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05:24 - Artificiel - Bulbes, Phase 1 (CDr)


They labeled D3 with radioactive tritium and delivered it into mice via several routes orally, intravenously, or by injecting it into the abdominal cavity. As presented on a poster by Nan Jiang , D3 had at least a hour half-life in plasma, which is excellent compared to the hour-long half-life of typical L-peptides, Willbold said.

The peptide easily passed the blood-brain barrier. He was not involved in the studies but has worked with D3 in the past. The scientists are now completing preclinical toxicology and safety studies.

Willbold said he has secured funding from the Helmholtz Validation Fund to initiate a Phase 1 trial. He would not reveal which D3 derivative has been picked, but expects the trial to start in In parallel, geneticists are moving beyond listing genes. They are now analyzing genetic interactions to determine the underlying metabolic pathways most affected by each disorder.

This provides clues as to why particular neuronal populations succumb in different neurodegenerative conditions, said John Hardy of University College London. Based on data from a number of such diseases, Hardy proposed specific metabolic processes that break down in different neuronal subtypes.

GWAS have found mostly common genes that add little risk, so much of the missing heritability may lie in rare genes with larger effects. To find them, researchers are mining the genomes of families with inherited disease. Even when the causal mutation is already known, this approach can reveal separate factors that bring on disease earlier or later, said Kenneth Kosik of the University of California, Santa Barbara. However, a few carriers have long intrigued researchers because they break the pattern, succumbing either much earlier or much later.

Kosik wanted to find out which genes are behind this. He analyzed whole-genome sequences from members of this kindred. That huge dataset will likely reveal more insights, but even a first analysis turned up a protective haplotype of 56 kb that delayed disease onset by about 10 years.

The haplotype was common in the kindred, occurring in about one in four people. It spanned a region of cytokine genes, and contained 22 SNPs that associated with delayed onset.

Only one of these fell within the coding region of a gene, however. Good guy? Bad guy? Genetics raises the question.

Eotaxin has already made a name for itself in aging research. The concentration of this cytokine rises with age in both mice and people.

In those studies, eotaxin suppressed the birth of new neurons and impaired learning. The SNP Kosik found changes an alanine to a threonine at position 23, precisely where a signal peptide is cleaved from eotaxin, he noted. This site may also play a role in allowing the cytokine to bind its receptor, CCR3. Kosik wondered if the SNP might represent the functional mutation that confers protection. Cells transfected with the variant pumped out more eotaxin, suggesting a functional effect, though its direction surprised the researchers.

Would this SNP protect other populations as well? In this group also, the protective haplotype associated with later disease onset. Moreover, in people with this haplotype, eotaxin levels did not rise with age. Kosik looked for other modifiers in this group, and found an SNP in the IL4 receptor that was enriched in people who developed disease late, and absent in those who succumbed early.

This SNP delayed disease by about seven years. It occurred only in people of Latino heritage. Epistasis refers to an interaction between different genes, such that one modifies the expression or effect of the other. The finding needs to be confirmed in larger populations. Other researchers are also analyzing genetic kindreds.

She is leading genetic studies to try to pin down these genes. In a Belgium cohort of familial AD cases, she found 52 separate mutations. Of these, 41 were in presenilin 1 or 2.

Carriers had widely varying ages of onset, suggesting the presence of genetic modifiers, and she is looking for those now. Surprisingly, among the other 11 genes, loci linked to neurodegenerative diseases turned up frequently, in particular granulin, a risk factor for frontotemporal dementia FTD. How these additional mutations influence pathology in AD patients is unclear, Van Broeckhoven said. This is called pleiotrophy, and exome sequencing is uncovering more such cases.

By comparing affected and unaffected individuals within a family, exome sequencing can quickly home in on mutations. Homozygous mutations in this gene, on the other hand, cause developmental delays, early seizures, and small brains. As geneticists sort through associations, metabolic pathways have begun to emerge for each disease. To explore this idea, Hardy looked at gene expression data for GWAS hits to find genes that are co-expressed.

