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I Need Another - Frat Boys - Demo 07 (Vinyl)


You have to compete intelligently in your marketplace. Food for thought. We are only looking for the songs we need for this project so we can get on with producing it.

Send emails with vague or missing subject lines. As I mentioned, in 48 hours, I added emails to my regular daily allotment. The subject line is how the receiver will find a song among so many emails. In the case of this particular artist, his songs all have a very positive message. Clearly the writers who sent those in had no clue about the artist, and simply wasted our time. Choose a terrible singer.

Choose a pro singer for your demo. FYI, suitable vocal ranges to the intended pitch are very important. It is really hard to hear a big, high, soaring melody an octave lower. We try, but it really is difficult, especially in the face of a song listening session.

Those demos with poor singers or inappropriate singers with respect to the artist are ignored immediately. I strongly suggest that if your song would work down in a low octave as well as a high soaring vocal performance, demo it twice, or at least cut a second vocal so you have something that clearly represents both vocal ranges. We listened to some good songs with average lyrics through the first chorus. Simple artistic curiosity kept us inside that song. Lyrics will make a big difference every time.

As we hear sounds as a sum of frequencies, most of the important information is in this domain, and accurate reproduction is correspondingly important. The sample rate of a CD is 44, samples per second. According to the Nyquist theorem this is sufficient to capture all the information in a signal that contains no frequencies above 22, Hz.

The human ear is most sensitive at around 3, - 4, Hz. At both extremes of the audible frequency range the perceived loudness relative to the signal power is less than that for moderate frequencies. The reason for this extra sampling overhead is actually to make the CD player's job a little easier. When recreating an analogue signal from digital data it is necessary to filter artefacts generated above the Nyquist frequency in this case 22, Hz.

Analogue filters with sharp cut-off slopes are expensive, so a 2, Hz gap to ramp down is quite helpful. Still, a poorly designed filter might unduly attenuate the audible high end or have a "ringing" frequency response across the full range.

Sound behaves linearly , which means that frequencies above 20, Hz cannot somehow affect, alter or "shape" the lower, audible sounds. Nevertheless, audiophiles often believe that these high frequencies actually do make a difference.

The best scientific support I have seen for this view is a paper 2 which suggests that brain activity may be somehow affected by the presence of hypersonic sounds. Frequency domain issues with vinyl have an entirely different nature. First off, vinyl records are not recorded with a constant frequency response.

To properly reproduce low frequencies would require larger grooves, so records are pressed with the low frequencies reduced. In addition, as a strategy to drown out noise , higher frequencies are boosted on the recording. A RIAA equalisation amplifier mostly corrects the frequency response on playback. Problems introduced by cheap turntables include " wow and flutter ", which refers to frequency shifts caused by variation of playback speed and " rumble ", low frequency noise from the motor.

The dynamic range is the resolution of the recording - the ratio of the loudest possible sound to the softest, expressed in the logarithmic decibel dB scale. For CDs, each sample has a bit range values. This might not seem to be a great deal but it actually translates to roughly 96 dB dynamic range. I would argue that this should be sufficient for any music, when we consider the range of human hearing. By definition, decibel levels are always comparative - the difference between the loudness of two sounds.

When you see an absolute figure quoted, "A lawn mower measures 90 dB" this is in relation to a defined zero point - 0 dB is defined as the softest sound audible to a person with perfect hearing. This means that if you set the volume of your CD player such that you can hear all the sound it contains, the loudest point on the track will measure at least 96 dB on the absolute scale.

Listening at a higher volume than this for too long will reduce the need for a large dynamic range. CDs are recorded with interleaved redundant information built in. This allows the decoding machinery to correct or interpolate bad data caused by damage to the CD surface.

However, should the damage be too great, the CD will simply skip. Any wear to the surface of a vinyl record will cause a gradual deterioration in the quality of the recorded signal.

Once the email arrives, open it and click on the activation link - you'll be all set! Of course you can also contact our support staff for assistance with a new activation code.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Under the Pink Mats says:. Bjorn Johnsen says:. Tojo says:. MarkD says:. Rare Glam says:. John says:. Trevor diamond says:. Chris Squires says:. Andrew says:. Great news Paul. DenonHD8 says:.

