area should compete with its musical peers. Winners will be presented in con- cert on campus on June 2. The per- formance is also open to the public. Sinatra himself will make the pre- sentations this year. In the Fall of , Louisiana par- ticipated with the Southern Travel Di- rectors Council in a three-week pro- motion swing through Europe. Several months ago, Ford and the state tourist commission took the Louis Cottrell band on a tourist-seek- ing mission to Puerto Rico.

Adams, a native New Yorker and a graduate in law from New York Uni- versity, has served as president of the Society from to and from to the present. With the trom- bonist, vocalist Karon Christopher is featured. Allison' and his trio will play starting 9: 30 nightly ex- cept Mondays with Byard soloing between sets.

Leo Pinkus celebrated the 15th anniversary of their successful nitery. Basie and his band perform frequently at the Steak Pit, along with other top dance bands. In a manner of speaking, such an attitude has contributed to the decrease in at- tendance at in-person appearances.

But, too often there are instances when the live performance completely eclipses anything that could be cap- tured on record; often, it's like seeing and hearing two completely different performances. This point of view was brought into focus when I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Don Ellis and his big band. I emphasize the visual aspect of his presentation be- cause it, as much as the music, brings one right in to the core of what he and the band are doing and saying.

Even on record his music impressed me sufficiently to write about it and to make me feel that he was one of the few who were really into some- thing new, something special. Still, by compar- ison to the live performance, his rec- ordings might have been done by a different man, a different band.

Tension and intensity are the two most significant ingredients that ab- sorb the listener when he sees the band as a total unit, under the active, and I do mean active, direction of Ellis.

The total involvement of leader and player has an almost spellbind- ing effect on the listener That's mainly why I asked myself, when I left the auditorium, what there was about the performance that made such a tremendous impression on me.

I discovered, after much reflection that the overwhelming spirit and involve- ment of Ellis and his players was what brought me in and made me feel al- most like another member of the band. I was completely absorbed with what was going on onstage, not only from an audible point of reference but, and again I wish, to emphasize this point, from the visual point, too.

Musicians, jazzmen partic- ularly, have to feel like one with the music to have such a high tolerance rate at rehearsal sessions. The chal- lenge must be there and the make-up of the band has to be such that every- one welcomes a musical challenge, even invites it. Many Special Effects Don has made prudent use of the amplification of horns, his own in- cluded, and he has also gotten into the tape playback thing, complete with delay so that he can play over what he had played just seconds before.

The complement of four percussion- ists develops a powerful rhythmic platform from which much of Ellis' music emerges. Here again, tension and dynamics are very vital factors in the application of all the percussion effects.

His music is so super-charged with effects that it seems like a natural state to have lights, too. As I saw it, she represented the involvement that was the audience's It was apparent that Patty was completely turned on by the band, and that she had virtually the same effect on Ellis and his men.

After the show backstage, I beheld Miss Allen sitting quietly in the corner with a quilted robe about her, and I hurried over to tell her how much I appreci- ated her efforts. Needless - to say, my observation about Don was intended to be only complimentary. Appearance Different Than Recording I had only the barest opportunity to speak to Ellis after the concert was over because he was literally sur- rounded by students asking questions.

I did have time to notice that his phys- ical being had undergone an almost complete change. Whereas before the concert he had a wonderfully well- rested look about him, now, only an hour later, he looked wan, and com- pletely drained, virtually exhausted, or so it appeared to me. And I am able to understand how he might be com- pletely sapped of energy after a set like the one I heard.

He puts so much of his being into playing, conducting, and living the music that it must be completely enervating. Kat- chen, a child prodigy who began his career at the age of 10, recorded for the London label. His wife, parents and a sister are survivors. Philips The Flying Burrito Bros. Information is supplied by manufacturers. This is a weekly revolving list presented in alphabetical order. It is advised that this card be kept until the list returns to this alphabetical section.

Bigelow Sunday Sermonette Pt. Singers Rev. Vail also announced that Tony Har- ris, top producer for the label, has been upped to general manager of the two publishing subsidiaries of Vance Music Corporation, which are Vail Publishing Corp.

Initial venture for the firm will be a pop music fest- ival in June. Pam Sklaar has joined the firm as special assistant to Robin- son for the pop festival. The' music publisher-writer is re- presented with several successes in England that he penned with his bro- thers Harry and Charlie.

Palette will be represented in Mexico by Tizoc Records, the result of a deal negotiated by Mario Fried- berg. Kluger said a major promotion is planned throughout the world for this Under- ground type performer.

Domes- tically, the catalogs are available through Ampex on reel to reel — eight track and cassette pre-recorded tape. An office in London has recently been established by A1 Sherman, president, and is now delivering recorded product. Currently, he is wind- ing up a Gary LeMel album for Cap- itol. Coincidentally, RCA Records an- nounced it will record the program at two sessions immediately follow- ing the concert.

The title is taken from a valley on the Ohio River just north of Pittsburgh. The piece features the various sec- tions and soloists of the Philadelphia Orchestra. They have also signed their first two groups, with a label deal al- ready completed for one of the groups.

Space, a rhythm-oriented group from the Caribbean, has been pacted to Tower Records. The Oxford Watch- band, a six-man horn unit from Ro- chester, N. The balance of the preferred stock is being treated as a residual security. Larry Uttal, president of Bell and the Columbia Pictures Industries record division, made the announcement last week.

CDD Ben D'accord A bass and a singer performing electric tracks colored with a subtle and sophisticated darkness. Tuesdays 4 to 5 2. No white of moon 3. Low relief 5. Dotted lines 6. Sand A Have You Seen Faith? Debut single. Red vinyl, limited to , hand-numbered. And, now this--their first record. The sound of The Duluth Accordionaires is as new as a sound can be to one first hearing it--and as rich as a sound can be that has been almost two decades in the making.

So, welcome now another new sound--the surprising sound of The Duluth Accordionaires. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Visit the Recordo Obscura Facebook page for recent album re-uppings. This Week's Most Popular Posts. Chevrolet Building a Better Way 2. Robert F. Lyle E. Schnickschnack Mixmax.

Vinyl/LP-Hauptkatalog MARIA JOAO QUINTET Conversa () LP Nabel NBL (D) 14 M-/M € 15,-BUNK JOHNSON'S BRASS & DANCE BAND Same (; rec. ; berühmte New Orleans-Formation mit George Lewis) LP Storyville (D) PC/Mono M/M € 22,CLIFFORD JORDAN QUINTET FEAT.

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