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7 A.M. Radio - Summercheers - Beached (CDr)


Hampton police raise money for Special Olympics. Brandon Smith elected to Virginia's bowling hall of fame Community notebook. World Class gymnasts earn national titles on beam Community notebook. Six candidates will campaign for four Town Council seats in Smithfield. By Tamara Dietrich.

Sports Oakland A's Chad Pinder finds fulfillment off of the field in community service. By Marty O'Brien. By Jim McGrath. Jul 19, Jul 6, Jul 5, Jul 4, Jul 3, Jul 2, Jul 1, Jun 30, By Daily Press Staff. Sports Brenner Carter finds coaching Special Olympics fulfilling. By Tara Bozick.

Local people create programming, design events, and keep the station up and running and on the air. All this programming is made possible thanks to the hard work of many dedicated volunteers and generous donations from people like you. Licensing, equipment, utilities, repairs We need your assistance to keep bringing The Sound of the Surf to your ears. So why not make a donation to show your continued support of Flagler Beach's only truly local community radio station?

It's easy to do! With PayPal you can make a direct donation using your own PayPal account or your credit card. Taking a post-war break from the Navy, he travelled to Kenya to hunt plains game. There he met the celebrated professional hunter, author and safari leader J. Hunter who hired him as his Number 3 gun. Burt worked for Hunter as a professional hunter and bush pilot in British East Africa for two years.

Burt flew for ten years while posted at the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake where he tested laser guidance systems, conducted altitude research and flew prototype fighter jets. He spent six months there as an instructor, where he participated in developing the original syllabus. And he flew right by me. Next, he moved to Italy, working for several clothing companies before being appointed president of the cosmetics firm, Eve of Roma. In , he was contacted by an old Harvard-era friend, Elmer Ward, Sr.

His goal was to create a new line of active wear that blended the classic good taste of a bygone era of wilderness exploration with high-performance features never before seen by outdoor enthusiasts.

He and Susan hired Harry Campbell and Brittney LaCoste as marketing and advertising advisors and launched the new brand with a kickstarter campaign that was fully funded within ten days. Pierre de la Sa lle, Suzy -Parker's husband, is planning to write an article knocking Hollywood for the French magazine' on which he's a by-liper There's a deal cooking to pre present sent present the Newport -Jazz Festival via closed-circuit TV in ci cities, ties, cities, with Count Basle heading the list of attractions.

Fr One thing,'the, estate may not be legally clear. John Cranko'l recent embarrassing difficulties with the London pOlice were rather neat neatly ly neatly hushed up..

Princess Margaret has been known to attend rehearsals of his shows. His rather charming revue, "Crank'," was a flop on Broadway a few seasons ago. Alders are invotv invotvson's son's invotvson's gorgeous ex who plays Pete; art on rti has a te 'going with ,a med Bill Bradlty.

Marty Alle n's Int is such a good the most impor. I stars in show fusing to be book bookbill bill bookbill with the.

Anita Ekberg to to enter the tt in Borne June a a Mercedes nd should prove ing to the comps,. Jack Carson's gorgeous ex Lola Albright, who plays Pete; Gunn's sweetheart on rti, has a real life romance 'going with ,a young actor named Bill Bradity. Steve Boast' Marty Ails n's new strsight man, is such a good singer some of the most impor important tant important male vocal stars in show business are refusing to be book book! Anita Ekberg says she want! Anita drives a Mercedes liens SL and should prove mighty distracting to the comps compslition.

One of the top soap pro products ducts products companies in the U S. The reason: they've no way of telling what's going te happen next with the Costro gor. The domestic difficulties of strip. Snme of the e a tur at torn-up love.

Mick Cowell, in the process of being divorced from Gail Whitney, is turning up at the chic partie with Angela 'Munneman, very pretty and a hanter't 'daughter, Ignacio Wong To Be Conferred Into Priesthood Ignacio Wong will be 'received inte the priesthoOd m or r ow morning in a serviceAt 8 at the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Francisp BeckMan, archbishop of Panama, will preside. After the ceremony, the Chi Chinese nese Chinese Women's League will enter entertain tain entertain in the new priet's honor at the Chipese. Klub -,,itr'Avgnida 'All'inetribert 'art re rerequested requested rerequested to attend. Don Broida, president of the firm, said an enzyme, lucifer luciferase, ase, luciferase, and a chemical, luciferin, are the substances that make the in insect's sect's insect's taillight operate.

Hit firm wants the substances to measure adenosine triphosphats. ATP , which oupplies energy in living organisms. UPI The police department reported receipt, through the U. UPI ent reported U. V 1,1'. I ;00 pija Srotitarhood. Canal Zone liav. Sendai' C. U, lai Sad rridayl h Iltmbouno II , ' 01,0 e. IL Grant litre Ot.

Phone Captain S. Covey J. Church School nee bus service. COO pMt. Settior Kish Fellowship. Hy, pv. S Ras Sunday Stirciesou pad tut. Church Robot. Pus Ionia, Clayton Rummy through adult am. Morning Worship. Junior Fellowship. A complete :-,chedule of ounilists se grilles ond offielal mooting. Walker M. Sunday lit rel exit. Saturday: CM to lot. Sntronett to On Sol. Sundey Service sm. Wednesday Evening Testimonial amt. Ch UP.

