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Oblivious DJ K.c. - Faternal - Ride (CD, Album)


Holiday - Madonna Thriller - Michael Jackson Bad - Michael Jackson Electric Slide - Marcia Griffiths Mony Mony - Billy Idol I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross Band Let the Music Play - Shannon Pump Up the Jam - Technotronic feat.

Felly Let's Groove - Earth, Wind, and Fire Papa Don't Preach - Madonna The Glamorous Life - Sheila E Whip It! Rock Lobster - The Bs Wild Thing - Tone Loc Maniac - Michael Sembello Karma Chameleon - Culture Club Take on Me - A-Ha Mind, you, it would be a mistake to confuse that with complacency.

The old dog may not be performing any new tricks on Signs of Infinite Power, their eleventh album in a year career and first for Century Media Records, but he's still got all of his teeth and plenty of bite.

Signs ten tracks are, with a couple of exceptions, classic Fu Manchu in riffs, attitude, and execution. When they falter — and that's to be expected at this stage in their career - it's more of a minor stumble than an outright failure. Overall, I'd say that like 's We Must Obey, Signs of Infinite Power holds it own against the band's iconic early albums, ranking slightly below King of the Road, if only for a lack of a truly massive hook.

The band feels otherwise — frontman Scott Hill has said that he feels Signs of Infinite Power is their best work to date, and while that's certainly well within his right, I doubt most of the listening faithful will agree. What they will agree on is that Signs of Infinite Power is another keeper from a band that shows no signs of slowing down or, thankfully, growing up. Review by John Pegoraro at StonerRock.

De Staat is like Triggerfinger also a band from the label Excelsior Recordings. When you listen to their debut Wait For Evolution you will hear great music with some strange rhythms. Maybe you like it and maybe you don't.

But let me know what you think by leaving a comment! With the help of befriended musicians like The Bloody Honkies and Fuck The Writer, Florim worked layer by layer, in his 'Fun House', for over a year on songs with attractive titles like In September De Staat found its perfect line-up. With Tim van Delft on drums, the Croatian Vedran Mircetic on guitar, Jop van Summeren on bass and Rocco Bell mastering the keys, beatring and cowbell, there's no question that Torre Florim has some diverse company on his side.

A powerful five-headed coalition, showing its love for the old roots music, though not afraid to put that in a new and refreshing perspective. Since then they've done shows in every possible setting, from small bars to big clubs with bands like Fu Manchu and the Belgian dEUS. So it won't be a surprise that they've recently got a record deal with the unique and legendary label Excelsior Recordings. Triggerfinger from Belgium is an Alternative Hard Rock trio.

What Grabs Ya? This album brings you a variety of songs, some are raw and loud and others are more easy. I like this album a lot. Do you? Enjoy anyway! A bit reluctant in trying to capture their dazzling live sound onto a record, they went for it anyway and — as the press happily admitted — they managed perfectly.

This has become an album full of raw energy and heavy guitars, elegantly combined with honest, sensible en melodic songs. But once in a while you need music to be more than that. You want it to totally consume you. You want in to raise your adrenaline and make your heart pound faster. You want it to be subversive and raw. You want it to take your mind of anything and anyone. You turn up the volume and you just let it hit you in the face.

Magic that is born out of bringing musicians together. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. All music I post is uploaded by myself or avialable on some websites! If you don't like your music is posted here, send me an e-mail and I remove it.

When you download one of my post, please be kind and leave a comment! If you have a Stoner Rock band and you want your music posted on this blog leave a message below or send an e-mail to: riez. And please report broken links! Speak Up! Ride With The Devil. Sumokem Interview 10 hours ago. Stoner HiVe. Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba y Lowrider en portada.

Heavy Planet Stoner Rock Blog. Trippy Jam. New Home 1 year ago. It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine. New website in March! Sonic Wolves 2 years ago. Brasil dan Spanyol adalah dua tim terpanas yang ingin bangkit 2 years ago. The Day After The Sabbath. Growing Bored For a Living.

Eighties Covers Redux! Ritual Room. Goodbye Chris Cornell, and thank you. Dimension of Sonic Excellence. Top Releases by Robustcrew 3 years ago.

