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Honest - Vivian - Nordic Hotel (CD)


Ministry Of Sound Profile:. In the mids, Ministry of Sound launched its record label which featured Trance and House music compilations, DJ mixes and artists. The German branch of Ministry of Sound became independent from the UK headquarters in and changed its name to Embassy of Music three years later. In the United States, Ministry of Sound non-import releases were relabeled and distributed through Ultra Records, while in Spain they were released through Blanco y Negro.

Ministry Of Sound Recordings Ltd. It seems also with the overall decline in sales of CDs that they have gone over two months as of writing without a new physical release a record. An example being that when Andrew Weatherall passed away, they initially posted on FB a picture of his Masterpiece compilation as a tribute; but then took that off and replaced it simply with a picture of the guy himself.

Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. Reply Notify me 2 Helpful. I have many records from their various labels and this can vary from ultra specialist house music to the absolute commercial and everything in between, take your pick. Reply Notify me Helpful. For one, they are the biggest name in all-encompassing dance music in the UK.

They are an accessible entry into the wider world of this genre, a function immitated in other genres too. Seconldly it's not all pap, as some have pointed out. Their club is decent it's pricey but they play an intelligent mix in there rather than the contents of their Annuals and their online radio is very good - diverse in output and respected.

OK the shows are sub-contracted at least they're associating themselves with good music and putting out for free. But, yes there are downpoints. They used to be choice; now they're at the bottom of people's CD collections. They don't help themselves with their relentless push for money by releasing the same songs the same track can appear on so many CDs - some supposedly successors to others in a series.

And their label often justifies the widespread cynism about dance music: that is is full of talentless girls singing provactively in sex-driven music vids. Reply Notify me 5 Helpful. As a matter of fact, the Ministry "educated" me about house music when I re-discovered it in See full press release here! Drea's song and video depict a modern, humbling reflection on America's history of inequality and oppression inspired by the original American folk anthem where Woody himself once reflected on the same themes.

At the event, Drea will premiere her new song "Let Us Dance" featuring Maimouna Youssef, which will serve as an anthem for girls' empowerment globally. Recently debuted her Mi. Mu smart gloves, a groundbreaking music-tech invention.

Founded an institute at Berklee focusing on gender justice in jazz. American suppliers please note the Gordon Harwood initiative and copy. Contact: Gordon Harwood Com- puters. Various upgrades are available to es- tablished Supra modem owners.

With these protocols, the user can get bps baud per second , error-free throughput when communicating with other MNP 5 modems. Tel: Kuma Computers are pub- lishing a book on the Ami- ga's Intuition system by Mike Nelson, who writes on pro- gramming and other technical areas tor AUI. The book is based on a series of articles on Intui- tion that appeared in AUI. Isn't that what is called in technical jargon "Ripping It Off"? The programs can be typed in or obtained separately on disk.

ISBN No 4. The programmers are sup- plied by Morline Systems. Undercutting the compe- titions' prices while ex- ploiting the workers? That sounds more like a low capitalist trick than ortho- dox Communist philoso- phy. Marx must be whirl- ing in his expensive, Highgate cemetary grave Already claimed by GVP to be the fastest board on the market, this new model, says GVP, will allow even more speed and expandability. The accelerator board comes populated with 4 Mb of 60ns Drams and has the capability of expanding to 32MB of 32 bit memory.

GVP say that another important feature of this new board is that even with a full-blown 32MB. Gregg Garnick. These disks are not Public Domain! Minimum order 5 disks excleding Catalogue disks please add 25p per disk for Europe. NE3 3UP. Telephone Unix, now possibly the most widely used operating system in scien- tific, government and academic computing has been penetrated by hackers causing considerable alarm, especially in government computing circles. UNIX is now available on the Amiga and is considered to behighly significant for the Amiga in serious applica- tions.

The weakness lets them have unlim- ited access to any files and to overwrite or change master control lists. To do this they have created a device of which the Communica- tions media have been asked not to publicise details. An informed source has revealed that some one hundred computers at more than 40 sites in the U.

The hackers have so cleverly covered their tracks that some users will not even know their security has been breached until the hackers choose to disclose it In some cases the hackers have left Trojan Horses which are programs that let the hacker re-enter the system at a later date as an apparently legiti- mate user. Taunting The hackers have not done dam- age to the systems but seem to enjoy taunting the users and the police who are trying to find them.

They are believed by Scotland Yard's Computer Crime Unit to have such control that it takes them less than one minute to enter a system. They often leave personalised messages for computer manag- ers, especially at universities. Bath, Edinburgh. Lancaster and Oxford are among the universities that have had "visits " from hackers.

Edinburgh 's system manager found a message which said "Hi, Jim. You should be finding this interest- ing being a Unix guy. It emerged that they had left Trojan Horses running in files under that system too. What particularly worries the government specialists is the hackers' ability to crack the sys- tems at the level of senior manag- ers, so giving them the access to browse through potentially highly sensitive material. This has caused alarm in the U K. S to spend some military cash in the U.