In the case of ataxias, many GWAS hits mapped to one of two co-expression modules: calcium homeostasis or the ubiquitin proteasome system. Both of these co-expression modules occur only in the cerebellum, with the former active in Purkinje cells and the latter in granule cells see Bettencourt et al.

The motor symptoms of ataxia arise from perturbed cerebellar function. Not only does each disease variant attack a different neuron type, it also has distinct clinical features, he added. Using the same methodology, Hardy found similar patterns for other diseases, although the data were noisier. The finding suggests that mitochondrial function is crucial for dopaminergic neurons, and that stresses to this system precipitate PD.

For dementias, including AD, FTD, dementia with Lewy bodies, and PD dementia, lysosomal gene co-expression modules turn up over and over, primarily affecting cortical pyramidal neurons, Hardy said.

These disorders target motor and cortical neurons, which may particularly rely on this waste disposal system. Dysfunction in one of the genes involved in the particular task that puts the particular neuron type near that point can push the neuron over toward disease. Many genes in these modules are involved in cleaning up cellular damage, which may explain why the diseases only manifest with age, when accumulated wear and tear puts more pressure on neurons.

Changes in shape and structure can turn a well-behaved cellular protein into something altogether more sinister, but in many cases researchers do not know exactly which modifications are at fault. Tetramers do not aggregate into amyloid-like fibrils, and might in fact represent the principal physiologic species, the researchers proposed. Possible properties based on recent publications. This may explain why most isolation methods fail to detect the higher-order structures, he said.

Making the same mutation in a second of the repeat domains dropped multimers further, and three such mutations virtually abolished them, he added. Does this relate to pathology? One such drug, tafamidis, is currently approved for use in Europe and Japan, though not in the United States. Acceptance of the multimeric model seems to be growing in the field. The controversy now may be shifting to the questions of where multimers occur and what role they play.

It also seems that shifting this equilibrium away from multimers favors aggregation of the protein. Not everyone is convinced, however. He had not heard the latest talks.

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Need lots of work done. You'll be working with a long term agency on lots of interesting projects Needs to be an expert at: 1. Slide Deck 2. Illustrations 3. Flyers, brochures etc 4. If Sorrento continues to post positive news in its drug and testing developments on the novel coronavirus, then SRNE stock may keep rising. Source: Shutterstock At a The company posted a pair of news releases that caught investor attention.

On Sept. So, when Sorrento presented the results of infected hamsters to the FDA, it translated to a mg dose for a human patient. On Sep. It will supply "stable antibody-drug-nanoparticle albumin-bound nab immune complexes ADNICs targeting many types of human diseases. ADNIC technology is also more efficient because of its absorption in targeted cancer cells. Also, the non-covalent binding will facilitate "delivery of both a monoclonal antibody and chemotherapeutic payload" to the tumor.

Not only is it involved in developing rapid on-site detection tests for coronavirus, it is also licensing the next generation of cancer treatment. The more drugs the company has against a wide variety of diseases and infections, the more diverse its business gets. When it comes to biotechnology investing, investors should demand such a robust business model. Markets are focused on making a quick buck by trading the hottest Covid vaccine developer.

Yet Sorrento is under a short attack. Sorrento works in three markets. And because the stock barely moved by much back then, investors are most interested in its Covid developments. It will reach commercial scale in the fourth quarter of Once it reaches manufacturing scale, its usage should boost the bottom line. Investors may only guess what Sorrento's future revenue will look like. An educated guess may include the following metrics in a five-year discounted cash flow revenue exit model.

Metrics Range Conclusion Discount Rate Risks and Your TakeawayThe Covid vaccine and testing market is getting highly competitive. As other firms reach market sooner, Sorrento cannot fall behind its research and development efforts. If management scales production and supplies its treatments to those who need it, markets will take notice. This could hurt the bears further. On the date of publication, Chris Lau did not have either directly or indirectly any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

Iconic U. What Happened: Harley had been struggling to make in-roads in India's motorcycle market dominated by low-cost players. As a result, it decided to shut shop in India as a part of its restructuring strategy introduced by Jochen Zeitz, chairman, president, and CEO, who had joined in May this year. The company has hired former Tyson Foods, Inc. They weren't structured to play that game, being at the very pointy end of the pyramid.