Stoner Rock con olor a asfalto. Steven Wilson - Perfect Life 3 years ago. Plano Z. Chybucca Sounds. Hello world! Run By Pretentious Assholes. Brother's Keeper 4 years ago. No wonder she played left-handed upside down guitar and banjo—an old lefty—as President Nixon liked to say—right down to her pink panties.

Americana fans beware, you thought the banjo was just an American instrument—indeed American as the cowboy and apple pie.

Here we go again—more One-Worldism from the federal government, promoting the United Nations and its dubious allies. So let me lay this out on Front Street: if you like your folk music in neatly bound containers, well-defined categories restricted by race, custom and national origin, this is not the album for you. For this is a mind-bending, genre-shattering and stereotype-busting collection; it is as American as the Freedom Rides, the Woolworth lunch-counter student sit-ins, the Selma-to-Montgomery March, the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Act.

We Shall Overcome. Posted by Jillem on Tuesday, May 21, Labels: Classic Banjo from Smithsonian Folkways. Newer Post Older Post Home. Search This Blog. I dunno, thats just me though. Theres been some speculation OK now my last post was about some tees I saw on the 'net well this time its on shoes. Now as I was looking for my latest purchase via the internet 'cause shoe stores here in the North suck with big shoe sizes 13 for me so I have to buy 'em from the 'net.

Here's a video montage of the shoes Much love and peace!! Posted by JabberWocky at AM 4 comments:. I know, I know, it's like months late. I'm not posting it for the relevancy factor though, I'm posting it because this is one of the funniest Lu interviews I've seen in a minute.

I swear to god he sounded like Radio Posted by [Alex]. Thursday, October 30, Crank Dat Cotton gin. I know this is the "Test run" for the noobs, but this is just a bit of news. If this is a rumor than so be it. I just can't imagine that this isn't something he'd say Soulja Boy was recently quoted as saying: "Others have said Hitler, Bin Laden, the slave masters Hold up!

Shout out to the slave masters! Without them, we'd still be in Africa. I dislike this child. Just had to get that out. Posted by Unknown at PM 19 comments:. Superstar at Voodoo. Just a bit closer for you. Posted by Unknown at PM 1 comment:.

Labels: Videos. Look at Lu! Look at Lupe gettin live haha Posted by Black Fox at AM 3 comments:. CRS concept T-shirt. As I was perusin' the 'net looking for custom made t-shirts to buy since they are relatively cheaper than actual brand name stuff and at the moment I am as Luda would say "broke as a joke" my financial situation aside I came across this crazy t-shirt of the CRS members apparently this was on ebay a couple of months ago and are now all gone!

Comments are always welcome of course and if you have more questions on how to get them made just hit me up and I'll respond as quick as possible, without further ado the prints, Now this print below IS available on ebay click here Much love and peace!

Posted by JabberWocky at AM 3 comments:. These distractions are the ones that flood media today and really nothing meaningful is extracted from these…and believe you me that the distribution of this kind of information is done very deliberatly by the powers that be…the goal of this society is not to uplift and meaningfully inform, because that is not its nature… The nature of this society is to gain capital and maintain an unfair balance of power that resides in the hands of the producers…Consumers are meant to do just that: consume…To inform the consumer in a meaningful manner means to empower him and give him aspirations to become a producer…The producers know that this is a threat to to their position of power.

If consumers all of a sudden start wanting to become producers themselves and become aware of the tools to do so, it upsets the balance and starts making things fair and harder to gain capital because people would just consume the goods they produce themselves…which goes against the nature of the society…" Click here to continue reading.

Imaghostwriter2 at PM 11 comments:. Lupe and Bishop freestyle at the voodoo concert. Again a great freestyle from the man himself. Posted by Zu at PM No comments:. Black Fox In The Building!!!!!!!! Was goin on everyone Lupe Fiasco Stuff like Current events.

Hell, he even rapped about skating. And he rarely even swears either. He blew it up big on Kanye's Touch the Sky and is coming out with a new album "Food and Liquor," which contains the illest track "Kick Push.