Le Seca ,,no-- Ditioto Immo Holy Eucharist will be celebrat. Rev Cad V. Peter's Church in La -,,.. Boca for the Ilat time tomorrow,. I' , Ju. Salts Real el Paeasta ond'Colon. Ilks LOP Ag e 'albite saroks. John Spear, priest in k,.. As Bishop of the diocese, the -- ',.

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CIS oak. Morning Prayer Secopm John Sonar. John Spear. Margaret Way. Edwin C. Church School Sorvice. II oat Morning Prayor. Allan IR, Wenn. Chorai Eisch4rist deollior asa.

Infant Baptism, 1. Carlton O. Peter Farmer, Rector 7he Roc. Hem A. Sol Communion Solemn Evensong is Samos a. Morning Prayer a. Choral Eucharist and Sormon a. Holy Communita p. Morning Preyar 4;10 cm. Holy Communion prn. Scooting Prayer SAO a. Morning Prayer am. Holy Communion COO p. Office of Compline. Plana In The Soy. Pair Commission. Vol fetiowsitip. Holy Commumen. Zvening Prim! Panama Volley. Sunday 1 ant. Paraiba am. Victor John Watiop 1.

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Sunday School. NS Oat Gospel Service. Ras, O. Mid-Week Bible StUdy? You will receive a warm weleome at seek Of our services. Information: Phone Gamboa Sunday Service a. Youth Service p.

Ivangellatic p. Sundt, School p. Evange p. Evangelistic P. Evanitolhtic p. Sunday School and Morning Service fie cm. Swinge Datil Rm Robert E. Plater P. Sox Frederick S. Visor 'Divine Beretta 11 am. Moly Conunuttion. Mat Sunday of the month. Jewish Janina altar aloard US las. Commando Lei illhaarniv lanai. Divine Servico arn. Youth's Meeting pre. Patine Side Panned Pastor 1P. Archbold Tel. Morrill 23th. Pueblo Nuevo I. Rio Abajo llth St.

Waller Tel. A, Halt Tel. Atlantic Side Pastor G. Jeffries Tat. Colon Srd St. Pastor Manuel Caldaron Tel. The commission upheld an ex examiner's aminer's examiner's finding that the Akron, Ohio, firm had classified 50 of its 1, dealers as "warehouse" dealers and granted them special price benefits.

The FTC said such price dis discriminations criminations discriminations may result in sub. The commission said that Fire Firestone stone Firestone hereafter must charge the settle net price to customers who compete with each other in resell reselling ing reselling or distributing its products.

Peter's Church in La Boca for the lest time tomorrow, 'Trinity Sunday, as the closing will take place with a final serv service ice service of evensong at 4 p. Starting hour is 7 a. John Spear, priest in charge, will be celebrant and preacher. As Bishop of the diocese, the Rt. Heber Gooden will deliver the sermon at the final service and Meats at the re removing moving removing of the consecration of the church.

Other clergymen will he present st the service, with Archdeacon Lemuel B. Peter's, taking part. For fhe Ctffertory, the choir will render two anthems. Truman Wat Watson son Watson. Sponsored by the Parish Wel. Peter's Church tomorrow. The young people will partici participate pate participate in group and individual rec recitations itations recitations of Bible passim and catechism.

Miedl, Jr. Tomorrow has also been des designated ignated designated as bon voyage Sunday by the church. At both the a. Margarita Service a ape apecial cial apecial theme designated to add a spiritual note to the many vaca vacation' tion' vacation' soon to be observed by the members of the church and com community. The congregation will share in a specially prepared Traveler's Litany and Traveler's Covenant. The pastor's sermon will deal with the day's theme and is en entitled titled entitled "Bound Together.

At the a. Mar Margarita garita Margarita service Mr. Ste Stephen phen Stephen. Kerala will present their infant daughter, Suzette Ca Camille mille Camille for baptism.

At p. On Monday night, the Men's Fellowship will hold their month monthly ly monthly supper meeting. The guest speaker for the evening will be C.

Stevens who will describe some of the factors involved in the construc construction tion construction of the new overhead bridge. The Women's Auxiliary will meet Tuesday night at p.

Chaplain r. Chaphe of Ft. Gulick will speak on his experi experiences ences experiences in Japan. The ladies are studying various countries under, the year's theme "World Wide Sisterhood.

WRRJ - Fm WRRJ This Is Cocoa Beaches first Raggae/ Island style radio station. Artists include, Marley, Sublime, Pepper, , Slightly Stoopid, Tribal Seeds, Chile Peppers, Iration, Rebulation, One drop, UB40, The Police and more! Keep Up the Sharing!

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    Beached - EP by SUMMERCHEERS, released 30 September 1. Death By Television 2. Do You Remember 3. Christine, You're Wrong 4. 7 A.M. Radio 5. Around Me 6. Alien Mind Invasion.
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