The coronavirus pandemic has dealt a blow to the bike maker, which was struggling already with an average sale of 3, units a year. Therefore, the authors propose that HDAC1 and HDAC2 form a developmental switch that controls synapse maturation and function acting in a manner dependent on the maturational states of neuronal networks. Histone deacetylases HDACs are potentially useful therapeutic targets for a broad range of human disorders.

Here, Kazantsev and Thompson discuss how HDAC inhibition could correct transcriptional defects and other acetylation-dependent impairments, and so could be used as treatments for a no. Histone deacetylases HDACs - enzymes that affect the acetylation status of histones and other important cellular proteins - have been recognized as potentially useful therapeutic targets for a broad range of human disorders.

HDAC inhibitors - which may restore transcriptional balance to neurons, modulate cytoskeletal function, affect immune responses and enhance protein degrdn. Although mounting data predict a therapeutic benefit for HDAC-based therapy, drug discovery and development of clin. Here, we summarize the current state of development of HDAC therapeutics and their application for the treatment of human brain disorders such as Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, Rett syndrome, Friedreich's ataxia, Huntington's disease and multiple sclerosis.

Subramanian, Srividya; Bates, Susan E. Molecular Diversity Preservation International. The HDAC inhibitors are a new family of antineoplastic agents. Since the entry of these agents into our therapeutic armamentarium, there has been increasing interest in their use. Although this family comprises chem. In contrast, the obsd. While some of the side effects may be familiar to the oncologist, others are less commonly seen. As some patients remain on therapy for a prolonged period of time, the long-term sequelae need to be characterized.

In addn. It will thus be important to distinguish the relative toxicity attributed to these agents and be alert to the exacerbation of toxicities obsd. Notably, few of the agents in this class have completed phase 2 testing. Consequently, more clin. Graziano, Michael J. Kluwer Academic Publishers. CI acetyldinaline is an orally active anticancer drug currently in Phase 1 clin. To assess its preclin.

Doses were 1. Systemic exposure was dose-proportional based on toxicokinetic anal. Severe clin. Neutropenia, lymphocytopenia, thrombocytopenia, lymphoid depletion, bone marrow hypocellularity, and testicular degeneration were obsd. Despite continued treatment, neutrophil counts in dogs returned to control levels in Week 2. Except for the testicular effects in both species, all changes were reversible within a 4-wk rat or 9-wk dog recovery period. The results of these studies show that target organ effects of CI principally involve tissues with rapidly dividing cell populations and that bone marrow suppression is the dose-limiting toxicity.

Gupta, Praveer; Reid, Robert C. Bentham Science Publishers Ltd. Histone deacetylase HDAC enzymes have emerged as promising targets for the treatment of a wide range of human diseases, including cancers, inflammatory and metabolic disorders, immunol.

At present, such applications are limited by the lack of selective inhibitors available for each of the eighteen HDAC enzymes, with most currently available HDAC inhibitors having broad-spectrum activity against multiple HDAC enzymes.

Such broad-spectrum activity maybe useful in treating some diseases like cancers, but can be detrimental due to cytotoxic side effects that accompany prolonged treatment of chronic diseased states.

Here we summarize progress towards the design and discovery of HDAC inhibitors that are selective for some of the eleven zinc-contg. Wagner, F. Royal Society of Chemistry. Aiming towards the development of novel nootropic therapeutics to address the cognitive impairment common to a range of brain disorders, we set out to develop highly selective small mol.

Novel ortho-aminoanilide inhibitors were designed and evaluated for their ability to selectively inhibit HDAC2 vs. Kinetic and thermodn. These studies demonstrate for the first time that selective pharmacol. Moradei, Oscar M. American Chemical Society. Significant effort is being made to understand the role of HDAC isotypes in human cancer and to develop antitumor agents with better therapeutic windows.

The development of selective histone deacetylase HDAC inhibitors with anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties remains challenging in large part owing to the difficulty of probing the interaction of small mols. A combination of affinity capture and quant.