Lupe Rocks the Quake!! Headlining Vanderbilt University's homecoming were Lil' Wayne and Lupe Fiasco and while it pains my heart to the utmost extreme to say this, most of the students probably just wanted to see "Lil' Weezy" however as stated in this article in the Tennessean , Weezy was a little off his game but no worries our very own "Superstar" came to the rescue and saved the show with his amazing high energy performance which brought the house down.

I guess it didn't hurt that Lupe was touring with Kanye West on his "Glow in the Dark Tour" and was learning stage antics from a great entertainer. I know a couple of these vids were posted a couple days ago by KayCee I just wanted to bring them back up for people new to the blog like myself since not many people actually look at the archives, and the way the blog has taken an increase in posts the last couple of days some might have missed them.

Lupe performing "Superstar" much to the crowd's delight Lupe performs his Grammy winning single "Daydreamin'" in a very fun and exciting manner, check out some dancing from Lupe : Lupe ends it with "Dumb It Down" and leaves the crowd wanting more but it's time for Weezy to come on : I know the videos are hard to hear and see but at least they're here for those who want to watch them.

Much love, and peace. Their live band is nice!!!! Posted by infamous at PM 1 comment:. Browsing through the comments of Fake Shore Drive one night i got a little information from "Prolyfic" himself. Somehow the post got into Lupe and Prolyfic said a few words.

Link to post he commented on and said this HERE. Posted by infamous at PM 2 comments:. It's Dumb It Down I was scouring various hip-hop sites and sources for some interesting, yet-to-be-told Lupe tidbits when I came across this Hip-Hop DX article. I'm surprised this wasn't posted before: "As many of you should know, Lupe Fiasco's The Cool was one of my favorite albums of Lupe Voodoo performing 'Superstar'.

If you ain't gonna be there Friday you are S. Special thanks goes to GWHH for the video. Labels: Performances. Chicago, IL October 31st, KayCee will be in the building KDenise will be in the building Mixmaster Megan will hopefully be in the building My homegirl Christine will be in the building!

Posted by Anonymous at PM 2 comments:. Labels: Femme Fiascos. Lupe Hater Stikes a Blow Everybody knows Lupe to be a master lyricist and one who tries to talk about positive things to offset all the negative in the world.

However some have a hatred for Lupe and even go so far as to call him a Satanist. Here's a post of from a MySpace blog i happened to run across that really shows the lack of knowledge many of Lupe's hater have. I will not link to the MySpace of this person so as to not cause hatred against him. While his album was critically acclaimed, some of the subtitles were very weird..

Drum-machine soul, funk, disco and boogie from Buffalo, NYC. Rare 7" singles and previously unreleased tracks presented as an album for the first time!

We'd quickly place the duo of Jesse Key and Sylvester Cleary in territory that would include Shuggie Otis or Terry Callier — artists who are almost a genre to themselves, and who manage to make their message mean even more by standing apart from the pack. Maybe imagine if Bill Withers teamed up with the very young Timmy Thomas — but recorded at home on an 8 track studio — and you'll get part of the picture of what's going on here. Nyquist lawsuit brought against the City of Buffalo for creating and maintaining a racially segregated school system was on the docket.

Key was once a cotton-laborer in Mississippi, who journeyed north for school where he met his kindred spirit, Cleary. The two struck up an intense friendship, bought a drum machine and recorded their first 45, A Man, a paean to self-actualization and Black American empowerment, which they custom pressed and issued privately.

Dozens of recordings followed over a decade long span, issued on local labels and warehoused on cassette tapes. They formed Buffalo s first minority-owned construction company, opened a health food restaurant in a building previously occupied by a fast food chain, and even concocted a candy bar called The Buffalo Treat, which they manufactured and sold locally. Eventually they started their own label, Buffalo s Reflection.

It presents a conjoined musical vision and tells the story of a duo years ahead of their time, both musically and culturally. Love Is The Way was their ethos their goal was to enlighten humanity and to bend history in a more loving direction through communion.

According to Cleary, his story began about 48 years ago after he returned from serving in the Marine Corps in Vietnam. Marvin Gaye. What's Going On?

