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It has been amply proved to me by some very patient Kossacks that Representative Anthony Weiner had bad horrible, perverted reasons for his conversations with that 17 year-old girl. I'm not ashamed that I had to have it proved to me. I am ashamed at least a little that it took so long to prove it to me.

I think I've a way to nip all this "Weiner must resign" horseshit in the bud. Well, sweet little Janeane committed the grotesque sin of telling the truth. She said that the media loved to cover stuff like the Anthony Weiner scandal because it's easy -- much easier than doing their real jobs, covering stuff that actually makes a difference to most Americans.

For an example of a real journalist doing his real job, we need look no further than Matt Taibbi, who you'll note has not written a single article about Weinergate.

Montana to kill wolves that prey on elk. Protect Wolves from Shoot-on-Sight Management. Defenders of Wildlife, Defenders of Wolves. I've read some of her stuff. Very good. Just not as mean as I am, nor does she use admittedly overuse my fucking vocabulary when talking about Republicans and Baggers.

And yes, I do know that since the horrible events that took place in Arizona a week back, we're supposed to all be kinder and gentler. This is me being kinder and gentler. It is very relevant to this diary, but better written and inclusive of ideas I've never considered. Delete logo. Choose File. Change Blog Image. Fishgrease: Pick any Day! Community This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication.

Recommend Unrecommend Fishgrease: Sports Metaphors. Fishgrease: Serious This Time Almost. Poll votes Show Results Fishgrease should use profanity None at all. Much less. Whatever the fuck. Bit more. Strat-taped ourang.

Fishgrease should use profanity None at all. Please help improve this article if you can. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This section needs additional citations for verification. Recording Industry Association of America. Retrieved October 4, The Source.

July 26, Retrieved December 17, Meek Mill". Retrieved March 12, Retrieved April 7, — via Google Books. Retrieved September 10, Retrieved December 3, April 13, Retrieved June 23, March 10, May 28, November 1, Rap Radar. February 4, All rights reserved. Premiere Roux. Diana Cobb - premiereroux gmail. Box , Caulfield, Missouri We have a couple more breedings planned for the Fall of with our CH Odin.

Premiere Rouxs Pursuit Of Perfection. Blue Diamond Endeavors Utopia. RoyalRed Tito Emberez. So I ran with it. In alone, murders occurred in my precinct. When I talked to the detectives, they were expecting me to be ignorant, violent; but when I came with that, it was a surprise to them. How many times did Daffy Duck get his beak blown off? No cops, no public transportation, and making it too expensive to move back to the city. They killing each other now in Jersey.

BM: Speaking on the music, you lived in Atlanta for a few years. Too much hate.

Oct 29,  · Shout out to Fishgrease.” To the public, Boobie was nothing more than a drug dealer with a murderous bent, but to Ross he was a friend and mentor. “To me Boobie is the Carol City Cartel, what Larry Hoover was to the Gangster Disciples.” Ross credits the notorious Boobie as his most important mentor and credits Boobie with founding the.

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    Feb 20,  · The substance which makes a newly caught fish slippery. "You talked me into wearin' panty hose, you talked me into tickling that policeman, you talked me into drinkin' fish grease " by The Mole October 23, Get a fish grease .
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    Fishgrease Industries. Menu. Home; Contact; 2-color Discharge Sim-Process Print on Gildan for the NY band, Kayo Dot (detail) – Really love the way the grey and white came together to get the depth of these space rays. Art by Toby Driver.
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    Fishgrease should use profanity None at all. 2% 11 votes Much less. 3% 19 votes Less. 3% 21 votes Whatever the fuck. votes Bit more. 9% 58 votes Fuck. 7% 45 votes Cock. 4%.
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    fishgrease uploaded a video 5 years ago Fanny Neguesha talking - Duration: 15 seconds. fishgrease. 5 years ago; 6, views; Language: English Location: United States.
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    Feb 13,  · Welcome Fishgrease Welcome from Mississippi I have spent most my life rest I wasted. PROUD MEMBER OF TEAM GEEZER PICO Lures Field Rep. , PM #2. DockShootinJack. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles Legend * Supporter. Join Date Sep Location.
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    The eulachon (/ ˈ j uː l ə k ɒ n /; Thaleichthys pacificus; also spelled oolichan / ˈ uː l ɪ k ɑː n /, ooligan / ˈ uː l ɪ ɡ ə n /, hooligan / ˈ h uː l ɪ ɡ ə n /), also called the candlefish, is a small anadromous ocean fish, a smelt found along the Pacific coast of North America from northern California to Alaska.
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    May 10,  · I've been in Oil and Gas Production (all upstream) and Exploration for over 30 years. My salary is a little bigger than God's, which is okay because I'm more useful than he is.
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    Zodiac Fishgrease "Give You What You Want" (Remix) Chico DeBarge featuring Trina Game: Nick Quested "Da Baddest Bitch" Trina featuring Trick Daddy Da Baddest Bitch "Pull Over" "Shut Up" (Remix) Trick Daddy featuring Duece Poppi and Trina Book of Thugs: Zodiac Fishgrease "That's Cool" Silkk the Shocker featuring Trina My World, My Way.

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