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More Or Less


The programme was created in by Michael Blastland as a one-off series of six programmes presented by Andrew Dilnot. The positive response to the show led to it becoming a regular programme, first with two series a year and since the winter series of —, with three. As well as the thirty minute Radio 4 show there is also a ten-minute BBC World Service show that runs throughout the year. Both appear on the show's podcast stream. Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible.

Which is a synonym of fuliginous? Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! We'll map it out for you. Ask the Editors 'Intensive purposes': An Eggcorn We're intent on clearing it up 'Nip it in the butt': An Eggcorn We're gonna stop you right there Literally How to use a word that literally drives some pe Covid plasma therapy Claims about a Covid treatment, breast cancer screening, and 18th century sex workers.

A-level algorithms, poker and buses We unpick the A-level algoshambles and discover what poker teaches us about statistics. Hawaiian Pizza, Obesity and a Second Wave? Save Word. Log In. Phrases Synonymous with more or less. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about more or less. Do you see how neat mathematics is? NOW, I have one more trick. If Sam tried really hard he might be able to cut the rope EXACTLY in half, so each half is 5m, but we know he didn't because we said there was a "shorter" and "longer" length, so we also know:.

OK, this example may be complicated if you don't know Algebra , but I thought you might like to see it anyway:. Above After as a preposition and conjunction After or afterwards as an adverb. Below referring forward in writing. Near as an adjective. Over as a preposition Over : typical errors Over as a prefix Over as an adjective: be over Over as an adverb. To : the to -infinitive. Until as a conjunction.

Within : space Within : time. As … as As if and as though As long as and so long as As well as As. Comparison: clauses bigger than we had imagined Comparison: comparisons of equality as tall as his father Contrasts. How Negation Neither, neither … nor and not … either Not Questions Questions: alternative questions Is it black or grey? Questions: two-step questions Questions: typical errors Questions: wh- questions Questions: yes-no questions Are you feeling cold?

Relative clauses Relative clauses referring to a whole sentence Relative clauses: defining and non-defining Relative clauses: typical errors. Reported speech Reported speech: direct speech Reported speech: indirect speech. So and not with expect , hope , think , etc. Such as. Cleft sentences It was in June we got married. Inversion Made from , made of , made out of , made with No sooner Not only … but also Word order and focus Word order: structures.

Downtoners Exclamations Hedges just Hyperbole. Area: length, width, depth and height Number Time. Geographical places Names and titles: addressing people Nationalities, languages, countries and regions Place names Sexist language.

Adverbs as short responses definitely , certainly All right and alright Chunks as frames Headers and tails Here and there Interjections ouch, hooray Intonation Just Kind of and sort of Oh Pronunciation Question: follow-up questions Questions: echo and checking questions Questions: short forms So: other uses in speaking Substitution Tags Yes. British and American English Dialect Double negatives and usage Formal and informal language Newspaper headlines Register Slang Standard and non-standard language Swearing and taboo expressions.

Notes. Can you complete the grid such that every row and column contains every number exactly once? But you also have to satisfy the less-than and greater-than (>) the help/walkthrough page on Futoshiki for a more detailed explanation and a walkthrough.; The Hard puzzles can be quite hard and often require the more advanced Sudoku techniques.

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  1. Fezilkree says:
    Definition of more or less. 1: to a varying or undetermined extent or degree: somewhat they were more or less willing to help. 2: with small variations: approximately contains 16 acres more or less.
  2. Gashicage says:
    More or Less. Tim Harford explains - and sometimes debunks - the numbers and statistics used in political debate, the news and everyday life. Available now.
  3. Kazikinos says:
    more or less. 1. Approximately, as in The truck will hold nine yards of dirt, more or less. This usage was first recorded in 2. Basically, essentially, as in We more or less agree on the substance of the letter. This usage was first recorded about See also: less, more.
  4. Nikozshura says:
    give or take a little. in effect. in essence. in substance. in the ballpark. in the neighborhood. just about. more or less. most.
  5. Kagazragore says:
    Available episodes of More or Less. Covid testing capacity, refugee numbers, and mascara. Confusing claims on lab capacity, the UK’s record on asylum, and the volume of eyelashes.
  6. Nigore says:
    Futoshiki also known as "More or Less" is a logic puzzle with simple rules and challenging solutions.. The rules are simple. You have to fill the grid with numbers so that: The numbers are from 1 to the size of the grid i.e. 1 to 5 for a 5x5 puzzle.
  7. Kigis says:
    HI THERE! I'm so glad you're here! I'm Nettie, a New England mom and wife, fueled by coffee and serious love for my family and food. Here you'll find all of my cravings, product reviews, and my family's best tried & true recipes.
  8. Togar says:
    As well as the familiar equals sign (=) it is also very useful to show if something is not equal to (≠) greater than (>) or less than .
  9. Kajim says:
    Refugee Crisis vs Donald Trump. Starbucks vs Tax Avoidance. Which gets Googled more? A simple game of higher or lower. Play now!

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