We identified several non-HDAC targets for hydroxamate inhibitors. HDAC inhibitors with distinct profiles have correspondingly different effects on downstream targets. Our approach enables the discovery of novel targets and inhibitors and suggests that the selectivity of HDAC inhibitors should be evaluated in the context of HDAC complexes and not purified catalytic subunits. Graff, Johannes; Joseph, Nadine F. Cell Press.

Traumatic events generate some of the most enduring forms of memories. Despite the elevated lifetime prevalence of anxiety disorders, effective strategies to attenuate long-term traumatic memories are scarce.

The most efficacious treatments to diminish recent i. In mice, successful reconsolidation-updating paradigms for recent memories fail to attenuate remote i. The authors find that, whereas recent memory recall induces a limited period of hippocampal neuroplasticity mediated, in part, by S-nitrosylation of HDAC2 and histone acetylation, such plasticity is absent for remote memories.

This intervention epigenetically primes the expression of neuroplasticity-related genes, which is accompanied by higher metabolic, synaptic, and structural plasticity. Thus, applying HDACis during memory reconsolidation might constitute a treatment option for remote traumata.

Regulation of neuronal gene expression is crit. In the transition to progenitor cell, REST is degraded to levels just sufficient to maintain neuronal gene chromatin in an inactive state that is nonetheless poised for expression. As progenitors differentiate into neurons, REST and its corepressors dissoc. Expression profiling based on this mechanism indicates that REST defines a gene set subject to plasticity in mature neurons. Thus, a multistage repressor mechanism controls the orderly expression of genes during development while still permitting fine tuning in response to specific stimuli.

Methot, Joey L. Paul; Miller, Thomas A. Elsevier Ltd. Bressi, Jerome C. A series of N- 2-aminosubstituted phenyl benzamides were designed, synthesized and evaluated for their inhibition of HDAC2 and their cytotoxicity in HCT cancer cells.

Multiple compds. Lauffer, Benjamin E. American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Histone deacetylases HDACs are crit. HDAC inhibitors HDACi employing different zinc chelating functionalities such as hydroxamic acids and benzamides have shown promising results in cancer therapy.

Although it has also been suggested that HDACi with increased isoenzyme selectivity and potency may broaden their clin. Moreover, a detailed understanding of how HDACi with different pharmacol. Here, we show that a panel of benzamide-contg. HDACi are slow tight-binding inhibitors with long residence times unlike the hydroxamate-contg. HDACi vorinostat and trichostatin-A. In contrast, cell viability and microarray gene expression anal.

Therefore, our study suggests that detg. Wagner, Florence F. The structure-activity and structure-kinetic relationships of a series of novel and selective ortho-aminoanilide inhibitors of histone deacetylases HDACs 1 and 2 are described. Different kinetic and thermodn. The design of these novel inhibitors was informed by two ligand-bound crystal structures of truncated hHDAC2.

We demonstrate that the binding kinetics of HDAC inhibitors can be tuned for individual isoforms in order to modulate target residence time while retaining functional activity and increased histone H4K12 and H3K9 acetylation in primary mouse neuronal cell culture assays.

These chromatin modifiers, with tuned binding kinetic profiles, can be used to define the relation between target engagement requirements and the pharmacodynamic response of HDACs in different disease applications.

Cancer Treat. Berger, Martin R. Pulse doses and regular administration of the thioether alkyllysphospholipid ilmofosine and the alkylphosphocholine miltefosine exerted equally high antineoplastic activity in intact and ovariectomized rats bearing primary methylnitrosourea- MNU induced mammary carcinoma.

Introduction of a cis- or trans-configurated double bound into the fatty acid moiety of octadecylphosphocholine-and alkylphosphocholine analog which shows anticancer efficacy comparable to miltefosine-generated compds. In contrast to the selective activity of alkyllysophospholipids and alkylphosphocholines, the new N-acyl-O-phenylenediamine deriv.

Layer bulbs of different types and sizes if you like. It is important throughout this stage that the soil be kept lightly moist you may need to check every couple of days and add a little water. Now place the pots in a cool, dark spot for weeks, depending on size and variety (small bulbs need less, like crocus) or until roots show.

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