August 30, at Neil Hunt says:. Thank you Paul,that is excellent news.. There were stories about these finds some years ago. My heart jumped at first because I thought it was the wonderful but totally elusive BBC box.. Good luck! I will certainly order one but rather too expensive at present.. It should do… not everything comes through at the same time….

Ian Hartley says:. Louis says:. Very interesting box set, but once again, the price is too high based on what we get. Kevin Henry says:. Paul Wren says:. CJ Feeney says:. Jonathan says:. Lars Hansson says:. SimonF says:. J says:. Hassan says:. Ian says:. Holy crap. Anyway, get the SOTT box sets while you can. If this goes the same way as the box sets, this will all be sold out soon. The price has come down on my order too. Guess they had more copies! I preordered Canada too, without issue.

However prompted by comment, when I view my order today, emphatically states—in red letters no less—not delivering to my location, pick another destination. I have received any communication from Amazon so who knows how long this has been the case. My day one pre order is already showing the lower price which is good. I have this and the amazon. Shows that later date on the site as well. I had that e-mail!

Your email address will not be published. Search Search. Skip to content. September 23, at Colin MacKenzie says:. September 22, at Lee Perry says:. September 16, at Richard Anderson says:. September 15, at Does anyone know if the vinyl box is a limited number? SimonP2 says:. September 14, at Richard Fisher says:. Marcel says:.

This eponymously named debut album from The Waterboys was recorded in several studio sessions between December and November Allmusic describes the sound of the album as "part Van Morrison, part U2".. The album cover is a photograph of lead singer Mike Scott by Panny Charrington and designed by Stephanie Nash. The Waterboys logo appears in the pale blue box in the upper right .

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  1. Kigore says:
    Vinyl and CD 1 – 16 of Genre. Show. Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year; WC Frat Boys: Demo '07 (EP) 3 versions: WC France: Sell This Version: 3 versions: WC Linda Blair's Abortion: Won't Stay Dead (EP) 3 versions: WC France.
  2. Gakasa says:
    Jan 24,  · Label: BMG - BMGCATBOX,Union Square Music - BMGCATBOX • Format: 24x, CD Album, Reissue 2x, CD Album, Reissue 3x, CD Compilation 3x, CD Vinyl LP, Album /5(56).
  3. Fenrihn says:
    The Beastie Boys second album following an acrimonious split from Rick Rubin. After being unkindly labelled 'Frat Rock' for their first album and dismissed as a fad The Beastie Boys were looking for a different sound. They found it after relocating to Los Angeles and hearing mixes done by The Dust Brothers at a nightclub which impressed them/5().
  4. Shagul says:
    Hide And Seek Now I Need You Are You Lonesome Like Me? I Won’t Run Six O’Clock In The Morning Run That Thru Your Mind It’s Magic I Don’t Want Another Man Forgetting I’ve Been Workin’ On You Time Slips By Hold My Hand Love Love Love I’ve Been Workin’ On You (demo) Hold.
  5. Sak says:
    Sep 12,  · Prince / Sign O’ The Times 13LP+DVD box set – £ £ Less than two weeks from release, Amazon drop the pre-order price of the 13LP+DVD vinyl box set of Prince‘s Sign O’ The Times. This is price matching HMV in the UK. If you have already pre-ordered from Amazon UK, no .
  6. Fenrikus says:
    YESSSSS FINALLY the real demo on vinyl!!!!! fucking love it!! The sound is good to great. Think its their first demo ever. This demo sounds like a bulldozer / wall of noise!! 15 songs total, two different sleeves. Think 1 or 2 songs are missing on this vinyl. Have to .
  7. Kazragis says:
    Jul 09,  · 8. Over-produce your demo I know, this sounds like the opposite of #2. In that I meant the sonic quality of the production, how the song sounds. Here, while I understand the impulse for any writer or artist to do this, if you have limited studio experience, don’t try to produce an epic album track. Stick to the song demo side.
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    Note that you may need to wait hours to try resending the code. Of course you can also contact our support staff for assistance with a new activation code. I already have a account, but want to activate an additional account.

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