If these supposedly high security computer operations are so easily breached perhaps we shall soon get a new attitude to "Open Sys- tems" or even more encouragingly. This tactical wargame simulates the historical Market Garden operation in Montgomery's plan was to break the occupation of Holland thereby opening the door to Berlin and end- ing the war.

Three Allied Airborne Divisions were dropped behind enemy lines to capture vital bridges for the advancing Allied forces. In Arnhem you fight the bitter conflict. Can the Allies succeed or is the bridge at Arnhem a bridge too far'' Historically accurate, with five scenarios. Amhem is one to watch for warlike fans. Contact: CCS Ltd. Yes that's what they say. Non- stop redesigning! Seal'n Type is a flexible, durable, transparent keyboard cover, which is specially moulded to fit over the keys of specific keyboards.

Typing is thus unimpaired, whilst your valuable computer keyboard re- mains protected from the everyday hazards of spills, dust, ash and grime. The arrival of the th model of Seal'n Type says Kador, confirms Kador's position as Europe's larg- est manufacturer of type-through keyboard covers. Are there that many different computers? He once wrote: "There are three ways to disaster, Gambling is the quickest, Sex is the most enjoyable, But the most certain is technology Anyone disagree?

You'll be glad to know that we don't show the same neglect for our products or 1 customers. The Golden Image hand scanner is the cherry on top of the cake. Crowned in Gold by ST Format, it's reputation follows that of the company. As can be seen from this page, it's ideal for scanning splodges, paper tears and architectural designs or disasters!

It offers dpi in four pattern modes and is supplied with the excellent Touch-Gp software from MiGraph and it's utterly brilliant! Golden Image mice run , freely around our offices, as you might expect from a near derelect shack.

Being warm and caring like we are we don't want to employ a pest controller and so it's down to you to rid us of this tyrant. Every mouse is hand picked from the floor. Recently we've discovered a new breed of mouse that moves at the speed of light.

These mice have no balls, and are a lot more difficult to catch and so cost a bit more. But the better quality of these optical mice warrants the higher price. Standard, optomechanical mice mice with balls also frequent our building. We've got so many mice, we feel sure they're breeding faster than rabbits. However we assure you that you will get an adult mouse and pot an immature adolescent. Elite have just made 14 of their staff, including their Marketing Man- ager.

Gill Birch, redundant and said that they are "scaling down their commitment" to the home computer formats. Those software games houses that were not quick enough off the mark into the Sega and Nintendo fields or have not been able to break in to this highly competitive area of games development are now finding themselves squeezed between the recession that has struck the High Streets and the consequent fall in sales of computer games.

Elite have never been a strong Commodore company, like the recenly collapsed Hewson. While others falter. Electronic Arts, the first into the Amiga field so long ago in It hasn't all been made on the back of Deluxe Paint, though that outstanding progam must have made a solid contribution. It is the same old story, the consoles. What has added around 40 million green ones to E. And Trip Hawkins. You can bet he sees, at least in the games field, consoles looming large.

But for Amiga users, there will also be the pleasure of Number llll in the Deluxe series which may reach our screens by the end of the year. OctaMed includes almost all the features of MED 3. The small price you pay for the extra four channels is a slight re- duction in sound quality, and a limi- tation to Soundtracker-type tempo control rather than the more flex- ible "beats per minute" system.

Realtime recording is no-longer a viable option, as the keyboard is read too infrequently. That's all the bad news. The good news is that it all works extremely well, and with the extra channels, there's far more scope for filling out drum patterns, adding chords and generally beef- ing up your tunes.

OctaMed is not public domain. OctaMed's range of sample-editing, sequencing and MIDI features make it an unbeat- able sample sequencer, at any price. The four-channel version of MED is continuing in production, and the latest version at the time of going to press was 3. There are now two new gadgets in the sample editor section: filter and boost. The filter reduces high frequences over specified sections of the sample. Boost does the opposite.

Rather than making your samples tinny and noisy, it brings up the high frequencies very clearly, enhanc- ing the clarity of most drum loops and vocals no end. Although it is not public domain, MED V3. The first on the list to be distributed are two RAM expansion cards for the Amiga It allows, with the software provided, the A to use the com- plete 2 Meg on the card. Roctec have told AUI that instal- lation is easy as you don't have to disturb the motherboard.

RMC Roctec have realised, like everyone else, that the time has come to forget the 51 2K Amiga Nearly all users will be willing to spend the few extra pounds to upgrade their machine to 1 Meg. So Roctec are bringing in the C. No prices for the U. And dealer enquiries are welcome. The Materials texture Library is a collection of high resolution x pixels , colour HAM mode im- ages of various surfaces.