Maybe because he had been everywhere and done everything; maybe because the instinct of middle age was fast approaching; maybe because he intuited that black music was about to experience an opportunity to do things the brain-damaged leftovers from late 's psychedelic misanthropy never could--for whatever reason, Marvin Gaye ran the ultimate risk of alienating himself from brother-in-law and tyrannical boss, Berry Gordy Jr.

Then again, if the hit-obsessed Gordy considered gambling on anything, this album of pained, funky-town slow down slap back had to be the most convincing long shot of either man's career.

It is nothing less than the ideal, if unintentional, answer record to John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band. There may be some autobiography in a few places "I can't pay my taxes," for instance , but mostly this is Marvin drawing a sound scape of world misery and confusion that all the parties and exhortations of "brother, brother" won't rectify, while only referencing himself as a frustrated observer to an apocalypse he'd like to avoid if only he had the energy.

The Dramatics. Stax Records carried on into the s with this Ron Banks quintet who, no matter what they earned for the title track, it wasn't nearly enough. Who but the Dramatics could pull off a parody of a fashion trend and a Sly Stone single all in the same song, much less expose dancing for the sexual prelude it had always been? The Undisputed Truth. Producer Norman Whitfield linked up singers Joe Harris, Billie Rae Calvin and Brenda Jorce Evans, forming this loosely tight single that went Top Five at a time when people were suspecting that all those hippie aphorisms were just some corporate lackey's idea of soup in rubber pockets on a food line.

The Undisputed Truth said that people who smile in your face just might be looking out for Number One. For all those who felt that Lou Reed's original version of this song sounded like it was sung and played by a band of sedated toads not that that was a bad thing , this is what you were waiting for: Mitch Ryder reunited with bad ass drummer John Johnny Bee Badanjek, and with some rave up guitarists they formed this one-album wonder combo that sounded like the life the radio had saved was worth the bother.

This wasn't the Detroit Wheels, but it was the last great leap of a local legend. Honey Cone. When the crack songwriting and production team of Holland-Dozier-Holland left Motown to form their own record company, they wanted a harder sound that retained the pop whistle of their former label. That may be why both of these songs sound very much like the Jackson 5. Lead singer Edna Wright proves talent's in the genes Darlene Love is her sister , and so is enthusiasm.

We absolutely guarantee that Katrina and the Waves learned everything they'd ever know from "Monkey," including between-line vocal trills.

The absolute golden age of black pop music was never better than in the period, when a none-too-friendly competition existed between Invictus, Stax, and Motown, all aiming to be the sound of young America. Here it comes! I said to myself, "Let's give it to em, right now!

It is one of those shames that used to happen every so often that a great group like this would release a spectacular single, only to have its popularity sidetracked by a more popular yet inferior performer releasing his own version of the song at the same exact time.

That's what happened here. Tom Jones, of all people, released his version on the same exact day that these Englishmen released theirs, effectively confusing the public about whose version was the good one. A few more hits like this and there would have been no misunderstanding.

Rod Stewart. Rod Stewart is a remarkably talented singer, songwriter and interpreter who has on occasion made some remarkably horrible recordings. He has been the lead singer for some of the most passionately inspired hard rock acts in history and has also strutted amid a myriad of hack session players. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect is that he has displayed an internal conflict between being one of the sharpest, most insightful performers of our time and being a celebrity who loves to wile away the hours with fashion models, no doubt for the conversation.

Before he had become so reprehensible that nothing he could do afterwards would ever compensate, he recorded several fine albums for Mercury, the two supreme highlights of which are these sensitive yet willful singles. Harry Nilsson. The story isn't just sad; it's downright depressing. After quickly and eloquently summing up space exploration as just another extension of Manifest Destiny that the astronaut had bought into, he discovers to his horror that the public no longer cares about such lunacy.

Within a controlled swirl of Richard Perry orchestral production, this song conveys the hopeless inevitability of the ideology that leads to such consequence.

Elton John. Honky Chateau. Elton John was far and away the most commercially successful artist of the first half of the s. He came on a whole lot like the way he went out: a bit cocksure, a bit timid, kind of geeky, kind of sleek.

