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Cold Winterlake Truth


I was in the freezing water for 30 minutes, on purpose. On a grant from the U. Coast Guard, the National Water Safety Congress was filming Cold Water Boot Camp , an educational video designed to clear up misconceptions many boaters have about hypothermia. My job that morning was to swim until I drowned — or at least started to drown.

Off camera, after my attempt, the rescuers had me in the ambulance on oxygen and were scrambling to treat me for mild hypothermia. After several failed attempts to start an IV, Dr. He is dry, in a warm place and shivering. He just needs to be left alone. All I needed was to be watched and maybe offered a can of soda. Two years later, I was back in Lake Erie for the production of Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp , a one-hour training video for professional rescuers and instructors.

The intended audience was first responders and medics, but there are lessons in there for all of us. Being recovered from Lake Erie — December When a person spends an extended period in cold water, they have changed physiologically. Here are some best practices for recovering those who have spent time in cold water. The Heat Escape Lessening Position can help your body to reduce heat loss while immersed in cold water.

If you can avoid lifting them out of the water vertically, do it. But if you must lift them out vertically, get the person lying down immediately once on board. The hydrostatic pressure from the water on their body has made it easier to maintain blood pressure. Remember, they are in a fragile cardiovascular state and climbing after being in the freezing water may be the last thing they ever do.

He has used, abused, distorted, and in some cases virtually falsified his sources. According to Charles Lane, in , Rushton conducted a survey at the Eaton Centre mall in Toronto , where he paid 50 whites, 50 blacks, and 50 Asians to answer questions about their sexual habits. Because he did not clear his survey and proposed to pay for answers with the university committee at UWO, the administration reprimanded Rushton, calling his transgression "a serious breach of scholarly procedure", said University President, George Pederson.

A study reanalyzed data from a study Rushton had published on the relationship between race and crime and found no strong relationship between the two. Rushton's work was criticized in the scholarly literature; he generally responded, sometimes in the same journal.

In in the Journal of Black Studies , Zack Cernovsky wrote, "some of Rushton's references to scientific literature with respects to racial differences in sexual characteristics turned out to be references to a nonscientific semi-pornographic book and to an article by Philip Nobile in the Penthouse magazine's Forum.

In , two researchers published a review and meta-analysis concluding that racial differences in behavior were accounted for entirely by environmental factors, which contradicts Rushton's evolutionary theory for the origin of such differences.

He also criticized Rushton and others like him of ignoring things like white-collar crime rates,. Corporate criminals, after all, are usually highly educated, and probably would score highly on just about any standardized test you chose to give them. And what of it? Virtually all the stock manipulators, unethical derivatives traders and shady money managers on Wall Street, whose actions have brought the economy to its knees of late — and who it might be worth noting are pretty much all white men — would likely do well on the Stanford-Binet or Wonderlich Industrial Aptitude Test.

They probably were above-average students. But what are we to make of these facts? Clearly they say little about the value of such persons to the nation or the world.

The Unabomber was a certified genius and Ted Bundy was of well-above-average intelligence But I'm having a hard time discerning what we should conclude about these truths, in terms of how much emphasis we place on intelligence, as opposed to other human traits. The biological anthropologist C. Loring Brace criticized Rushton in his review of the book, Race, Evolution, and Behavior :. Virtually every kind of anthropologist may be put in the position of being asked to comment on what is contained in this book, so, whatever our individual specialty, we should all be prepared to discuss what it represents.

Race, Evolution, and Behavior is an amalgamation of bad biology and inexcusable anthropology. It is not science but advocacy, and advocacy for the promotion of "racialism. Although Rushton has frequently claimed that his critics are motivated by political correctness , Andrew Winston , a psychologist at the University of Guelph , wrote in that "while Rushton has been publicly harassed, he has had continuous opportunities to present his findings in diverse, widely available, respectable journals, and no general suppression within academic psychology is evident".

Robert Sussman , an evolutionary anthropologist and the editor-in-chief of American Anthropologist , explained why the journal did not accept ads for Rushton's book:. This is an insidious attempt to legitimize Rushton's racist propaganda and is tantamount to publishing ads for white supremacy and the neo-Nazi party. If you have any question about the validity of the "science" of Rushton's trash you should read any one of his articles and the many rebuttals by ashamed scientists.

In , after Rushton mailed a booklet on his work to psychology, sociology, and anthropology professors across North America, Hermann Helmuth, a professor of anthropology at Trent University , said: "It is in a way personal and political propaganda. There is no basis to his scientific research.

From , Rushton was the president of the Pioneer Fund. William H. Tucker , a professor of psychology who writes histories of scientific racism, noted in Rushton has not only contributed to American Renaissance publications and graced their conferences with his presence but also offered praise and support for the "scholarly" work on racial differences of Henry Garrett , who spent the last two decades of his life opposing the extension of the Constitution to blacks on the basis that the "normal" black resembled a European after frontal lobotomy.