These can be used with a variety of 3-D rendering, painting and video ap- plications to enhance appearance. Photorealistic qualities can be added to paintings in HAM paint programs, and object in 3-D ren- derings can take on what Microsearch calls, "an astonishing realism" when texture mapped with images from the collection. The library has 15 different sur- face textures on 5 diskettes over 3. Asphalt, Pebbles. Bricks etc. It can be used with paint programs, as video titling backgrounds, and for wrapping 3-D objects.

Future volumes will include Wood. Cloth and Organic textures. Contact: MicroSearch, S. TX MicroSearch say. The new Minister is Lord Reay.

Who he? Well, Lord Reay Is an Eton and Oxford edu- cated peer whose interests are given as fishing, shooting and sightseeing. Whatever happened to hunting? What is worse than the Noble Lords apparent lack of previous attraction to technology is that the Government has downgraded his post from the previously higher Minister of State level to the mere junior minister grade. This show of profound concern with technology by the Govern- ment of technofreak John Major has prompted worry among MPs of all parties and the Labour Party spokesman to say that "It just shows that the Goverment does ii not take the job seriously.

The Gov- ernment takes the job of running the country's technological future so seriously that it has taken thought to what Lord Reay has to do and realised technology isn't important enough really to merit a full time job anyway. So Lord Reay has been given the responsibility for environmental issues that must be the fishing and shooting bit and the film Industry too. In between casting for lethargic trout and blasting away Innocent birds perhaps Lord Reay will find time to think about how to keep the U.

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Virus Kim. MS DOS 4 Epson a HP Laserjet 2 wtitjle 1? With suitable S. E it to be returned. Price subject to change without notice. Microway has dramatically reduced the price of its FlickerFixer graphics en- hancement board designed to eliminate the Amiga flicker problem on high resolution and VGA monitors.

Commenting on this price reduc- tion. Managing Director. Simon Shute. Designed to fit into the Amiga video slot, the FlickerFixer provides users with superior quality colour or monocrome graphics and text. It works by removing the flicker in the interlace mode and the visible scan lines in the non-interlace mode of the Amiga display. The board which is compatible with all user software, does not modify the standard Amiga video signals and may be used simulataneously with the Amiga PAL Phase Alternation Line outputs.

Microway's FlickerFixer supports a wide range of standard multiscanning and VGA monitors and when used in conjunction with overscan modes will support video resolutions of up to x pixels. It is also compatible with the Amiga s colour Hold and Modify HAM mode, which allows over colours to be displayed si- multaneously on the screen.

ShowMaker lets anyone create finished presentations containing a variety of media, including video titling, sounds, pictures, animations. MIDI-music and genlocked video from a wide range of sources, in- cluding laser disks. VCRs the Video toaster, and audio tape recorders.

Targetted at the growing demand for high quality multimedia desktop presentation and video software. ShowMaker is a powerful system that allows the visualisation and construction of self-running "shows" containing Amiga based and non- Amiga based elements.

ShowMaker allows the use of an Amigatocontrolanyinternalorexternal device to include in a presentation — from laser disk players to MIDI key- boards to the Video Toaster.

Show- Maker will also generate story-boards and cue sheets of presentations. Showmaker allows the prepara- tion of very long "shows" because it plays one part of the presentation while automatically loading the next part. As a result. ShowMaker pres- entations are limited only by the available disk space, not RAM. ShowMaker also comes with a special facility that gives accurate control of a presentation and its timing. This means that users can synchronize diverse media into a single polished product — such as defining an animation in terms of frames per musical beat, instead of frames per second.

This new version is now fully func- tional in stereo and its editing facili- ties have been totally revamped. Right term for a musical package, don't you think? Deltaware told AUI that that the user interface has been improved and many additional power fea- tures have been added.

In some areas it is also faster than the pre- vious version. Every ASF sample has its own built-in player program and is an executable file as separate player programs are no longer needed. In A-Sound Elite. ASF now functions in stereo as well as mono. Support for multi- octave, multi-track IFF and Sonix samples provides.

Freehand editing of waveforms is also supported as is variable zoom. It also has over 20 special effects such as Echo. Disguise, and Comb Filter. More than 29, Amiga users packed into the re- cent Amiga '91 Berlin Com- puter Show, making it the second largest Amiga gathering in the world - Cologne last November had just double that number.

One product that seems to have aroused particular attention was the Delta Animation Laser Lab. A new game at the Show was "Inheritance". The title in German was Das Erbe. It features environ- mental concerns as its theme. The next event in Germany is to be a repeat of last year's crowded Cologne Show which is scheduled for October 1 st -November 3rd.

The organisers have warned that, as in Berlin, the whole show will be dominated not by technology but by the Show mascot, a certain Hermann the User. If you attend the Show better be polite to Hermann or, no doubt, he vill ask de kvestions! The one stop Amiga shop in Scotland Everything for your Amiga at real sexy prices! We can supply almost anything for your Amiga!