Cool, then, in a nerdish way. And that was the initial reason for his success. It was simple, much like the singer, who then emoted the way old people do. Despite his success as a singles act, EJ was ultimately an album artist. Elton John, the U. In the meantime, the hits just kept on coming.

When some people insist that Elton opened up their minds, this album is why. Ringo Starr. At the time of this single's release, most of my friends tried to convince me that something dirty was happening here. Twas no such thing. What they didn't know then, but what I discovered later, was that this slaughtering song for guitar and drums was actually a coded attack upon Paul McCartney. The irony is that McCartney would contribute to Stop and Smell the Roses' best song, one that featured a medley that included a redone version of this very tune.

Thunderclap Newman. Hollywood Dream. By the time this album hit the States, the band that made it had ceased to exist. Released as a single years before the U. The various Hollywood tunes ambiguously tease the superstar motif these guys never came close to experiencing for themselves. Everything else maintains a pastoral militancy that's more rare than commonly believed about the presumably enlightened s. Paul McCartney. Band on the Run.

After the artistic and commercial success ofRam, McCartney was positioned to create anything he wanted and his credibility was assumed before the first song began. Unfortunately, he gave us trash. But after wading in a kiddie-pool of lame albums, he fired back with Band on the Run, complete with three rocking hit singles, some very pleasant pastoral meanderings, a soft parody of his one-time creative partner, a damned fine drunken ode to Picasso, and an over-all production feel that suggested the act of being freed from The Beatles unleashed opportunities for creativity that someone outside his immediate family might actually enjoy hearing.

Band on the Run has come to bethought of as Paul's testament, his sole proof that he could produce something artistically solid without John Lennon. After a few shoddy albums, it appeared that Ringo might be the exception among the ex-Beatles in not releasing a single album that spoke of his triumph.

Then he met producer Richard Perry, a man who had already made his bones with both Carly Simon and Harry Nilsson, capitalizing on those artist's best qualities and yielding their most successful albums.

So when he and Ringo joined forces, the producer's confidence balanced with the drummer's frustrated ambitions to assemble the album of a lifetime. A big part of this success was due to the accompaniment, which included Messrs. McCartney, Lennon and Harrison. Apple released three of these ten songs as singles, each of which hit the Top Forty, two of them taking over at Number One, a feat unmatched by his former band mates.

Kiki Dee. Talking about Kiki Dee without mentioning Elton John would be like talking about the Ronettes and neglecting to say something about Phil Spector. And that list is important because aside from whatever degree of talent they may have possessed, their public personas stipulated that show business was as much their lives as their art.

Or so it seemed at first. But listening again it is possible to hear the lie between the stated facts of having no trouble in her life and the tension in the music and vocals. After all, how can you dismiss dreams as foolish unless you've had some of your own thwarted? Venus and Mars. While the fans and critics may have agreed about the success of Band on the Run, the time of universal acclaim for McCartney soon ran out. The abundance of romantic music on Venus and Marswas met by such vitriol by the music press that Paul fought back with "Silly Love Songs," a soft-spoken yet direct and powerful response.

While his artistic credibility started sliding with Venus, as an album it gives us some of the ex-Beatles' best music. The sound is separated and mixed better than any effort he made before or since, and the songwriting is tremendous. Roxy Music. The original line-up of Roxy Music was nothing more than Art Rock, which is to say avant garde, which in turn is reactionary, the antithesis of good music and good times.

But leader Bryan Ferry was too smart and talented to become a bad joke, an easy thing to do when you are the opening act for Jethro Tull. The group's luck changed when Brian Eno left in Instead, they released Country Life, an album notable mainly for the smidgen of pubic hair shown on the cover. Siren was the real gem. Still Art Rock in the sense that it had sounds washing all over like waves against a Malibu ranch house and songs that blended into one another, Siren managed to remain rock.

You could dance to it, stomp, bang your fists and even sing along. Ferry let himself go wild here, exploring his own sarcasm, his own internal debates, his life-enhancing self-destruction.