Informed of Garrett's assertion that blacks were not entitled to equality because their "ancestors were A study in Evolution and Human Behavior found no evidence to support Rushton's hypothesized relationship between race and behavior. In , Lisa Suzuki and Joshua Aronson of New York University wrote an article for Psychology, Public Policy, and Law noting that Rushton ignored evidence that failed to support his position that IQ test score gaps represent a genetic racial hierarchy.

He did not change his position on this matter for 30 years. In a paper for the International Journal of Selection and Assessment in , Steven Cronshaw and colleagues wrote that psychologists need to critically examine the science used by Rushton in his "race-realist" research.

Their re-analysis of the validity criteria for test bias, using data reported in the Rushton et al. They disagree with other aspects of Rushton's methodology, such as his use of non-equivalent groups in test samples. He said why he believed his results were valid, and why he thought the criticisms incorrect. McGreal faulted Rushton and his use of Nobile's penis size study. On 17 June Elsevier announced it was retracting an article that Rushton and Donald Templer had published in in the Elsevier journal Personality and Individual Differences.

On 22 June , The Department of Psychology at the University of Western Ontario issued the following statement regarding their former faculty member, excerpted below:. More employees, less mail, but slower delivery times? I'm struggling with the math here. Look, the facts are these: the Post Office has been yanking out collection boxes forever, the volume of mail has been declining for years, and the size of the Post Office staff has increased. Does Trump hate mail-in voting?

He says he does but he votes by mail. Is he monkeying with the USPS to mess up mail-in voting? It sure doesn't seem like it. But I'm certain the Democratic Congress will find out — maybe they'll even appoint a special prosecutor! In the meantime, we're told that the Post Office loses so much money because it has to set aside cash for its future retirees in advance.

Home remedies for Diabetes care that every diabetic must see. Nausea: Here are simple and inexpensive home remedies to cure it. Health: Five home remedies to get High Blood Pressure in control. Five foods to fight winter cold and keep your immunity strong. Tried and tested home remedies to get rid of your hiccup episodes. The Aurora Winter Train glides across Alaska's wintry landscape.

By Gulnaz Khan. Elk graze at sunrise in Ecola State Park. Photograph by Craig Tuttle, Getty Images. Colorful lights illuminate San Antonio's River Walk. Enjoy the light show in San Antonio, Texas. Witness history in the making in Washington, D.

Photograph by rypson, Getty Images. Sundance and stargaze in Park City, Utah. Snow blankets the rainbow dwellings of Park City, Utah.

The naked truth: cold-water swimming in Skagen, Denmark We channel our inner Viking in Denmark’s northernmost town of Skagen, joining the locals for a freezing plunge in the sea. But these are veteran cold-water swimmers, getting into the zone with a vigorous warm-up of squats and lunges. Suitably fired up, I join the bathers making their.

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    Jan 22,  · It is a dangerous, medically urgent condition where the body temperature has dropped too low as a result of very cold environments (e.g. weather, cold water) usually after a protracted period of time. Basically, the person is losing heat faster than he/she is able to generate it. Your organ systems can’t work appropriately.
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    Jan 06,  · "It has been long known that the rhinovirus replicates better at the cooler temperature, around 33 Celsius (91 Fahrenheit), compared to the core body temperature of .
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    Apr 10,  · Changes to winter temperatures, the variability of winter conditions, and winter snow cover can interact to induce cold injury, alter energy and water balance, advance or retard phenology, and modify community interactions. Species vary in their susceptibility to these winter drivers, hampering efforts to predict biological responses to climate Cited by:
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    Aug 22,  · The Cold, Hard Truth about the Post Office. By Kevin Cochrane. Apparently, Congress doesn't have time to pass an economic stimulus package .
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    Quick-witted, sexy, and business-minded, she knows and loves the streets like the curves of her own body. But when a cold Winter wind blows her life in a direction she doesn't want to go, her street smarts and seductive skills are put to the test of a lifetime. Unwilling to Cited by:
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    The Spy and the Traitor: The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War Ben Macintyre. out of 5 stars 4, Paperback. $ A World Undone: The Story of the Great War, to G. J. Meyer. out of 5 stars Paperback. $ The Cold War: A New History John Lewis Gaddis.
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    Mar 02,  · It was a very cold winter across north-central and northeast Wisconsin. Many locations reported the 1st or 2nd coldest winter on record. Here are the frigid stats for Green Bay, Rhinelander and Wausau. At the bottom of the page, you will find data from other locations across north-central and northeast Wisconsin.
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    The Coldest Winter Ever is a novel by Sister Souljah published by Simon and novel has a prequel and a sequel.
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    The Cold Within: About the poem. Irish American poet, James Patrick Kinney uses his poetic parable, ‘The Cold Within’ to illustrate the folly of falling prey to discrimination that shortchanges our own humanity.. Written in the s- during the African American Civil Rights movement (), Kinney was outraged by inhuman discriminatory attitudes at the time and wrote this poem to.

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