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Enter To The Prison Land - Lindstorm - Red Lights EP (File, MP3)


Blue: Season It aired on March 31st, for sponsors and April 1st, for the general public, and is the th episode overall. Somewhere out in space, a large UNSC ship, the Tartarus , stumbles upon a lone Pelican and the ship's crew try to communicate with it. After the Pelican sends flashes of light to verify that it is reading the Tartarus, the crew on the Tartarus allow the ship to land in their docking bay so they can assist it.

When the crew approaches the Pelican, they discover the ship's "sole" passenger: Felix. Felix quickly gets along with Tartarus' crew and asks about their situation. The crew explains that they're transporting criminals for the UNSC, and the ship's captain, Mayers , jokes that nobody gives a "rat's ass" about them.

Felix, however, says that he's interested and proceeds to attack the crew members, causing Mayers to activate the ship's alarm. Unfortunately, Locus , accompanied by other space pirates , de-cloak from the Pelican and raid the ship. After killing all of the ship's crew, the space pirates make their way to the prison cells and inform the prisoners of their war situation on Chorus.

Felix and Locus then explain that they are looking for people to recruit in their ranks and, in exchange, will get a large profit from it. Felix asks if anyone is interested, to grasp their cell bars. While some prisoners agree to join them, others refuse.

Regardless, Felix opens the cells' airlock doors, purging several prisoners out into deep space. Felix and Locus remain unharmed with the use of their grav boots. After Felix closes the doors, the remaining prisoners are "recruited" into the space pirates.

Upon returning to the ship's main control bridge, a space pirate informs Locus and Felix of a prisoner, who saved himself from being purged by tying himself to his bedsheets, wishing to speak with them. Locus and Felix agree to see the said prisoner, which turns out to be Aiden Price , the former Counselor of Project Freelancer. The Counselor tells Locus and Felix that he knows specific details about the Freelancers that they will find useful, such as Washington and Carolina 's weaknesses.

Skeptical at first, Felix and Locus agree to have Price join their ranks and the latter leads them to another prisoner that shares a history with Project Freelancer; a prisoner that he believes will be of good use. Meanwhile, at an unknown location, Grif asks Caboose what he is doing, in which the latter expresses his feeling of something bad about to happen. Open in deep space. A lone Pelican is seen. Cut to the interior of the ship. Mayers: There she is.

Come in, over. Cut to the interior of the Tartarus. A video of Chairman Malcolm Hargrove is playing on a soldier's computer. Purchasable with gift card. The Light Wisdom of the Animal Gotta Slay Risin Feon returns with a second EP, perfecting his psychedelic sound. The sun, or light can be seen as symbolic of the light of conscious awareness, and has been used as such by human cultures throughout the ages, from the earliest hunter gatherers right up to the present day.

But of course, where there is light there is also darkness, as all that is light emerges from the primordial darkness, the eternal emptiness or non-being, that which preceded the creation of our own universe. This darkness finds its corollary in the human unconscious, which on the personal level contains our own repressed emotions, and on the deeper collective level is the dark chaotic source of all that is creative in humanity.

This collective level is connected to our "primitive" and animal evolutionary past, and as such contains much wisdom that we, in modern times, have lost. With a repetitive acid line, s and bongos, I have repurposed it for a smoky and sweaty basement. Tags feon dancefloor dram trax floating psychedelic sun worship sweatbox Glasgow. Novaterra Vol. Hidden In Plain Sight Vol. Well-known net. The first half of the release consists of remixes of Carl Kruger originals by pino himself.

These tracks are on an experimental plane with hints of ambience flirting around the percussive elements of the tracks.

The second half are original tracks which consist of white noise Jun 5, by Cellular. The first official release on Kikapu is this long-tracker EP from resident superhero, cellular. This EP covers all intricacies of these styles, while not being overbearing and finding itself within a hole of one of these particular genres. The release kicks off with some incredible piano-driven drill n' bass, and works its way through Jan 28, by Mike Verde.

Vancouver seems to be turning out a great number of highly creative artists as of late, as our recent releases have shown, and Mike Verde is another example of the great new music that is coming out of British Columbia.

Hypocenter is an EP that has a little bit of everything - obvious jazz influences, intricate breaks and rhythm sections, really beautiful melodies, and an emotional underlay that is evident throughout all of the songs.

Mike's music is based on the IDM formula, but it refuses to Jan 14, by Books On Tape. Yet another free collection of tracks from Books on Tape. Not to mention a massive West Coast tour. The boy does not stop. And to further demonstrate, here is one of two new Books on Tape mp3 EP's, yours for the taking.

And don't forget, by the end of this year, the Nov 5, by Vagskal. Experimental, dark ambient, abstract - any of these terms work in describing his sound; only one song on this EP constitutes having a constant breakbeat, while the others drop you head-first into waves of droning soundscapes Nov 1, by Crashed By Car.