Snakes and Ladders. Warner Bros. Some people prefer A Nod is as Good as a Wink. But for this incarnation of the band, the click clock punch of the more commercial sound strikes me as highly appropriate.

Together they made some of the best stumbling rock ever recorded. All You Need is Cash. Monty Python meets the Bonzo Dog Band and demystifies the Beatles while making one album that contained everything the Fabs ever did, hilariously. But beyond that essence, they and their ever-changing band of musical cohorts inflected and infected pop-rock on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean for the first few years of the Me decade.

That this music's very reach sowed the seeds of its own destruction--that is, as the demand for this music tore apart the musical and matrimonial partnership of Delaney and Bonnie--in no way detracts from the power and relevance of that axis of bliss.

Joe Cocker. Mad Dogs and Englishmen. While I would give the movie of which this album is the purported concert soundtrack the worst of all possible ratings, the music itself is quite exciting stuff.

All of the million smiling lunatics who appear on this album make some contribution, mostly as a backing chorus. The glorious Ray Charles-style call and response is everywhere, but it teeters constantly, creating a double tension because you expect each song to break down at any second--although none of them do. But subsequent recordings were so bad that maybe such rollicking self abuse insures a limited artistic span.

Delaney and Bonnie. With Delaney and Bonnie, it was heaven. These two singles were studio versions of the songs that most are more familiar with in a live context.

These two tracks, however, asserted social as well as personal commitment through the time-honored process of rocking out.

Dave Mason. This former Traffic guitarist, solo artist and occasional record producer is perhaps better known for his late-Seventies easy listening hit, "We Just Disagree," a song that would never make any connection to his earlier work. His guitar work is arguably sharper and certainly more strident than Delaney's.

The more limited vocal Mason offers balances the instrumentation smack dab in the supine position. Delaney and Bonnie On Tour. Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett met in Los Angeles and seven days later married in a bowling alley. This perfect progression of their musical acculturation bubbled up from unlikely pre-matrimonial experiences. Together the Bramletts found a strength that was greater, yet lighter, than the sum of their parts. Others heard it too.

Eric Clapton invited the duo to be the opening act on the tour for Blind Faith. By the time that tour was over, Delaney and Bonnie headlined. That was bad news for Mr. The good news for the public was that many popular performers had absorbed the Delaney and Bonnie feel, yielding music which sprinkled down through a bleak winter the warm sensations of intoxicated butterflies, rejuvenated Lazarus, and the St.

Derek and the Dominos. Eric Clapton playing electric diving to the center of the earth guitar, Bobby Whitlock stretching elastic keyboards, Jim Gordon pounding cascading lava drums, Carl Radle churning undersea bass, and Duane Allman melting overdubbed electric and slide guitar: producer Tom Dowd layered these individual yet unified performances like shifting levels of total agony.

If Eric Clapton had never been with any of his previous groups, if Duane Allman had been an only child, and if the other session players had done nothing before or after recording this LP, their names would still live forever as the temporary purveyors of the greatest of all living rock and suicide blues albums. And while biography is usually superfluous, here it matters.

Eric Clapton and George Harrison had been friends for years, a fact that benefited both artistically. George Harrison. All Things Must Pass. Dave Marsh called this recording a monumental album that makes a nice signpost for the Seventies, and he was right.

After this one extended moment of glory which featured incredible playing by Ringo Starr, Billy Preston and Eric Clapton , lonesome George saw his commercial career drop notch by notch, from concerts for starving people, to half-baked politico-religious noodlings, through inspired songs about dead friends.

He finally tired of public indifference to his oft-threatened retirement and --sproing! As far as this album goes, All Things Must Pass has a calming effect on laboratory mice, although "Wah-Wah" and "Apple Scruffs" retain some of the magic from his days with the Beatles.

Far and away the best songs on the recording are on the often condemned third "bonus" disc, which was actually nothing more than five heavily edited jam sessions. There, instead of the overly polished production courtesy of Phil Spector , we get Raw George, wailing away with his friends and neighbors where everyone is clearly having a great time escaping the rather heavy-handed philosophizing that preceded it.