Free cable and paper pack. Ring for many more titles now available. A professional 3U Animation rendering system for the Amiga. Alt systems are tested before despatch. On-site maintenance options available. The RVC or Rocknight is a small box that plugs into the Amiga which is able to stop viruses by a variety of features, as shown below.

Rocknight measures just 1 02mm x 91mm x 33 mm. It weighs only. No price for the U. Contact: Roctec Electronics Ltd. On a fast scroll, it allows freehand editing, sequenced loops and real time effects including echoes, high pass filter, low pass filter, band pass filter, stop band filter, mix, fade, flange. VU meter and oscilloscope. Its editing functions include cut, copy, paste, delete, keep, invert, filter, echo, mix, fade, treble adjust, bass adjust, smooth.

DC removal, invert, resample and tune. Advanced recording hardware gives you right and left line level inputs, a microphone jack, noise filters, digital gain, and a hardware based sampling clock. Contact: SunRize Industries, S. Winchester Blvd. Courts shortly. Lawyers representing nine staff at the Financial Times have served writs on the newspaper.

True-crime fans already know all about the Golden State Killer, the notorious serial killer who was the subject of the gripping I'll Be Gone in the Dark. This stunning collection about Indigenous Latina women living in the Northwest will break your heart open, and the sensitivity and range of the cast that reads them is astounding.

Short stories make great audiobooks for dipping into one at a time, so turn to this one if you don't have long stretches to fill. Taron Edgerton, the star of the film, and Sir Elton himself narrate this tell-all story.

There may be no better time to listen to this sadly relevant story about a young Black man's senseless shooting and how his best friend Starr, who witnesses it, deals with the aftermath. The narration only makes it that much more powerful of a listen for adults and teens alike. Who doesn't need to indulge in a little love story now and then? Suspicions turn to Kya Clark of Marsh Girl fame, but she's not what she seems.

This beautiful story was chosen by Reese Witherspoon's book club, and she says the audible version takes her right back to long, sweltering Tennessee summers. If your family has never read the adventure-packed classic, pop this one in on your next road trip. Does getting snowed in at a remote ski resort with your coworkers sound like your worst nightmare?

Oh don't worry, it could get so much worse. You'll want to hold your breath all the way to the shocking end. For younger readers, there's also a less explicit version called the " Inspiring Young Minds " edition, so you can share her story with the little ones without too much of an education.

Twin sisters raised in a small, Southern Black community run away at 16 and end up taking very different paths. It's a story about family and identity that addresses the subject of race in a fresh way that will stick with you. You shouldn't sit down and just imagine that things will come back to normal because you have no clue. Secure your business, carefully plan your rate strategy and stay proactive. During these sensitive times, how you communicate is extremely important.

From the message content, to the timing and way of delivery, everything needs to be mindfully thought through with the needs of your audience in mind. When done correctly, your campaigns and messaging will naturally inspire interest in your visitors. No matter what you decide to do, it all comes down to one basic idea, as Kia mentioned, to use common sense and stay proactive. We also make sure to be present on social media, posting dreamy images and creative content rather than promotional campaigns.

Copperhill Mountain Lodge — Organic post on social media. With the mobility of travelers being significantly reduced, unsurprisingly internet and social media activity has seen a dramatic increase.

The entertainment site where fans come first. Your daily source for all things TV, movies, and games, including Star Wars, Fallout, Marvel, DC and gobbconewslalingmar.leyneracsusemabtopormopulpate.cog: Nordic Hotel.

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    Honest By Vivian. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Honest. Featured on Nordic Hotel. More by Vivian. My First Chapter. Elle Dag in Die Somer. Deep Inside. Fly Away. Songs From My Heart. More Vivian. Listen to Vivian now. Listen to Vivian in full in the Spotify Duration: 3 min.
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    «Honest» by Vivian. Nordic Hotel Vivian, Francis Rossi. Label Sony Music / Produktionsjahr
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    Explore releases from Vivian at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Vivian at the Discogs Marketplace.
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    Nordic Hotel Vivian, Francis Rossi. Label Sony Music / Produktionsjahr Tracks.
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    BOB-MEDIA GmbH & Co. KG Fastball Music Heppendorfer Strasse 21 Elsdorf Germany Phone: + Fax: + Email: [email protected]
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    Nordic Hotel Vivian, Francis Rossi. Casa discografica Sony Music / Anno di produzione Tracks.
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    The music video was released on February 23, the 80th anniversary of when Woody Guthrie composed "This Land is Your Land" in a hotel in New York City. Drea's song and video depict a modern, humbling reflection on America's history of inequality and oppression inspired by the original American folk anthem where Woody himself once reflected on.

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