Presented here is a strangely beautiful collection of experimental electronics from Crashed By Car, the latest project of Brandon Reid Huey from Minneapolis. From "Alone Machines" where massive unsettling marimba detunings and ring modulations are strikingly reconciled by a warm string arrangement, to the bouncing Raised on the periphery of Detroit, the two life-long friends were exposed to all kinds of music, much of which has been rolled up into their KOSIK project.

While the KOSIK project is relatively new, Michael and Matt have been working together for the better part of a decade on a variety of projects, musical and otherwise. Jul 27, by Transient. Self-imposed workaholic Carl Martin has been writing tracker-based music since his early teen years, and is most familiar to the world of electronic music as TBTMO stronghold Transient. He kicks it uptempo with a smile on his face on this Kikapu EP; all of these tracks are very fun atmospheric breakbeat monsters, and every now and then this release speeds up and gets crazy on you, then slows down and chills out.

These five tracks really do run the gamut of electronic music. Jul 24, by Stryph. Niklas Winde is back again to take y'all back with his latest exclusive Kikapu release. The title says it all: these tracks take the discernable listener back to the good old days of analog drum machines and modular synthesizers.

So sit back, start up your favorite old Atari game, and kick it to the monophonic jams. Jul 6, by space plans.

We're taking a big leap forward today into a slightly new and different realm of sound for Kikapu, with the debut release from Nashville's favorite legolomaniacs space plans. The band consists of three professional studio-geeks and knob-twiddlers, those being Kyleen King, Dave Jones, and Brion Bergstrom; and all three of them basically handle all of the different elements herein, whether they be guitar, bass, drums, synths, or vocals.

To be honest, this EP is just a straight-up release of May 28, by autistici. This rather elaborate EP from autistici rolls just over the half-hour mark, and could really be considered to be one massive piece of the avant-garde. A convincing mix of dark ambient, glitch, drone, and experimentalism that would be impossible to pigeonhole into any single genre, other than the one autistici has created for himself.

Perfect for some intense headphone listening, late nights, and the like; we're blown away from these new pieces and hope that you enjoy them just as much as we do. Apr 29, by Introspective. A wonderful EP of beautiful droning ambience, Kikapu's final release of the year is proudly presented from net.

Starting off with a prelude of sorts, concering the current state of world affairs, the EP slowly winds its way through minimal atmospherics on a course destined for ambient brilliance. A perfect cap to a great year, everyone please enjoy these tracks from Introspective. Apr 17, by C Photon. Get down wit' yo bad selves! Seeing as how I'm tired and lazy, I'll let C Photon describe it for you himself: "With this EP my goal was to produce a complex mixture of organic sounds with the help of digital technology; a digital reconstruction of organic sounds.

A session-like approach was used a lot. Mar 9, by Dub Jay. Warren Sulcs is following up his highly successful past Kikapu release with this new four-track EP of mellow ambience. Stylistically different, yet artistically similar, these new tracks show a different side to Dub Jay than what Kikapu listeners have experienced in the past; this time around the focus is on experimental textures wrapped around ambient rhythms and synthetic pads.

Entirely beautiful throughout, we hope everyone grabs these new tracks from Dub Jay. Mar 7, by Vesa-Pekka. This amazingly beautiful EP from year old Finnish newcomer Vesa-Pekka contains just over twenty minutes of deep emotional electronics, fresh with sweeping synth pads, bubbling rhythmic lines, and lovely melodies.

Taking slight cues from his past experiences playing tenor saxophone in a free-jazz environment, here Vesa-Pekka focuses his energy on electronic sequencing and the formation of more structured songs, and not as much "throwing paint on the walls" as he so eloquently puts Nov 26, by Eric Laurence.

A new concise sixteen minute EP comes down from the rolling pastures of Illinois in the form of this new collection of tracks by the unofficial Kikapu tour manager, Eric Laurence. Laurence has been here since the beginning, and he keeps coming back to throw more sample-laden tracks at our faithful listeners.

The first and third cuts of this EP are aural soundscapes featuring beautifully haunting vocal samples from a Russian vocalist, while the second and fourth tracks are more In the interests of time and space, we will let Val Murah describe his latest project, and the most recent Kikapu release, for us: "Strange this will be an intro for a lot of people, because it's more of a farewell to a personal era.

Long story short, I put out Music 4 Lemons in the beginning of and I felt like I was completely done with electronic music at that point. I'd gone through a lot of time and scrapped albums and in the end it still felt hugely disappointing for me. Topics: ambient, drone, electronic, minimal. Bubblegone began as an experiment in a new medium for an artist who had not yet found a voice.

The medium of experimental ambient noise allowed him to create something that flowed and had the same color and texture as his thoughts and feelings. Bubblegone is one artist who performs solo and often collaborates with other musicians.

His performances and recorded pieces are For this, our 99th release, roto visage takes you into the darkest recesses of your mind, and won't let go. Really fantastic stuff, frightening at times, serene at others. This is a must-listen. Topics: dark ambient, experimental. Montreal, Canada resident Charles Bisaillon has spent years moving about the globe, from all over Canada to Torino, Italy.

Around the World. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Edit Master Release. Matt Colton Mastered By. Mads Perch Photography By. Dylan Richards Producer.

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