Eric Clapton. In the same way that the political and social explosions of the Fifties and Sixties resonated real Art through Seventies cinema, the excitement and freedom of the previous decades shook out a tempered discipline--at least in the early 's--of which this album is perhaps the most striking example.

With guitar, songwriting and production assistance from Delaney, the core of the Derek and the Dominos musical line-up, and the first real sense of commaraderie he'd known in years, Clapton popped out the poppiest album of his career, one that even managed a great Top Forty single with a cover of J.

Leon Russell. As the prime mover behind the Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour and consequently the driving force in relocating the core of the Friends who backed the Bramletts , Leon Russell's career appeared to be ripe for a massive solo excursion. And this solo effort--which was about as solo as any of the other recordings here, since it featured two Beatles, a pair of Rolling Stones, a former Yardbird, most of the Mad Dogs and about two dozen backing singers of varying renown--was powerful enough to permanently enshrine the idea that Russell was a major talent.

His prematurely silver hair, Oklahoma inflections, train whistle voice, and tight yet unpredictable arrangements all merged on this recording and wafted down through our depleted lungs like fresh air in a coal mine. To Bonnie From Delaney. After a pair of nice as in merely nice albums for Elektra, this dynamic duo switched to the preeminent soul label, Atlantic, where they'd always belonged in the first place.

In addition to the aforementioned "Free the People"--a minor hit--To Bonnie From Delaney is a virtual update of the best sounds of the previous fifteen years. The Allman Brothers Band. Nevertheless, this is the best live recording by a band whose subsequent work failed to live up to the expectations generated by one specific recording.

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    Faternal - Ride CD Faternal 20 Tracks Featuring: Furious Minds. 1. Introduction 2. Rockin' With Da Twins 3. Listen To My Heart 4. RIDE 5. Distortion 6. Dope Shit 7. The Alternative 8. Oblivious DJ K.C. 9. Get At Me Girl Dance For Me Set My Soul On Fire Whylin Out Come And Stay The Night D.J. Song Only The.
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    The latest release from D.C. rapper Tef Wesley, featuring Grussle on production. Hard beats and tough rhymes that evoke s hip-hop. Bandcamp New & Notable Jul 8, go to album.
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    New Albums See more new albums Previous page. Pick Me Up Off The Floor Norah Jones MP3 Music. $ $ 9. 49 (53) Ungodly Hour [Explicit] Chloe x Halle MP3 Music. $10 Platonicos Jay Wheeler & DJ Nelson MP3 Music. $ $ 8. Next page. New Songs See more new songs Previous page. Caramelo Ozuna MP3 Music. $ $ 1. 29 (2) Shotta.
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    All tracks on the album were produced by DJ Nerd42 except track 20 which is a remix by Theory. Chrono Trigger, published by Square in , is the single best game ever released for the Super Nintendo (SNES) and also has one of the best, if not THE best video game soundtrack(s) of all time.
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    My first KC album and still one of my favorites and like a good friend at work i turned on to said "It sounds like Miles Davis on acid".I think Lizard is quite possibly the wierdest album ever made.I love Jon Anderson on lizard part 1.I heard Robert Fripp was offered lead ax for yes before they hired Steve Howe.I wonder if yes would have sounded like lizard part 1.
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    Walking Around Oblivious () Vicious Circle () Dreamcatcher () Drapht – Brothers Grimm (CD) () (FLAC + kbps) Abstract Hip-Hop Album Sampler Alternative Hip-Hop Break Beats Cassette CD Single Chicano Rap Christian Hip-Hop Comedy Rap Compilation Country Rap Crunk Demo East Coast Hip-Hop Electro Female Hip.
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    This album is mostly a Richard Davies solo album and this song is the most beautiful quiet song he’s ever written. It’s a barely-there song: the lead part is on bass (and I think there’s a second bass playing the low parts), the percussion is minimal, the guitar parts mostly supporting arpeggios until the wordless bridge, and the vocal.
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    Oct 31,  · Lupe’s newest album "The COOL" was released in late and has sold ,+ albums since. Though the sales were quite poor his lyrical prowess surpassed his first album. But this album totally spooks the crap outa me..I know that sounded wierd coming from me but peep game.

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